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When War Is Declared On God Or His Team

(Heaven Help Green & Gritz)




Thank you for responding, Thomas, these matters must be addressed.  I am Sananda, and I come AS LIGHT WITHIN THE LIGHT OF THE MOST HIGH AND HOLY GOD OF LIGHT -- ATON.  LET THERE BE NO QUESTION AS TO WHOM I SERVE.

When you declare war on GOD, you declare war on ME -- for MINE FATHER AND I ARE ONE!

It is becoming most clear now as the sorting continues.  The wheat and the chaff shall be separated before the final bell.

One George Green attempts to sue Me in a court of injustice?  My my, I pity man in his foolishness for in the end it is the adversary who does himself in, every time.  All you need do is to watch carefully the signs and clues laid before your very feet.  When efforts are made to interfere, disrupt or destroy God's Plan, the answer shall be sure and swift upon man's head. You shall witness the circling back in fulfillment of The Law.  That which is sent out returns to thee, multiplied.  Has it not been said countless times to you ones of deaf ears?

And now one Bo Gritz has declared his battle with God.  When will man awaken to his own ego?  I tell thee with full authority, if you believe on blood and redemption you have accepted the very adversary to God as your salvation.  I, Esu Immanuel SANANDA died not for your sins.  I did not die on the cross at all, and I certainly was not placed on that cross for your sins.  If you believe in blood, it is evil itself.  God is LIGHT AND LIFE AND FULFILLMENT OF THE PROMISE WHICH IS GLORY ITSELF!  Those who speak of believing on blood ARE LIARS AND DECEIVERS AND THEY ARE NOT OF ME!

God is unbending, absolutely unbending.  Those who choose to take up arms against God are the most foolish of all for it is they who shall not only fall long and hard, but they shall have a very, very long journey back.  Be ever mindful of your own journey, beloved ones of mine, for you know not the contract of another--and the lessons placed before you shall serve as example unto the many.  Be wise in your lessons. The ego and pride shall always come before the fall.

Does not your adversary know you ones of LIGHT and who are the servants and who are not?  Have they not known this for some time?  Why think ye they have labored long and hard and singularly in their goal toward global control?  They have placed ones in your midst that you know not.  Would you have believed as recently as two or three years ago those things which come into your attention this day?  Each is revealed in its proper time.  The adversary shall rue the day that battle against God and the Host was declared.  So be it.

We do not need weapons to do battle with evil, for evil will always do itself in.  Evil will always get greedy, or deceive and forget which deception was put forth, or will be boastful.  The examples are endless.  Those of honest intent and purpose who act with integrity have nothing to fear--even if it appears otherwise in your courts of injustice.  Know that God wins, and there shall be many battles upon this place before all is said and done.

Won't you linger in the garden with me this day?

Be at peace for the journey is long and difficult; remember always that you walk not alone and you are greatly loved, more than you can know upon that place of experience.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 18, 1993, Volume 1, Number 8, Page 29.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.