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Feb 3, 2015


11 / 25 / 94 #1 HATONN


Dharma, allow us to reprint a bit from AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL (JMMANUEL), a Phoenix journal.



When Jmmanuel came down from the mountain, many of the people followed him.  And behold, a leper came and fell on his knees before him and spoke, "Lord, if thou will, please make me clean." And Jmmanuel reached out his hand and touched the leper and said: "I will do it, be clean."  And soon he was completely cleansed of leprosy.

Then Jmmanuel spoke to him, "See to it that you do not tell anyone of this, but go forth and show yourself to a priest for you were healed through the power of spirit and through the wisdom of knowledge."

Jmmanuel then went on to Capernaum, where an autocrat approached him with a request, saying, "Lord, my servant lies at home with gout and is suffering terribly.  Lord, I have heard your new teaching and I believe in your wisdom which says that the spirit of man can perform miracles through the knowledge of the truth."  Jmmanuel responded to him, "I shall come to him and make him well."

The autocrat answered and spoke, "Lord, I am not worthy that you enter under my roof, but speak only one word and my servant will be well."

"For I, too, am a captain and am subject to authority.  I have soldiers under me, and when I say to one of them: 'Go away!' he goes away, and to the other: 'Come here!', he comes here, and to my servant: 'Do this!', he does it."

When Jmmanuel heard this, he was astonished and spoke to those who followed him, "Verily, I say to you, I have never found such faith in anyone in Israel.  But I say to you, many will come from the East and West, from South and North, and they shall understand my teaching and recognize its wisdom in knowledge.  But the children of Israel shall be expelled into darkness.  And there shall be wailing and grinding of teeth.  THE FALSE TEACHING OF ISRAEL WILL BRING BLOODSHED THROUGHOUT MILLENNIA, FOR THE POWER-HUNGRY SELFISHNESS AND SELF-GLORIFICATION OF ISRAEL WILL BRING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION THROUGHOUT THE LAND, AND THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD. "Turn away from the FALSE TEACHING OF THE RULING POWER AND THEIR SCRIBES, for they only bring destruction to generations of human races.  Israel believes itself to be the chosen people; by no means, because they are more rebellious and incredulous than the unknowing WHO LACK THE SECRET OF THE LAWS AND ACT IN IGNORANCE."

Again, Jmmanuel spoke to the captain, "Go, and it be done to you as you believed."  The servant was well that very hour.

Then Jmmanuel came into the house of Peter and saw that his mother-in-law was bedded with a great fever.  He took her hand and the fever left her instantly.  She rose from her bed and served him.

In the evening many were brought to him who were possessed and he drove out the spirits of evil through his word, and made all that were sick, well, so that the words of the prophet Isaiah would be fulfilled who said, "He brought to us the new teaching of knowledge and took upon HIMSELF our weaknesses and healed our sick and infirm."

Then, as again Jmmanuel was by the river, he saw many people pressing around and about him. He asked to be taken to the other bank.  A scribe came to him and said, "Master, I will follow wherever you go."  Jmmanuel spoke to him, "The foxes have hollows and the birds under the sky have nests, but I have nothing firm where I can put my head.  I have the mission to preach wisdom and knowledge, and therefore, I am wandering restless through the lands."

Another of the disciples said to him, "Lord, permit me to go and bury my father who has just died." This was as they were to depart the city upon a journey.  But Jmmanuel said to him, "Follow me and let the dead bury the dead."

As he came to the other bank near the people of Gadarene, two that were possessed rushed towards him.  They came out of the place of tombs, for they were so very dangerous that no one could walk on the street where they now were treading.

Behold, they screamed and bellowed from within, "What do you want from us you son of Gabriel, the Celestial Son?  Have you come to torture us before the time has come?"  And the evil spirits within them asked him, "Lord, if you would expel us, let us go into the herd of swine which is grazing over yon way, for we have no other place to go."

Jmmanuel demanded, "Drive into them", and the evil spirits went into the swine, and behold, the herd of swine hurled themselves into the waters of the river and were drowned.

The swineherders fled and went into the town and told everything that had happened to the ones possessed.  And behold, the whole of the town’s peoples went out to meet Jmmanuel.  And when they caught up to him they asked him to leave the area for they were in great fear and confusion.

Therefore, he boarded his boat and went again into his own town.

There, they brought to him a man who had gout, he was lying on a bed.  When Jmmanuel saw their faith, he spoke to the man with the gout, "Be comforted, for your faith in the power of my spirit, and your faith in my teaching of wisdom, which is the teaching of nature and The Creation, has helped you."

Jmmanuel was most weary for he was never in aloneness that he might rest of his body; always the press of crowds were upon him.  And all who came were not of faith and came forth to cause trouble.

Some of the scribes stirred up the speech among the people, "This man blasphemes God and our Holy teachings."  But since Jmmanuel understood their thoughts, he spoke, "Why do you think such wicked thoughts against your better knowledge?  Yet, what is easier, to say: Your faith has helped you, or to say: Get up and walk?  But, so that you know that I am a man just as you, but that I KNOW how to use the power of my spirit through my knowledge, therefore, I command the man with the gout; 'Get up, pick up your bed, and go ye home!'  The man got up, picked up his bedding, and went forth to his home.

When the people saw that, they were afraid, and they praised the new teaching of Jmmanuel which gave such power to men.


Do "I" hate my enemy?  NO!  I respect my enemy for he is the very tester of my own beingness.  I KNOW my enemy and I KNOW TRUTH and through that KNOWLEDGE SHALL I PREVAIL.  You are PEOPLE OF THE LIE and until you can bring this into acceptance so that you can see beyond--your are stuck.  PERFECTION is NOT the name of your game, chelas; TRUTH must be the first understanding for without the KNOWING IN TRUTH you have no direction in which to turn, for the lie begins before your birthing in physical form.  It is time to become responsible and learning TRUTH or you will continue WITHIN THE LIE UNTIL YOU ARE LOST.  ETERNITY IS A LONG, LONG TIME TO BE LOST!

Thank you.  I have other duties so must take my leave.  May you have insight enough to think on these things--for Truth is for YOU to KNOW.  I already KNOW!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 29, 1994, Volume 7, Number 5, Page 22.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.