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Sept. 12, 2015


1/16/91   SANANDA

Let us begin Thomas.  I Am Esu Jmmanuel Sananda present in the Radiance of Aton/God.  I come in His Service within The Creation which is above ALL.  There is weeping in heaven this day for your planet.

You have gone past the artificial deadline established that The Plan may be initiated in its fullness. Soon the killing shall begin in earnest and the ones on the homeshores shall be left guessing "did my son die, was he hit..."  Those initiating such measures care not whether sons die for that IS The Plan; to kill off as many as possible.  The Plan is so horrendous that those of the "christian" and "thinking" populace cannot comprehend such evil, yet you ones continually forget that it is Satan himself controlling the very ones who yield the scythe of death.  The thoughts race among even mine own precious ones; will there be time, will there be time, what do we do, preparations must be made, how much time????? etc., etc., etc.  Ever you ones may do that which you are able with that with which you have to use at your disposal, nothing more and nothing less.  To sit idly by at this time when the foreknowledge has been offered would be the worst kind of foolishness and one which you yourselves shall experience the consequences of.  When the confiscation begins in America, and it shall indeed, the weapons shall be THE FIRST.  Always it shall be much sooner than you expect so it is the better part of wisdom to make your preparations while there is still time.

What will be the reaction of the American citizenry when the tanks roll in?  Will there even be a reaction at all for is there not a lot of troop movement for Desert Shield?  Mostly the sleep will continue only to find that when the awakening is upon them, they are found bound in the detention centers awaiting the execution...or worse.  The plans are devious and dark indeed, for with Satan at the helm you may expect the very worst.  And yet for some who "go along" it shall simply be another small adjustment to make; the troops on the corner, the curfews, after all, you get no news now so the freedom of information won't change much--just more of what they want to show you.  The psychopolitics has been far, far too effective.  We come to offer man his way out, his ticket home unto glory if he will but listen.  But alas the sleep has been too deep and all but the tiniest number shall take the path laid forth by the Master Deceiver Himself, like sheep to the slaughter.  It will be a long time before the ones who take the left path find their way home unto God, but they shall, eventually, but it shall be a hard and long journey.

Ever is the freedom of choice within the world of man.  Yet this day the dye is all but cast and it shall be red, BLOOD RED.  There will be no washing of this blood from the hands of those who sent the beloved and brave men to the slaughter and God weeps for man's ignorance.

Holy Spirit within, may I walk in peace this day.  May the Spirit touch the many who walk in fear and ignorance that the comfort may come upon them in the knowledge of your Presence.  Holy Spirit, awaken within man the connection with your Source that he may come into wisdom.  Let us be mindful this day of those who shall soon become dust upon your place for the decisions made by you the people.  Holy Spirit, let me ever walk the road of red that the journey home be filled with glory in Your Presence.

Let us close this Thomas, walk in peace.


I Am Sananda

* * *


1/17/91   SANANDA

I am no longer Jmmanuel; I am returned as Sananda.  I am come in Radiance and in service unto The Father/God/Aton and I have returned to fulfill the prophecies of long past for this is the ending of a cycle and it is the dark period of the cycle indeed.

Saddam speaks truth: "The Mother of all wars is now started."  Oh, children of the lie, we weep for your ignorance.  Blind aggression?  What think you of bombing an entire nation?  And you see it not, your nation sees it not.  So few will walk with us and it is so sad, for the glory in these realms is beyond description.  To serve the higher good of man is the greatest of all honors, particularly at the ending of an historical cycle, particularly on this planet.  Give great thanks this day for thine participation within this Play for it shall unfold magnificently before you, yet so too I tell thee that there shall be much bloodshed, confusion, chaos, and the path will not be an easy one for the Controllers would have you working in their camps, their prearranged stations.  Will you go without a struggle?  Will you serve on the road crews quietly?  How many among you will go as the sheep? And so too what merit it to struggle in the face of overwhelming odds only to result in death of the physical body?  These questions shall all be answered before all is said and done.

It is a time to gather in food stuffs.  To think that such measures may not be required is dreaming; you have entered a dangerous, dangerous time and the net will soon fall all around you and all straggling fragments shall be gathered into perfection.  These ones do their work extremely well, no matter the loss of life.

Caution, in your efforts to garner supplies that shall indeed be needed at a later time, do not diminish all cash reserves for you shall need this too for a time.  If you are low on cash reserves, once again rebuild them so that this area also is covered for times of "inactivity" or "shutdown".

For those even among our own grouping who do not listen to the warning we bring, you ones shall be left wondering.  Charity shall be ever present in My House and those who abide with me; yet for any to expect it is most foolish indeed.  We give great honor to you ones who are responding appropriately to the instructions as given.  The preparations shall serve you well and shall be the cornerstone for the rebuilding, for there shall be rebuilding and there shall be the remnant.

Let us hope that those who profess service unto us are among the ones serving at that hour.

It is a dark day indeed for your world.  The death blows now shall be tit for tat...only the death counts will not be in the single or double or triple digits.  Walk ever within the Light and command the Holy Spirit Presence within to remain ever in alignment with The Laws and with His Will that His Plan may be fulfilled.  Walk in peace for the road shall grow most uncertain and strange.


I Am Sananda



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, January 1991, Volume 7, Number 6 & 7, Pages 15-16.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.