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Christmas Message From Immanuel


12/25/93 #1    ESU "JESUS" SANANDA



In love without ending, I am in thine presence, child--in this celebration of beginning, never-ending, expression of infinity manifest.

Who might I be?  I AM that which can be you, a song on the breeze, a captain at the helm--a swallow in flight--I AM.

I am Esu Immanuel, the one they called Jesus as my days were faded from your expression.  They say, "This is His Day," this Holy Day which, even in its "darkness" of forgetfulness and commercial wrappings, fills the hearts of MY PEOPLE with loving thoughts of that which you might be in the oneness with our Father Creator.  Take not other with you in the lost truth of celebration or you will miss the goal of the journey in which you experience.

I care not of celebration decayed and lifeless, for I, like you, need it not when passage is made unto the presence of "reality" as you cast off shackles and finally say, "I too have done well that my Father may be well-pleased."  This day, my brothers of this Lighted Truth, God our Father is well-pleased for we tarry not and neither do we turn from HIS guidance in this, our mission.

I see the loving message in your candles lit in memory of me--a reminder on the night hours of faith and life and caring for the brother either close or distant.

Why do I not come more often into the writings of you, my own, in cherishing and recognition?  Because you would pay dearly for the presence and YOU NEED IT NOT!  NO MAN SHALL TRULY COME UNTO ME AND OUR FATHER THROUGH THE MAGIC OF SO-CALLED PRESENTATIONS OR MIRACLES--you will only RECOGNIZE the "miracle" BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY WITH ME.

Dharma welcomes me as a "youngster" in our Father's tribe--and sometimes as an "oldtimer" lost in infinity by the many faces of our coming and going, our remembering.

I come not this time, my friends, to either whisk you away from your responsibilities of growth and learning or to teach the lengthy messages of God in this "contact".  The cycle change is GREAT in this sequence of manifestation and the Messengers must prepare the way for the evolvement, the sorting, and the teachings which must be set to "right".  I am, as you wish to say, "Captain" of this ship of passage.  Not, however, am I come by any translated "name" or label to suit some finite being of YOUR perception.  Neither am I a figment of mental acrobatics--I AM THAT WHICH IS "REAL" IN THE TIME OF RETURN UNTO GOD IN THE SPACES OF HIS HOLY PRESENCE.

Blessed friends and family, I am neither a pious donkey nor a figment of some illusion--elusive to touch and vision.  I am "real" and I am awaiting my instructions just as are you.  By the authority of our Creator Father, am I returned--not of some who CALL themselves "Christian", but to my brethren in brotherhood of Light and Truth.

I am the spirit within the babe--NOT THE BABE!  I have experienced in many ways, just like you, and I have matured in KNOWING--just as shall you--each in the fulfillment of that which is your tradition and message.  You must not turn unto any ONE focus of man or even nature--for ALL is THE ONE and if you do not see the WHOLE, you cannot find THE ONE.

There is nothing "greater" about myself.  Am I special?  No more than are you--only older and wiser, having been tutored in my lessons by the Great Spirit and groomed by the Eagles of my dimension that I might show you the way IN TRUTH.  My lessons of physical manifestation, I had to learn exactly as have you--the "hard" way--through experience which leaves the heart faint and the soul terrorized--wanting to believe ENOUGH and fearful that somehow you are not of enough strength to endure--always longing for that which seems the easy way but is NOT.  It was hard for me, too, to allow the unfolding in properness--for I wanted ALL to see and hear and my heart would break and bleed with the denials and refusals, for I could see that which would come upon the species in their blindness.

I had to LEARN that only unto MYSELF could I be true and ultimately realize, students, that it was enough--for even in the ability to do all the things of a spirit--I could not cause the human expression to see TRUTH--I could only offer and BE Truth. Do you not see?  You cannot do that which is the soul expression of LIFE itself individual, to be other than IT IS with its myriads of lessons and unique theorems.

So, what was Bethlehem all about?  It was the recognition of new life which COULD represent the change of soul unto that which could bring Light and passage into eternal joy and balance.  The world itself was no better nor worse 2000 years ago--or a hundred million years ago.  Man comes into physical experience to learn, grow, sort, and BECOME.  A child represents "HOPE" in that God trusted you enough to perhaps change your pathways and allow the child to become his ultimate perfection--EVEN THROUGH THE HARD LESSONS.  Few make it in fullness, brothers, FEW indeed.  Will YOU?  Only YOU know--but until YOU DO SO, NEITHER CAN I REACH THE ULTIMATE PERFECTION!  I come again and again and show you Truth--but you will make the journey and, yet, there is ONLY "ONE" so, too, must I teach, guide, and lead in such a way that you come with me--for I may not force ANYTHING upon you.  YOU MUST RISE ABOVE AND BEYOND THAT WHICH ABOUNDS ABOUT YOU--ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE THAT YOU ALREADY "ARE" THAT WHICH YOU SEEK TO BE, BUT HAVE NOT YET ACCEPTED IN RESPONSIBILITY.  Responsibility?  Yes. You may well select a "job" and do it well--but you must grow to accept the responsibility to CREATE THE WAY!

Well, you ask, can't Little Crow or Dharma draw us a map?  Yes, but they can only walk the roads for themselves--just as I must only draw the map, show the way and "be there" when you demand your KNOWING.  Will I, or messenger Hosts, whisk you to security or safety?  No, you will BECOME that which makes the journey and the simplicity of "being" will open unto you like the morning sun on a cloudless day.

The "clouds" and "ships" are not for us who have been sent back and come willingly as messengers and truthbringers.  We need not ships nor physical "stuff".  These things are tools with which we can CREATE that which will allow perceptions to find possibilities out of a darkened recognition.  The human mind must be able to physically, consciously, relate to that which it perceives POSSIBLE.

Is it important to us as higher brothers and guides that YOU as a remnant make this journey?  Yes, but not for the reasons you perceive.  We know that YOU MUST SERVE AND GROW--MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR THE REALITY OF GOD TO BECOME MANIFEST WITHIN HUMANITY.  YOU can't, nor should you, be smug enough to assume YOU CAN SAVE ANYTHING.  It is not your prerogative to even assume such status.  You can only SAVE SELF.  However, in the opening of the "way", you allow others to also find TRUTH and in that finding comes wisdom and KNOWING if the entity be willing to follow the WORD, which is GOD.  If GOD will not snatch up and SAVE all of His own--what right do YOU have to assume such status?  Have you right to take a child from kindergarten and graduate him from college without any lessons in between?

Why can you not stop tending God's business and attend your own?  You ones have grossly overstated your perceptions that YOU somehow know more about everyone else's business than you apparently know about your own.  If YOU become perfection--the rest will follow--for the "perfection" is in accepting that which others do.  If you see a "better way" then mention it--but do not assume yourselves to be perfection enough to pass orders for ALL.  If you WERE and ARE THAT PERFECTION--you would have harmony, love, and joy in your physical experience RIGHT NOW.

It is also the "time" of coming into recognition of your blessings--for you ARE blessed indeed.  Chosen?  I'm not sure what YOU mean by such a term--ONLY YOU CAN CHOOSE.  WE can only ACCEPT.  These are simply plays on words that can be construed and mal-defined.  Do NOT depend on words--for GOD DOES NOT.  HE KNOWS FROM THAT INTENT WITHIN--AND KNOW THAT MOST OFTEN, YOU PRECIOUS LAMBS, THAT YOUR INTENT IS EVER SO MUCH BETTER AND PURE THAN YOUR EXPRESSION IN WORDS.  YOU have need of words--WE DO NOT!  If we only depended on Dharma's "words", she would have resigned before she got started--so please, cherished extensions of ourselves, do not despair when the mind plays its conscious tricks on you--HOLD THE COURSE IN THE SOUL AND YOU SHALL BE FINE.

How can Dharma and E.J. spend a day "working" and miss the family and trappings of a "Christmas Day", etc.?  Because that is what the rest of experience IS--the "trappings"--not the reality.  You can "miss" the presence of traditions without being LONELY.  YOU can be ALONE, but within GOD, there is no ALONE!  Dharma is LESS ALONE at this keyboard than in any moment of her experience other than when she is in our presence in reality of manifestation.  All others about you AND the illusion of all around you is but for your "creating" material.  If YOU ARE LONELY--it is only to yourself you owe "blame".  If you feel alone this moment on this "gathering" day--it is your singular problem for self.  There are others you could be sharing with in places less than yours--or more than yours--and not be alone.  Aloneness is a choice, just as separation from God is a CHOICE.  Often the loneliness is "guilt" for not being or doing that which is HIDDEN by the facade of great "occasion" and "hoopla" which deadens the senses and leaves emptiness as not quite filling the holes in the heartplace.

My son, Gunther, and child, Rael, are finally in a moment's precious "aloneness".  You have provided them with the ability to have a room with a kitchen and Rael has already burned their first breakfast--I think that is progress--for food is only the sustenance of physical "making it".  The joy of unity is the ultimate expression of being ALIVE.  I do not speak of physical unity as such--but "just being" there without bars betwixt--for a brief moment in time of simply BEING.

I must tell Rael and remind both these children that much is going on and Gunther will have to spend some time with US--OVER HERE.  It is frightening and even terrifying to the one who must watch and fears separation.  Let the heart guide actions--but KNOW that this MUST BE.  If you will keep in the PRESENCE and within the shield, you can recognize your ENEMIES and still remain in their presence--utilizing that which is provided for your opportunities.  Bless the gifts brought by thine enemy--for those will be the tools to your FREEDOM.  Do not try to outmanipulate them nor effort to SAVE them from themselves, for only through example and growth can that be accomplished.  Watch the children that they may witness the whole and can SEE without the tales, etc.  The enemy CANNOT touch you if you remain shielded BY GOD.  He can hurt you and pound upon you--but he cannot pull you away--if you cement the linkage.  And, until these children can provide for themselves, I must ask that you ones of our flock help them--this is true brotherhood and I promise that an "investment" in the pair shall reap rewards beyond that which any of you know or guess.  Do not, however, think you can "do this" for show-and-tell--for testing is of YOUR heart and direction--NOT THEIRS!

The Beast is beginning to nibble away at its ownself.  He will writhe and scream in his agony of dismemberment and he will blast flame and destruction everywhere he can--BUT HE CANNOT HURT THE TEAMS OF GOD.  He CAN and WILL massively destroy the misled followers of doctrine instead of TRUTH--so be it.  You can offer TRUTH; it is the choice of each fragment to discern, judge, and choose.

The Beast will eventually totally consume self to prevent "giving" even unto parts of itself.  It will take out the unwitting "followers" of the lies and misperceptions deliberately--BUT GOD'S TEAM WILL BE LEFT MOSTLY ALONE--FOR THE BEAST DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ONES WHO NEVER BEND FROM GOD--NOR BRING FORCE OR DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION UPON HIM.  The adversary knows that within God is protection and when he takes on God's body--he takes on God.  The point is: ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND FOR GOD?  I did not say, "fight or war for God with arms and armies"--I said "stand", which means that you cause not undue focus on self or brethren, abide by the LAWS and the laws and keep on going...

You of our team are scattered all about the places of your globe--in waiting readiness.  We do not miss the messages, precious family--not a one.

Dharma and E.J. are overwhelmed at the loving messages which have come and most from "old" friends who have stood the badgering of Green and other things and ones who would test the metal of the steel.  Still, our team stands strong--and yes, WE GET THE MESSAGES AND PETITIONS.  Yes, indeed, you can send a "thing" which touches the heart--but you have sent into my keeping your very hearts in Love and offering--and I and our messengers will hold them gently, but steadfastly in our keeping.  Let the world laugh at you but within thine hearts KNOW that we are here and we accept your challenge and trust.  Please, however, KNOW also that God WILL choose the "better way", for most of you have now learned HOW TO PRAY and you are asking for strength in service, growing, and wisdom while petitioning that God use you and show you the way as HE DEEMS BEST.  In this release from expectation of that which may not ever be "best", you can bless each thing, each happening, as prelude to THE BEST.  When I say unto our Father, "THY WILL," I must mean it exactly in that petition--not "MY WILL" and this becomes the hardest task of all.  Remember, when the student is ready, the teacher will come.  So too, when the preparations are laid, the Master will come and when the groundwork is prepared, the crop can be planted and the seeds will come.  This means, further, that when the moment is right, the substance necessary shall also come.  Patience while acting in wisdom is ever thine guideline--it MUST be, for if you do not "wait upon the Lord", you may well destroy the opportunity at your door.  You may not, however, sit upon your backsides WAITING--and the contradictions are great.

I am often amused at ones who recite the old adages and use them so incorrectly.  I example the one that says that there is no greater gift than to lay down your life for a friend.  No, that is incorrect--there is no greater love than to be WILLING to lay down your life--but more important" WILL YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR SAME?  AND WHO IS YOUR FRIEND?  IF YOU ARE WORKING ON PERFECTION--YOUR FRIEND WILL BE PROBABLY WORTHY OF YOUR EFFORT.  IF, IN GROWING, THE SEPARATION OF FRIEND FROM FRIEND BEARS WITNESS--WHY AND WHO BRINGS SEPARATION TO A "FRIENDSHIP"?  It is necessary to redefine "friend".  It is not "friend" who denies your sharing--in preference to his own opinion.  He can cling to his opinion, but a "FRIEND" will hear yours with open mind and heart that he might learn or at least reach "appreciation".  Also, just because you are "family" in NO WAY means that you are necessarily FRIENDS!  You can remain congenial acquaintances and relatives, but "friendship unlimited" is an emotional state of being in loyalty and honor--EVEN IN DISAGREEMENT.  It is imperative that in marriage, for instance, there must be respect, but FIRST OF ALL, there MUST BE FRIENDSHIP!

I give my LOVE unstintingly and infinitely--I GIVE MY FRIENDSHIP MOST CAREFULLY, for there is no greater love than to call a being, "My Friend".  And, friendship must be a two-way circuit.  You can admire, love, and cherish a person--but "friendship" is a two-way hookup and BOTH must be giving and equal--or you simply have an unbalanced USE-ING of another.  The worst pain of all, in all instances, is betrayal by one who claimed to be a "friend"--we have each and all walked that path.  Have you betrayed a friend?  Fix it if you can--for that guilt on the soul is unlimited in its "adhesive" capability.

Dharma, I thank you for allowing me to share a bit of your time in this way on this Christmas Day--for we are bringing many things into finalizing and beginning upstart of new perceptions of growth in very visible ways.

I shall come more often as the "teaching" comes more opportune, for in the outcome it is only that soul KNOWING which is important--but we have to walk through this phase of experience in the meanwhile and cannot focus solely on the soul journey--for in this instance the physical must "get there" too.

May GOD wrap us ever in his PATIENCE as we stumble through the way into LIGHT--for I, too, am sharing--again--that recognition of your expression and WE must accomplish these things if we are to reclaim our Father's estate and come back into HIS oral truths of expression.

Take my hand, for I am not some "stranger in paradise"--I know the way.

In love greater than you can perceive except by being one within it--I AM!


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 28, 1993, Volume 4, Number 1, Pages 15-16.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.