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SANANDA/HATONN   12/25/91 #1


Let us hear from this Master Teacher who gave all and continues to give in unlimited abundance to all who would receive.  I ask Emmanuel Sananda to speak that you might have courage for through this path shall all be set to rightness.


Peace, my beloved.  I work with you, making you great in substance; that is the mission and the peace; let my light shine before you, leading and encouraging you.  KNOW that my happiness and joy is your happiness and joy; my art is yours; my knowledge is your knowledge; my skill encompasses your skill of technique in projection of ideas if you will but accept in promise of Truth.

Let us bind ourselves up together as sheaves of wheat and therein can we feed the multitude with the grains of our employments through the knowledge gifted by our Creator.  Unto you this day, I speak unto my people and say that the Lord loves the cheerful giver and sharer of self; give that you might also receive in great abundance--receive that abundance so that you might again give and increase goodness throughout the places of manifested life.

There is a great tempest upon the world but was it not known to you of old?  Have you not asked that you should endure it--knowing that it would become to hand?  You have said as much to me in your quiet communion and yet you would cast the burden of responsibility of self upon the back of another that you would not face consequences of behavior in separations from the law of God.  You would take of my blood and pronounce selves healed and wanting not--nay, nay--I can but stand aside and petition for mercy in your blindness as you move before your own judgment for I can only answer in my own judgment.

Father, let us serve that we may do good unto those who know not goodness for the slings and arrows pierce of the heart and soul, and bring pain in the struggling hopelessness seemingly all about our way.  Let us learn humbly from those attacks that our balance may not be shaken and the lesson of the moment be learned in properness.  Ah, 'tis the multitudes who see and hear not.  Behold there are ten thousand times ten thousand who perceive no lightings, who perceive only blackness--who refuse the lamp which lights the way.

They cry ever with a loud wail that the world is a wilderness and they are left without a shepherd--all the while they turn from the shepherd and unto the very wolf who would devour them.

You must know that the world is NOT a wilderness; behold it has a shepherd; you have witness of that shepherd; how comes it that one does know of that shepherd and the other knows not?  I tell you that by a knowledge of that shepherd you do mark your election; continue to know him and the light grows brighter until the wildness ceases to hold terror for your footsteps.  The shepherd will never move from your side even as you push him from you.

Ah, you struggle and you thrust your desires upon almighty God to enhance your journey--most usually through abundance of worldly manners and goods.  "Give me wealth that I may serve", while ye wait and serve not.  Perhaps you might look about yourself and see that only through service first does abundance flow.  You would have great gifts for nothing at the season called wonderful, but what is there in the deserving of such bounty?  First you must open your hearts and find purses in them, purses of silver as well as ideals, for when was it said that either was denied you?  Verily--the one enhances the other--always.

Reverse the order of your meritings, and the goodly sum shall follow the ideal, which comes to you from the Father who speaks to you in the sequence of events, as you are open and ready for the receiving and willing in order to act at the receiving.  Blessed and happy is the man who can know that the goodly event lies ever before him, for he shapes his life to make peace with the circumstance.

May you turn in love and petition unto righteousness that peace and love, and regeneration of spirit can come unto you in your walks and talks with one another for it is in loving communication and sharing that you shall be given to find your Truth and path unto balance, and harmony in your expression.  I speak as one having authority, knowledge and power to transcend all natural law, and make flowers from thistles, beloved ones---would you come and walk with me?  It matters not of my life or death, or rantings and sayings--it matters only of my presence in the sending from OUR FATHER on this day you have labeled Christmas in your year 1991.  You have no way of even knowing your own next moment, least your infinite voyage--I ask you to think upon these things most diligently as you ponder purpose and Truth.  Wherein are you?  Who are you?  It matters not of ME!  WHO ARE YOU?  I come forth with the"Hosts" sent of God to prepare a place for return and reclamation of God's children.  How long will you refuse me?  So be it for if you remain in the refusing of ME then so shall the Father refuse YOU.  I am come again to bring you home.


And I, Hatonn, can only offer that which is mine to offer--Truth in the Word.  May you find the peace that comes in understanding within the Love of Knowing.




Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 30, 1991, Volume 17, Number 11, Page 15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.