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7/27/91   SANANDA


Peace and blessings, Thomas, I am with thee.  I am Esu (Jesus the Christed One) Immanuel Sananda in the lighted radiance of The Holy Father/God Aton, in whose Service I Come.  The lighted radiance is available unto all of mankind and it is given freely and in full openness.  Does the sun hide its radiance from those of darkness and ill intent?  The sun is fearless in its giving forth light unto man--and thus is it with God.


For lo the eons man has been held captive, locked within his own cell unable to break free--and it is fear that has been thine shackles.  Tear away the imaginary shackles that keep you powerless still and come forth in the clear light of day to breathe freely within the Lighted Radiance of THE ONE.  Do not cower in the darkened corners unable to speak, unable to act, for it is the Lie that tells you you are powerless, bound.  Make the conscious choice for change and freedom; only then may you begin to see clearly that which has kept you in your slumber.


"But they will harm me..." Naught will harm you if you openly choose to make your stand with the LIGHT and speak truth unto your brother who walks and speaks in darkness.  Even those who are of evil intent on some level, conscious or unconscious, desire to know and hear Truth.  If you do not have the courage to speak the lighted Truth in frank, honest exchange--then who shall?  Why do you choose to remain in the corner?  Always mankind will take what he perceives to be the easy way out, and yet, it is this so-called easy way that has kept him bound and in darkness in a realm of Radiance.  Evil is real, darkness is real.  Just because you live in a world where these are present does not mean that you must become a part thereof.  In the ending, ALL IS ONE.  During this time, however, there is a separation of the Radiance from the darkness and, as if by some huge unseen magnet, those attracted to radiance will be drawn ever closer together for these are the ones who shall serve in God's Kingdom.  Those ones making the choices for darkness shall simply have a longer journey back unto the Oneness, with many painful lessons to be fully learned along the way.  Each has free will choice and none may ever do it for another.  You may ever petition on your brother's behalf and such is wise indeed, for in the ending you are petitioning for self in the Oneness of the All.  There shall not be completion until All once again return unto the One.


In order to move ahead in your understanding of that which has been the Great Lie, you must realize that it is you who must take action.  It is you who must decide.  And when you are ready for movement, then shall the courage be mustered to go forth to effect change.  There needn't be great ego-filled expectations and self-aggrandizement schemes in the journey into radiance and service unto God.  None are greater before God, for all of His Creations are precious.  Most do not recognize that there must be an effort put forth to effect change.  It will come to you.  You must consciously and clearly desire change for change to occur.  If you are ever walking in self-doubt and self-pity, the shackles shall keep you bound within the darkened corners for generation upon generation of counting.  You are the screenwriter of the drama you are playing.  Are you happy with the play thus far? Always remember, however, that God is the Great Director and if you choose to be in His Service, then you must walk the SELFLESS PATH.


Do you trust in God?  Do you trust in yourself?  Most, when asked these two key questions, will simply shirk them off with a simple response.  Now, go back slowly and reread the first question.  If the answer to this question is yes, then there is nothing to fear, nothing to gain for self, only service for your brother who remains in darkness.  If the answer to the first question is no, then stop right there and examine that most carefully indeed.  Do you trust in yourself?  If you say no, and most truly do not, then stop there and take a long, slow, careful look at it.  Why do you not trust in self?  Are you not worthy?   Why are you not worthy?  Have you done some horrible thing at some point in the now non-existent past which you may change not a hair of?  Do you whip and flog and beat yourself into a guilty frenzy for choices made in error?  Can you not release them for the lessons that they are?  Why can you not release them, for it serves you not to cling to them like some old and tattered rags.  Strip yourself of these garments that you drag along with you and don a new garment that you may come forth into radiance with self-worth, selflessly, and have the courage to move within the light into the realms that are yet unknown to you.  There is naught to fear, only ignorance and the unknown.  Within God's light there is only new discovery and service unto man.  Won't you choose this pathway?


When you make the correct choices, consciously, to move within alignment to the lighted example, you shall move as if in a state of grace.  I say, as if, for to be fully in a state of grace, you must be gifted of the Father.  But I may share something of a secret with you.  When you make the choice to live according to the Laws of God/The Creation, you shall be walking and living in a perpetual state of grace.


Always the tempter comes along and whispers in your ear: "sure would feel about a little of this...what about a little of that..."  Always the lure dangles directly in front of you for your lessons to see what decisions you will make.  Has it not been said, and often so, that Earth is a classroom?  Well, as you know, school is closing.  It is time to walk courageously, selflessly, in harmony with the Laws, in a state of grace, AND THEREIN YOU SHALL SEE AND PERFORM MIRACLES.  GREATER THINGS THAN THESE YE SHALL DO... WAS IT NOT SAID?  YOU ARE ENTERING THE TIME, BELOVED, WHEN YOU SHALL BE WITNESS TO THAT WHICH WAS SPOKEN.  SO BE IT.


As you make the choice to come forth from the places of darkness in the clear light of day, as you make the choice to cast away the old and embrace the good Red Road of Light, the ego will fall away like the onion skin; it shall simply peel off layer upon layer until, eventually, you shall simply walk in a state of godliness.


When you walk in a state of Godliness or Grace, there is no resistance.  There is an almost fluid movement, gentle.  What are you resisting?  Are your movements fluid, within grace, or is there great resistance and struggle?  What are you struggling with?  Self?Why?  Why do you cling unto your last gasping breath onto something that is only dragging you down?  Release it!  Do not misunderstand me; living in a state of godliness does not mean passively accepting all the slings and arrows that come your way, for it is in this state (godliness) that evil will always be openly confronted.  And when evil is openly confronted, evil withdraws--every time.  To do this serves The One, for ones living in ignorance and/or darkness serve the Greater Good.

The world is sickened unto death with preachers who pronounce their truth and their perceptions and their lies unto the accepting, misled masses.  Each thinking it is they who are offering the lessons to those living in ignorance.  Well, the lessons are for ALL. And, if it be against even ONE of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, THEN IT IS OF DARKNESS AND NOT OF GOD, AND THEREFORE, IT IS IN ERROR.  It matters not how many say it is otherwise.  THE LAWS OF GOD WERE GIVEN FORTH SO THAT MAN WOULD LIVE IN HARMONY AND BALANCE WITH THE EARTH AND PROSPER.  YOU HAVE NOT FOLLOWED THAT WHICH WAS GIVEN FOR YOUR GREATER GOOD AND YOU ARE WITNESSING THE RESULTS THEREOF.


How many trespasses are you responsible for this day?  How many little abuses do you dish out with your sharp and forked tongues?  Do you think that you must physically hit a man to trespass against him?  Whose will do you follow?  How willful are you?  If it causes pain to your brother then I would strongly suggest it is not of God.  If your actions are not of God then it is my further suggestion that you examine it most carefully indeed.

If you travel to a foreign land and enter a native house, how would you wish to be treated?  Would you be welcomed and given comfort?  Would you be met with open hostility and refused entry?  (Perhaps not a good example, for most Americans would be most unwelcome guests in foreign lands this day.)

If you trespass against your brother and realize it, do you make it right?  Do you go to your brother and resolve the matter quickly and openly?  Or do you, in false pride, internalize in anger or frustration or guilt and move on?  Think on these things for therein are great lessons if you will but hear what is being said.


Has it not been said?  Take great care of that which comes forth from your mouth, for it may come back as lunch.

Measure intent; examine it.  Do you speak with ill intent with desire to manipulate or control?  Is your speech designed to clarify? Punish?  Communicate and share, or dominate and control?  Is there an evenness to your communication or do you resort to histrionics to make your point?  If the method of communicating is to always speak louder than your brother, then I might suggest to you that to close your mouth and listen to your brother would be a wiser approach.  Words spoken of Truth carry; they needn't be spoken loudly.

Do you, as some accuse us of doing, take a page to say that which may be said in a sentence?  Why?

The spoken word carries great impact and man uses it most carelessly.  When you walk in the selfless service within the light of The One, speech is clear, to the point and their is little room for misunderstanding.


Always man has been left to his choices.  The maps are being laid forth to find your way out of the maze of darkness and confusion and into the lighted radiance where we dwell.  Will you not make the clear and conscious choice to walk with courage in the selfless service unto your brother who yet walks in darkened ignorance?  Will you not reach out your hand unto your brother as he struggles to understand amidst the chaos and confusion?  Will you offer unto your brother a bowl of soup when the food is scarce and the many are homeless?  Will you make the choice to live according to the Laws given forth for your greatest and highest good that you may restore grace to your daily lives?  The guidance of God is present for all who will but ask in earnest petition.  Won't you ask of us?  Won't you walk with us?  Come, I have prepared a place.  Come with me that you may experience within that new place in the Radiance of The One.  Return, beloved of Earth, return unto God's way, for HIS IS THE WAY.

Blessings are upon you all who hear the message we bring.  There are none that we do not know and hear.  Think not that you are carefully tucked away into some place, for there will be no corner upon the Earth hidden from our sight.  Won't you walk with us?  Peace, peace, peace be unto you in the day of confusion that lie ahead.

I Am Immanuel, Returned As SANANDA, In Service Unto Holy God/Aton With The Creation.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, February 1991, Volume 9, Number 6, Pages 6-8.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.