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***MESSAGES FROM SANANDA - 1/13/91 /1-14-91


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1/13/91   SANANDA



I am here, Thomas, and I know you are not feeling well.  We must communicate, at any rate, for the hour grows short.  I Am Sananda and I come in Radiance and in service unto God.

Your nation's elected representatives have made a most grave and grievous error in their decision to support the President for now he has Carte Blanche to do what he will.  The region in the Middle East and the Gulf is tense indeed; many will be lost.  Ones will soon come to realize the error of putting such power into the hands of the President under the guise of United Nations, but it shall be too late and the cost will be dear in the lives that are needlessly wasted, yet such is the nature of The Plan.  Ones of our crew are to be fully supplied in all respects and at full alert throughout the days immediately before you.  Once the bombs and bloodshed begins in the Gulf, all attention will be drawn away from the home shores; this is when they shall strike.  Your nation will be in shock and will know not what to do to rid itself of the intruder; much bloodshed, death, chaos.  The warnings have gone forth; the prophecies have long painted clearly the pictures which you now see before your very eyes.  Yet still, who among the masses pays attention?  Who cares?  Who will march to the drum beats as the Intruder sweeps across your land?


Will America fall?  Will America rise again?  Who will stand to prevent such terror on the land?  Will the awakening happen rapidly enough for man to take individual responsibility to turn the tide before the final bell?  It remains to be seen.

Who will turn unto God and The Laws to once again restore balance to the land?  Who will petition for God's hand to intervene?  Will He?  Must the prewritten script play itself out to fulfill the prophecies you yourselves have come to expect?


How many will die?  You ones must remember that The Plan is the destruction of two thirds (minimum) of your global population and this war is just the beginning of the chaos that shall reign upon Terra.  Return unto God, beloved, return unto balance under The Laws.  Therein is shelter from the storm; find safe harbor within the Lighted wings of Tunkanshila.  Follow where we lead for we know well the way and the pathway shall take many unexpected turns.  Hold unto the light that you may see that which is before you.  Turn your head not to the side or behind thee for therein is destruction.  The way is before thee and it shall be well lighted; we may not force man to walk that pathway; we may only bring him the instructions and the map.

Shortly there shall be an onslaught of activity through America West as the awakening ones come to realize the severity and reality of the situation.  More and more radio programs will have George return as they see The Plan unfolding as he has previously outlined.  The demand for the books of truth shall increase and increase and increase.

I have told you before, concern yourself not as ones leave this placement.  Has it not been said that ones will come and ones will go?  Do not take such matters to heart for there is not time for such.  Keep your eyes ever on the goal.

Let us bring this to a close for this time.  It is important that we maintain the clarity of receivership and the frequency of that connection.  The days before your nation are dark indeed and we must have immediate response if such is needed, regardless of how you are feeling personally.  Do you understand?  (Yes.)

Walk in peace though the world is in conflict.  Salu.

I Am Sananda.

* * * * * * *


1/14/91   SANANDA


Peace and blessings Thomas, Sananda present to respond in radiance briefly to your call.

These next several days shall be days which our ground crew must be most attentive to, for the forces of evil are rallying around the world for the soon to be unleashed display of power, death and destruction.  You who have heeded well the instructions shall be somewhat insulated, yet the chaos shall furl around you.  Even within your own circle, ones will still pull away.  This task before you ones is not for the faint hearted but for the courageously heartful.  Now is the time to be most attentive to all duties and functions that the ones who would further cast stones upon the TRUTH not be given further ammunition to fuel their cause.

Israel shall soon strike, perhaps this very day.  It shall shock and stun the world, for did you yourself not hear the news broadcast on CNN that said from an Israeli spokesman, "If Israel responds to Iraq it is not concerned with the welfare of American support personnel?"  They may even broadcast the truth of it for all the world to see, for all the world to hear, yet few see, fewer still hear. They have done their job very well and sleep has been too intoxicating to release for most of your precious world.  Well the price for sleep shall be high indeed and the body count shall be without number.

Tend that which you are able to tend.  Offer hope and direction and instruction to those who seek counsel of you.  Follow the instructions we bring and the journey will be completed.  How many join us remains to be seen.

I Am Sananda.


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, Volume 7, Number 4 & 5, Pages 15-16.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.