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7/11/93   SANANDA

Peace be unto you, Thomas, for the impact is greatest before the dawn.  I Am Sananda and I come IN LIGHT, AS LIGHT, and in service unto mine Father, ATON, THE ONE LIGHT.

Put the hearts to rest and the mind at ease that the Guidance may be allowed entry.  Creative answers of opportunity shall only present themselves to you in the quiet LISTENING to the Higher realms.  There is much that we mean to offer in the proper sequence, for nothing shall be brought forth before its time.  Has it not been said?  Hold to the COURSE so well laid before you, for I Am the Captain of this ship and I know well the WAY.

Behold!  I come with the HOSTS OF GOD that you may understand TRUTH!  Be not deceived by that which clouds your judgment in the density of that physical expression that weighs heavily like a cloak about thine shoulders.  Cast aside all darkness and TURN THINE LISTENING ANTENNAE that the messages may pour like sweet water from the Fount of Heaven itself.  Be well in thine understanding and at peace in thine soul, that the LIGHT may shine forth in its RADIANCE of GLORY unto those who ask to be shown the way.

It is by EXAMPLE that The Truth of the Goodly Company shall be known.  Tend thine way that the example always reflects the one true LIGHT OF TRUTH, in Love and compassion, understanding and wisdom.  Reach out your hand unto thine brother, who knows not the way.  Stand not on the pulpit to spew forth pious words.  Rather, walk gently in the KNOWING that soul purpose shall be fulfilled when man is ready to receive knowledge.  Cast not your pearls before swine, where they are trampled underfoot. Rather, choose carefully those with whom you enter into discourse.  Do not hide thine Light under a bushel, but rather, let it shine for all the world to see.

Let thine actions stand as the example of GODLY behavior in wisdom, for it is not in the words of a man that he is known but that which he DOES.  By your works shall ye be judged.  So, too, by thine actions shall ye be known.  And how think ye ones are known?  Ponder it.

We come as thine Elder Brothers; we come that you may know the true from the false.  Tarry not in matters of no import.  Rather, cast thine vision forward that you may put your hands to work with goodly purpose toward the LIGHTED GOAL which shall serve as a beacon unto man, that the way may be shown, the example laid forth, the possibilities known, the promise realized.  Put thine hands to work that the harvest may be one of joyous abundance which is freely shared with all who would walk the path with you.  Be ever mindful, however, that each must ultimately walk their soul journey alone--and is held accountable, alone.  You may share with one another along the way and walk in unity toward your goal, and in this there is Glory.  God knows each and all -- nothing is hidden in the realms of Light.  And for this, all should give thanks, for in KNOWING there is ALL.

You are but our younger brothers and sisters.  Turn not aside to tarry longer in matters physical, for there is no fulfillment therein. It is the Kingdom of God within wherein you shall find that which you seek.

Knock and it shall be opened unto thee.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 13, 1993, Volume 2, Number 3, Pages 34-35.