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Time Draws Near For Heavy Testing

7/6/93 #1   SANANDA

Greetings Thomas, Sananda present in Light.  Be not restless in the hour of sorting, for the time draws nigh when mine ones shall be sorely tested and need to hold firmly to the course well laid by the Master Teacher Hatonn.  He is Aton, the One God of Light, the very Source of Your Being.

Does the Father not always wish that which is the best for the Son?  Do lessons often seem harsh and unreasonable, only to find with the passage of time that the lesson held great logic and reason?  Harden not the heart in the hour of turmoil, for the legal matters have been but thine great lessons and that which was hidden from thee has become known, as has been stated so clearly for these times.  Focus not on matters which take you aside from your appointed task, for many are the distractors which push and pull to prevent you ones from doing that which you have set your minds toward accomplishing.  You are my beloved family and you are cherished beyond measure.  Be most kind and grateful that you are allowed to experience in this, the greatest play of all time, truly the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Ah, the love of the Father knows no boundaries within the Infinite realms of Light.  It is LIGHT, beloved ones, LIGHT that is your Source.  The physical manifestation in which you find yourselves is a coarse illusion lacking the refinement of the Lighted realms.  I do not tell you these things that you might seek, in error, to ascend to these realms, but rather that you KNOW that the realms are infinite in number and there truly is Glory in Heaven!

Keep your eyes on the goal which has been placed before you.  The greatest gifts of all, beloved, is that of giving.  Give with love and no thought for self and the rest shall take care of itself most nicely.  The bombardment has been tremendous against you ones in an effort to foster rancor and division.  You must stay alert to the signals that you may know when to leave the source of the bombardment, if only for 10 minutes of your time.  Listen most attentively that you may know.  I shall, and do, attend mine ones most closely.  You shall be given to know if something is amiss.  Balance is being restored and for this we are most pleased.  Do not underestimate the pressure you are under and you must allow the time to simply recenter your beingness.  There is naught but Balance in the realms of Light, beloved.  Let us seek ever to restore and maintain the Balance within Love, love of Service unto the Father, and love of Service unto your fellow man and unto your brothers who serve at thine very sides.  It is the bond of family and friendship, brother with brother, sister with sister, that shall see you through with honor.

Hold closely to mine Light for I know the way.  Take mine hand and we shall walk the road together.

Salu.  Be at peace for you are beloved of me.

I Am Sananda and I AM LIGHT!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 13, 1993, Volume 2, Number 3, Page 28.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.