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Sept. 7, 2016



Good morning, my scribe.  Be at peace.  I am Esu "Jesus" Sananda.  I am, as are you all, a product of Creator's Magnificent Thought.  I dwell within the Oneness of His Light that is the Source of ALL.  I come now so that His promise to your world shall be carried out.  My will is that of my Father, Creator God.

As you each experience, know that you carry Creator's Breath of Life (Light) with you in all of your travels.  It is through Him that you experience, and He through YOU.  There are no secrets in His heart that He holds from you.  There is only the waiting for you to grow into mature responsibility before you are allowed to come into the understanding of that which you may erroneously call "secrets of the universe".

While you are in the physical aspect of your infinite journey of growth, you should expect to have challenges before you.  You are all desiring to expand your awareness of self, for in doing so you are fulfilling a very basic desire of Creator and Creation.  Allow for others to grow in their own way and at their own pace.  The journey is infinite and "time" is only a physical perception that allows for the detailed examination of your thoughts and how it is that you use these thoughts in order to create and expand as a being.

Many of you sense that "time" is moving at a faster and faster pace and that you do not seem to have enough of it to get accomplished those things that you are wanting to get done.  Please know that you have all the time that you need in order to accomplish those things that you are there to get done.

Know also that, with the proper mental focus, you can get more done than what you currently believe possible.  Self-imposed restrictions are what keep you from realizing alternative modes of doing what you want to accomplish.  When you can step outside of the restrictions that you hold onto as though they are law, then you will realize that you can actually control the perception of time flow, for yourself, by altering your basic vibrational frequency.

This phenomena has been utilized by many in the past and by a few in your present experience.  Some of you utilize this gift daily though you fail to recognize the actual phenomena.  You can witness those who go about and seem to get very little done though there is the potential to accomplish much more than that which they are actually completing.  These ones are usually living in a past moment and thus are creating miniature "time warps" or "ripples" around themselves.

Others may have such a clear picture of what it is they are wanting to achieve that, in their clarity, they can anticipate future situations that they will eventually need to address, and do so as soon as opportunities arise, thus saving themselves a lot of backtracking later on.

For example: Let us say that you have a clear picture that you want to build a wood fence around your yard and you can see the fence in your mind's eye with extreme clarity.  You can see every last detail, from the posts that will support the structure, to the nails you will use to hold the boards in place.  You will see that exact color you would like it to be and the exact height that you are wanting.  You can see that the posts will go into holes and that there is cement holding them anchored to the ground.  You will see exactly where you would like to place a gate.  You notice the exact hinges that you will use and the latching mechanism that you like.

You see every last detail in your mind and you decide that you are going to build this fence exactly the way that you see it in your mind.  You see it in such detail that you know exactly how to build it without any prior experience, for you see it already built.  You can see yourself actually building the fence, and you're feeling more and more exited all the while you are envisioning the whole process.

Now, you set out to obtain all the pieces that you will need in order to build this fence.  Holding the whole picture in your mind, you get all the boards that you will need, all the posts that you will need, the nails, the hardware, the paint and the cement, and any tools that you saw yourself using that you do not already have.

You now set out and build the fence exactly the way you see it in your mind.  Before you know it, you are done and the fence is completed and exactly the way you envisioned it in your mind.

Now let us take another who is wanting a fence.  However this one does not see it in any great detail in his mind because he is not practiced at "seeing within" first, with all of the details, and his mental focus is clouded with the distractions of other things (usually past guilt or worry) that keep the mind from fully focusing in the here-and-now of the present moment.

This person now sets forth to obtain all the materials that he thinks he needs.  He goes out and gets the lumber and the posts and some nails, and brings them back.  He goes to dig the holes for the posts and realizes that he does not have the proper tool to dig the post holes.  Instead of going back and getting the proper tool, he makes use of what he has on hand.  Now the holes take longer to dig than necessary and "time" is slipping away.

Eventually the holes are dug and the posts are ready to be installed.  Now he realizes that he has overlooked the need for cement.  Everything stops while he must backtrack to the hardware store and get the needed item.

The point of this example is to show you how you can more effectively utilize time by properly focusing your mind.  The unorganized one above will make many repeated trips to get more nails and paint and whatever.  All the while frustration builds, the project is stretched from two days into five days, and the motivation to follow through to completion is nearly gone.  In that case, the fence project may sit for another six months before it gets the paint that it needs!  As you might imagine, the entire creation may end up being quite a bit less sturdy than it could have been and it will probably look quite a bit less pleasing than it could have looked.

You ALL have the ability to manifest and control time in this manner.  Many of you have experienced a sense of "slow motion" during events such as a major automobile accident.  The seriousness of the situation fully will cause you to give your attention fully to the moment at hand, regardless of the mental focus only moments before.  This clear focusing of your mind will enable you to capture every last detail.  You will be taking in data so fast that you will perceive everything moving in slow motion as compared to your normal viewing of events.

Some athletes experience this phenomena while playing their sport, for they are so focused upon what is happening that they will begin to take in sensing data at faster and faster rates.  These ones have their terminology for this: they will call it being "in the zone" or something of that sort.  The actual phenomena is a clear focus of thought and being more fully (if not fully) in the present moment as events are unfolding.

You ones can learn to utilize these natural abilities and learn to function in this mode as you desire.  The key is learning to release the past garbage and other modes of distraction that you cannot change.

When you can leave behind the small worries or heartaches of the past, and truly forgive yourself for having offended or hurt another, then you will be more fully focused in the present.  You will also find that you will naturally become more and more productive as you shed these fears, worries, and guilts that you otherwise hold onto in order to beat yourselves up, over and over again.

And then there are the overt distractions.  You are being bombarded with all sorts of distractions every day, just from all of your television and media programming.  You may say, "Well, I only watch the news!"  Your so-called "news" programs are just that--"programs"--for your mind, and they are the worst offenders for they project calculated images that you will not so easily dismiss as "Hollywood theatrics".  These distractions are designed to keep you wanting more, or keep you in a state of outright shock, or in a state of constant confusion.

You will have to begin to see these distractions (and others) for what they are, else in this experience you may never recognize your true potential of expression.  Please realize that I am NOT saying that you should or should not watch television or read newspapers.

I AM saying that you will have to realize those things that cause you to lose focus (or never find focus) on what it is that you are desiring to accomplish--if you are to recognize who you REALLY are and what your true potential of creating REALLY IS!

This all goes back to understanding how it is that you mind processes information and how it is that you create those things that you are wanting.

All creation begins with thought.  Before you existed, there was the Thought of Creator, and as the Thought was formed, so were you.  You must realize that YOU create in the same manner, for there could be no other way.

When you come into greater and greater mental clarity, you will find that your emotional state is vibrating at a much higher rate, and thus the uplifting sensations of joy, enthusiasm, and a sense of accomplishment within will result.  This is the inner emotional state that ALL are continually seeking to find.  When you can learn to focus your mind in TOTAL clarity, you will set all the forces of the universe into motion for you as your thoughts begin to manifest.

This is where time comes into play.  The perception of time acts as a buffer so that all does not come crashing in upon everyone all at once.  The element of time ensures that a proper sequence is adhered to and that no two physical manifestations occupy the same space at any one moment. This gives order to the physical universe.

Your desires spring forth from the need to satisfy the emotional pressures caused by your innate urges to create and grow.  Your emotional state thus play a basic and direct function in facilitating the manifestation of your thoughts into physical reality.

As you focus that great gift of your mind, and begin to SEE, with greater and greater clarity, that which you desire to create, you will notice that there will come as INTENSITY (a multiplication of the emotional component of your desire) associated with what it is that you are focusing upon.  This intensity (emotion) is the energy that propels the idea forward.  Thus, the greater the intensity of the emotion, the more momentum the idea will have, and the more quickly it will begin to manifest.

You all have the basic necessities in order to create anything that you may desire--if you but focus upon same with crystal clear clarity.  You are in the optimal environment in which to practice these abilities in a responsible and safe manner.  Utilize this grand opportunity in the physical plane to continually strive toward applying and intensifying your creative abilities in your day-to-day experiences, and you will attain the satisfaction--that is, the knowledge and understanding--that your soul desires and is seeking.

Do not resist your creative (soul) urges, for in doing so you are resisting satisfaction.  Likewise, learn to recognize those things which, calculated or otherwise, pull your attention in so many different directions.  Worry not about what you do not have, and build a clear image of what you want, exactly the way you want it to be.

This can be a most wondrous and fulfilling journey with the proper mental focus.  I am Esu Immanuel Sananda, come in the Radiant Light of Creator's Thought.  May you be in understanding of the message here, for it is the "food" your soul desires.




Source:  CONTACT:  THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 11, 1997, Volume 16, Number 4, Pages 25-26.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.