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10/25/97   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA


Good afternoon, my scribe.  I, Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda, have come at this time that a much-needed message go forth.

Your environment is changing and, with each passing day, you will notice more and more outwards signs of this change.  Many resist the change and will refuse to see the clues all about them.  These are the times prophesied some two thousand years past.

There shall be no lie left unexposed!

The heart of man will become as an open book for all to read.  The quiet (behind the scenes) manipulators of those ones who crave power, control, and physical material are beginning to see that their games no longer work and that the whole world can see right through them.  These ones need the cloak of secrecy in order to keep their "status" in society.  This is to say that their ego demands the status and these ones are slaves to their ego-self.

Such was the fall of one called Lucifer ("the Lighted one").  As he continues to succumb to the pressures of his ego, he efforts to manipulate others to walk his path and thus justify his position or argument with his Creator--GOD!

You cannot be greater than He who created you!  In the physical, you may become greater then your parents in some material way, but you can NEVER be more than Infinite Source.  You CAN attain the level of a "leading-edge" awareness WITH Him, and therein is the background for the statement "I and my Father are one".

To hide in secrecy, due to shame of actions taken, is but to deny self-responsibility.  If you are hiding, then you know that you have done something wrong.  Yet, God knows you!  You are not hiding from Him!

And, as your environment continues to shift upward in frequency, so too shall your physically-oriented brethren come to know the REAL you--as a result of a heightened perception of the interconnectedness between all things.

It is time to let go of the garbage and the pretense, for the days of pretending are but over.  YOUR responsibility for YOUR own spiritual growth is becoming ever more apparent to all as more of you ones "grow up".  Would you take on the blame because another has chosen to smoke cigarettes for many years and now has lung cancer?  No, the "blame" and consequences fall squarely on the shoulders of the one choosing to chronically poison their vehicle in such a manner.  THIS IS A TIME FOR HONESTY CONFRONTING THYSELF!

Those of you who cannot accept the changes happening all around you, and who are embroiled deeply in the physical-material aspect of this experience, will find yourselves in an ever more difficult environment in which to survive.

To begin with, ones will no longer see you as somehow being helpless.  Ones will see you, rightfully, as a fragment of Creator.

So when you try to make excuses for your actions or inactions, such will be seen for the ego fear-based responses (fear being the polar opposite of Joy/Love/GOD!) that they are, and there will be little-to-no sympathy to be found.  Thus the ego-self will literally starve into submission, or the physical experience will expire due to the severe unbalanced condition.

This message is intended as a "heads-up" indicator to you who are seeking, so that you can know the mechanism by which peace shall be attained on your planet.  When there can be no lie or manipulation or conspiracy, then there can be no war.

When you finally can see your brethren, animals, and planets with the eyes of a TRULY connected soul, you will see the beauty and magnificence of Creator in ALL things.  You will not listen to anyone who speaks of destroying any part of it!

You ones are experiencing in truly wondrous times, for there are great insights to be experienced, and even greater growth to be achieved, as this transformation unfolds.  Our purpose is to assist each of you with this process and to provide you with guidance when you have TRUE desire for same.

You may do that which you will with what is offered here.  Our hope is that you will look beyond the words, and go within and connect for yourself, and experience the meaning and intent of each message.  You will find that such is offered with great Love and Higher Understanding.

Your world is in great, great chaos and you are not being shown anywhere near the whole picture in your general media sources.  This is in large part due to the fact that the illusionary facade of the "elite" is failing to fool you-the-people.

MANY are beginning to see through the lies--especially those of you who maintain selves in a high-frequency state.  Thus, those who are responsible for manipulating (mind-controlling) you through such media conduits, have had to provide ever more "artificial" "entertainment" for your consumption in the guise of your so-called news programs.  In many respects, your "news" must be carefully manufactured, and even more carefully presented, to avoid having to tell you truth.

However, as more and more people draw upon the Courage to speak out, the truth of any situation cannot be contained.  This is the TRUE meaning of the phrase "the power of the people" and it would be wise to remember that such is your birthright as a Lighted fragment of Creator Source.  In this regard is there "safety in numbers" since the control tactics of the elite would-be-kings break down when enough stand in the Light of Truth and share that Truth.  And as I said so many years ago, to those ones close to me at that time, who likewise battled with their fears of inadequacy or overwhelm, "Where two or more are gathered in My name, I am also there!"

The programming of the people has one great error and that is the fact that the God-force within can only be contained with the consent of the individual.  When there comes, within the individual, a desire to understand and be free, then there is no programming, anywhere, that can contain the potential energy of that desire!  To attempt to contain such desire defies the most fundamental Law of The Creation: "Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation."

This is the Power behind the phrase "the call compels the answer" and the controllers know their days are numbered as you Lighted ones wake up and ask, with heart desire, to be shown Truth, for those are powerful energies of inquiry set into motion, and such sincere questioning also then allows us (gives us permission in your free-will environment) to help you more in finding those answers you seek.

Meanwhile, the experience of being a puppet has its value, too, in the evolutionary cycles of the soul.  The value comes from the experience of overcoming the "lie".  You must agree to be trapped in order to be trapped.  Many of you enjoy the challenge of solving difficult puzzles and will, at some level, agree to become trapped.  Again, there are NO victims, only volunteers.

With this said I, Esu Sananda, hope that you can see that there is no fear-mongering here and that I am simply pointing out the observable facts.  For a great deal of your population, the fear of death is only surpassed by the fear of living!  This is to say that many of you have been mentally conditioned (mind controlled) to worry about doing the "right" thing.  So much so that you actually spend more time contemplating activity than actually DOING.

Your fears of doing the "wrong" thing cause you to procrastinate to the point of inaction.  These are the subtle tactics of the "puppet masters" who are pulling your strings.

For those of you who are sitting out there wondering, "What can I do?"  I say to you: go within and find within your Heart that which has great value to you in terms of inner fulfillment.  Then take action while holding the inner Joy foremost within.  From this position of True Power you can create universes, let alone move the mountains that seem to be in your way.

You limit yourselves; it is not God or some evil being somewhere who does so.  You are, indeed, your own worst enemy, by far!  Look within and cast out that which causes you worry (fear).  There is nothing to worry about or fear when you TRULY understand WHO you are and acknowledge, WITH FEELING, your personal connection within to All That Is!

You only have to get quiet and find within that which your heart will guide you to, and then you will know with certainty that there is NOTHING to fear--EVER!

Look forward to the rebalancing-rebirthing process that is taking place at this time.  It is what you came here to be a part of and experience.  Your inner desire is in alignment with facing the challenges of this experience.

May you have the Eyes to see, the Ears to hear, and the Heart to understand that which is coming into your experience.

I am Esu Immanuel Sananda.  Many refer to me as "Jesus".  The name matters not, for in time that too will fade.  I come to honor my promise to your world and to my Father, that all of my responsibilities be met.  With great Love, I place my blessing upon this message.

In Light and Love--Salu!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 28, 1997, Volume 18, Number 10, Pages 17-18.