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There is no such thing as "long ago" nor "far away" and that which was the message 2000 years ago is that which is brought today. Then as now, I told you to believe in the "good" tidings and have faith (Pistis). Faith is indispens­able for admission to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the prerequisite of salvation and is itself salvation--for a man will become that which he visions and believes and in which his faith resides.

Only to faith is the coming of the Kingdom manifested.  By the clouds men know that rain is coming, by the leaves of the tree they know that summer is nigh at hand; but they see not the signs of the coming Kingdom for it has been deliberately obscured by your adversary who would test you and pull you away into his dark passages that you might experience all. But it is the time for re­turning from those dark choices and again bring your travels of the path of Light that you do not simply become one with the evil itself.

When I say that you see not the signs of the coming Kingdom, that is to say: they do not "believe". The true sign is Myself, My teachings and My Word. Only faith can see Me.  Therefore: Blessed is he, who never shall not be offended in me.

Faith is the life of those who have already glimpsed the Kingdom of Heaven.  On this faith the most unbelievable gifts are bestowed and all things are possible to him that believes.  Whosoever shall sayunto a mountain to be removed and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says.  The method by which the mountain is moved is the only object in point.  If you believe strongly enough in the desire to move the mountain--you will move it--by bucket, by trucks or by any method necessary.  It will, however, be neither mystical nor coy--it will be within the laws of Nature/Creature that it will be moved.  What will SEEM to be makes no difference whatsoever.

I healed the sick as I walked about the places of those ancient lands? Did I? No--through the faith of the bearer of spirit and faith--did the God within heal of self.  I only knew the strength and unlimited ability of God within myself and within those believing ones. I said then and I say now, your faith makes you whole.  I only gave the suggestion in the name of our Father/Creator that has again and again been used all over the world to banish or induce what appears to be "abnormal" phenomena. Only one who "believes" can experience such ef­fects, which are now familiar to your medical and psychological experience. But I did more than perform miracles by suggestion, dear ones. I forgave sins. I allowed the person in punishment of self to relieve his heart of the burden of punishment placed upon self and expressed in the deviation from perfection.

When it is stated that “your sins are forgiven you”, it is then the “faith” of the forgiven who releases the burden through faith.  The cure is present in order that men, seeing this power, may be convinced of God’s power to forgive errors and thus, so can Man forgive self.  This is why you must ask in truth and desire and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall be led into the finding; knock, and the way will be opened unto you.

But Man should accept all this as a gift, knowing that he has not somehow "deserved” it for when you shall have done all those things which are com­manded you, you must recognize that you have only done that which was your duty.

Man cannot keep accounts with God. God makes the sun to shine on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. Human thought cannot undermine faith by figuring out what "ought" to happen. With God all things are possible. Whatever happens, God knows "why", and the believer finds no grievance against God in an unexpected catastrophe or in events that he simply cannot understand at the moment.

This faith is expressed in the words "Our Father". Three phrases are crucial: “Thy Kingdom come”--in the Kingdom you shall be one with God’s will, the world will be ended and with it all affliction.  “Give us this day our daily bread”--freedom from worldly cares is possible only through the faith that builds on God.  This does not say "drop-out and you will receive what you want".  This indicates that you will work diligently and through your works shall you have that which is require unto you.  “Forgive us our trespasses; and lead us not into temptation”--freedom from errors in the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, and freedom from error can be given only by God.  It is a voicing of the total desire to no make wrong choices during your journey unto home and Source.

For the believer, God is all in all.The finite and transient world is only a sign. But God makes the lilies grow for it is the natural way of Creation that it be so, no sparrow falls to the ground except by His knowing, the hairs of a man's head are numbered for the Creator is present within and pays quite a bit more atten­tion to the housing of Man than does the housed. Though sign and reality are interwoven, the metaphoric character of all worldly existence implies a radical separation between the world and the Kingdom of Heaven. The world passes away; the Kingdom abides forever.

Faithis a word for the Biblical relation to God. It means absolute trust in the will of God--that does NOT mean in a church house wherein Man goes to be told a thing or another. It means “absolute” trust in the will of God.  “Thy will be done” is an expression of this trust.  Faith is certainly concerning God, con­cerning Man’s bond with Him, concerning God's love which is the foundation of prayer. Faith is the salt that seasons a Man’s whole being.  Butit cannot be taken for granted, induced by design.  It does not understand itself. It is weak and fragile. Effort can only denature it.  It is a gift, not a possession.  “Lord, I believe; help me in my unbelief”--you must ask for the continuing connection.

I taught faith-not knowledge as such. For it is only through the belief and desire that KNOWLEDGE IS ATTAINED.  The meaning remains veiled for the unbeliever; to the believer only, it is revealed, yet even then not in clear statements--­but rather, It comes in parables and paradoxes so that the being can be given into "seeing" and recognize the "knowingness". You question still, regarding parables and I can only say that unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God; but unto them that are without, all things are done in para­bles--for it is only the way it IS.

I have no concern for "logical" consistency for it is for Man to REASON AND PONDER THAT WHICH IS GIVEN.  He must come into the understanding for that is the purpose of the journey through the experience of manifested places of “choice” and “free will”.  You that are not with me are against me for the middle of the road is not a place; it is but a perception. At what exact point does the path become the right side vs. the left side? But as long as you remain on the left side and do not cross the mid-point-you are on the left side! There­fore, you that are not against me are on our part. Further, I tell you to "Resist not evil" and then again on the other: I bring not peace but a sword. Where everything is a “sign”, there are no contradictions.  I do not represent a system of thought--but rather, a message in "signs". This is so that the least among you and all your relations which are of Nature and Creation can KNOW by the signs--even the fig tree has signs to cause it to leaf. No chanting nor ravings shall induce it to leaf before the signs are proper.