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I did not come to bring the world peace at that time, brothers, I did not come forth to bring peace, but rather to bring the sword of truth and knowledge of the power of the spirit which dwells within man.

I ask that ye provoke even thy mother, father and thus and so, that eyes be opened and thought be manifest in truth patterns in­stead of the continuation of sleep and inertia; walking steadily and deliberately unto thy doom. But it must be done in leader­ship whereby truth is visual and man wishes to follow for the way is "simply better".  Ah yes, thine enemies will likely be re­siding within thy very households.

The path of truth is distant and the wisdom of knowledge will reach it only slowly. I predicted dark ages would follow, centuries and millennia would pass before the truth of the spirit could reach unto the people--two thousand years is quite enough, chelas; quite enough, please.

Well, it has all come to pass--so far, exactly as predicted. I walk with you in constant attendance. Ye need -not more. I have come that mine Father's kingdom be reclaimed and mine ones be put in safety. I also am prepared to meet my adversary on any front he so chooses. And, of course, he will choose the place near Armageddon. So be it. As ye are prepared so shall ye receive; therefore, please let us move rapidly at preparation for there will be some most irritating times forthcoming.

Phoenix Journal 2, p,59-60