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11/21/94  #1    ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Esu Sananda present this day in Radiance. Thomas, I ask that you write that which I shall give unto you—for that which is given shall not be for you, but shall be for the many. It has been a long, hard road—but each individual must travel their own pathway before being ready. You are ready, my friend.

Those who have come against my people have thought to tear down The Word. Has it not ever been so? So, too, has it not been told to you ones that The Word shall stand all who would come against it?

The Word is God, and God shall never fail thee. God is The Word and The Word shall not be banned, suppressed or hidden in the dark places away from man’s viewing—for The Word is given forth to awaken man that he may know that which has befallen him. Each must make their informed decisions.

I tell thee with surety and with authority: none shall prevail who come against me or my people, and none shall prevail who would suppress The Word. The Word shall go forth—for it has long been written that it would be thus, and it shall be as it is written!

God shall win this battle and I stand as One with that Energy. This battle shall be won with The Word of Truth, for we have no need for your swords or your blood! I put my enemy on notice: withdraw now, for if you stay to undermine my work, you shall rue the day. This is your last warning.

I Am Sananda



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 22, 1994, Volume 7, Number 4, Page 44.