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12/3/91   SANANDA

Greetings my precious little dove, Druthea.  I AM Sananda Esu, Jesus, Immanuel.  I come in service to God/Aton of Light and to you my precious brethren on earth Shan.

Thank you for attending me this day, Druthea.  Allow me to assist you, precious, for it is my honor to do so.  You never stand alone in "the wilderness of your mind" as you stated it.  You must be willing to ask for and then receive your "help" and guidance in times of despair and depression, chela.  A lesson most all of you of mine can improve upon.

It is quite true that there are no "self-made" men and women.  For all have received guidance and an occasional boost from the unseen and unknowledged ones both in physical and etheric dimensions.  It is a "team" cooperative effort that works constantly to bring out the best in each one of you, whether YOU recognize the help of not.

Your success in gaining understanding and broader awareness comes as much from allowing and graciously accepting God's guidance and that of His chosen helpers, as it does from your physical actions, whether the actions serve God or the adversary, within your journey on earth Shan.

The process of your lives is designed to bring you ever closer to KNOWING the I AM presence within you that you become God in Action, and ultimately co-creator of universes within Creation.


Advantages you ask!  Most certainly.  For although you design your own limitation, you also are given the tools for reaching beyond it.  First, by recognizing and taking responsibility for it.  Asking God for assistance to conquer it.  And then making the decision followed by the necessary action to overcome and grow beyond your self-imposed limitations.  Simple?  Rarely. Comfortable?  Hardly!  Worth the effort?  ALWAYS!

How does one recognize a limitation?  Easy.  I will point out some feelings/expressions which all of you will recognize in your experience within your own process of life:  How about Resisting change, Impatience, Stubborn inflexibility, Inferiority, Insecurity, Bigotry, Greed, Physical lust, Guilt, False pride, Wrath, Vanity, Laziness, Envy and Jealousy?  Some of you may recognize these expressions since we wrote in detail about many of these as "Deadly SIns" and 'Recognizing the Anti-Christ Within You' in the Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual.

All of the above limitations as well as many not named are expressions of the adversary and denial of your own God power within. Impatience, and Fear have to do with Not TRUSTING or understanding the process of your life and, therefore, feeling helpless and powerless.  These expressions are simply the symptoms of your unbalance within.  By recognizing the symptoms of Resistance, for example, you can then ask God within to show you its CAUSE, which usually involves Fear.  Is it bad to feel afraid?  No.  It is simply a symptom of your ignorance about your own ability to move through the fear with the knowledge that God walks with you when your intentions serve Him.  Fear is a selfish response, often concerning loss of something which you think you hold dear.

There is only one concern you each must acknowledge in which the symptom of some Fear may serve you.  And even the label Fear does not quite accurately describe this concern.  What might that be?  "Losing" your soul to the adversary and becoming a prisoner of his Hell on Earth, in which the absence of God will be prevalent.  The eventual absence of God upon your place is a probability.  Healthy concern because of understanding the consequences is appropriate here.

For most of you of God's children, there is not this problem for your hearts are pure although you actions may sometimes be somewhat less than pure.  Remember we've spoken many times about how YOU push God out.  He never leaves you!  Most of you have already experienced moments or even lifetimes in Hell with the absence of God's knowing presence within you.  Simply because you did not know to accept your inner power.  And ALL of you have experienced, at one time or another, His rescue or Hand of Light pulling you from the darkness, when you asked for help.  Eventually, and already for many of you, the status of your soul is not even a concern for your only choice can be God of Light.  Your lifeline is always God and that is ALL you need to be like unto Him and you will be shown the path out of your self-imposed limitations.


Most of the talk is simply more "New Age" nonsense.  When mine scribe, Druthea, first heard about it over a year past, she thought like so many of you ones, "Oh, that sounds good".  She thought about it.  What does it mean?  She understood physical detachment, in other words from material "things".  But how do you accomplish what is described as "emotional" detachment? Well it took some time for the process of understanding to come to fruition.  She finally asked, "WHY would I need to achieve total detachment from emotions and feelings?  What would be left?"  Good question, chela.  The key here is SELECTIVE RELEASE. And I am using the word release in the place of detachment simply because of the misuse of the term and the confusion surrounding it.  Firstly I see revelation in Druthea upon looking up the word, so let us share the definition herein:

Detachment:  1. The act of detaching or the state of being detached (Separated, disconnected).  2. Lack of interest in surroundings or worldly affairs.  3. Absence of prejudice or partiality.

Now please, each of you THINK about this carefully.  Are you trying to achieve separateness or unity?  Disconnection or Oneness?  Can you change the world without interest in it?  Would you not want to feel care and concern for your surroundings and the fate of your brethren around the globe?  Is it possible to be God-human with His soul-life and not FEEL ANYTHING CALLED EMOTIONS?  Love is an emotion, a feeling and an expression.  What actions constitute love?  Absence of prejudice (pre-judgement) sounds good, but what about lack of partiality?  Are you not partial toward God?  Or is it the adversary?  Does this meaning sound Godly or Satanic in presentation?  It depends on how it is prescribed.


How about simply releasing or becoming separate from evil? --detachment from fear, resentment, envy, hatred, insecurity.  In other words releasing the limiting emotions of the adversary and concentrating your mind on awakening the co-creative emotion of brotherly love.  And to be effective in your service here, you must have a high degree of compassion for the human condition upon your place.

Now I will give another example of appropriate detachment.  When you are sharing The Word, it is none of your business if ones refuse to hear or discount you because of it.  That is their choice and privilege and NOT your responsibility.

An example of inappropriate attachment would be to material ego status and especially attachment to your OPINIONS about how things are or should be, etc.  Always leave yourself room to change your mind from opinion to KNOWING, especially when you are inspired by GOD within to do so.  That means being willing to admit to self, or another if appropriate, that you were wrong and you do not recognize the "right" or balanced way.

Other areas of inappropriate attachment are attachment to the altered ego's need to dominate and manipulate to achieve ITS needs or desires.  Many of your parents are faced with these sorts of challenges as well as ones in the average workplace or anyplace where people gather and interact with one another to achieve similar/same goals, whether it be friendship and/or getting out The Word.

Look at it this way.  You have the choice to offer a positive constructive INFLUENCE or a negative destructive INFLUENCE. EVERY choice, action and decision you make is either increasing or DE-creasing brotherly love and goodwill.  It is up to each of you to learn the difference.  Most of your processes of life revolve about learning the difference between behavior and actions which bring balance and Godly influence, and behavior and actions which feed the adversary's hunger for destructive manipulation, domination and control of your being and this physical planet.

It is easy to TRUST the process of life when you walk KNOWINGLY in balance in communion with God every moment.  How many of you have achieved this so far?  VERY, VERY few of you.  This is the challenge, precious chelas.  MANY, MANY obstacles of testing which are designed to push you off the balanced tightrope of your journey are offered.  In time you accept fewer and fewer of the distractions for you learn to recognize them and walk over them or through them because YOU KNOW you have the power and the choice to do it.  Meanwhile be gentle on yourselves.  For even the most accomplished Masters of knowledge and communion made errors in discernment from time to time, and suffered the consequences thereof, including mineself.

I could not serve you now effectively in this capacity had I not experienced many times upon the physical planes as you each have and are doing.  The rewards of finally recognizing YOUR power to influence positive constructive change are enormous.


This question Druthea asks and so do many of you.  In your case, precious, you are measuring results according to what appears on the surface.  And your efforts will seem quite futile and hopeless when you expect quick and obvious results which you think you can measure by this letter or that comment on the work.  This, again, is not your responsibility precious.  For you are not able to measure the change WITHIN a person's soul consciousness whom you've touched.

For example, if your sister appears to hear and see no evil, especially when you bring it to her attention, that is YOUR perception. Because she chooses not to respond to you does not mean that inside, her mind and heart are not torn or moved, even if she simply thinks you're nuts.  And perhaps she prays for YOUR soul, thinking it is you who is misguided.

God monitors the heart in caring love extended.  Yours in sharing Truth and hers in wanting to keep peace and harmony in the few hours you had to share.  Your frustration comes in trying to monitor the "silence" and your need to be heard and understood by her.  Release that need, for it is your insecurity, as the Commander correctly told you, which moves you to seek acceptance from her.  Allow her her process to unfold, for she accepts you exactly how you are.  Your ideas are quite another thing.  With the bond of love between you, know she will reach out to your when she is moved to do so.  Be prepared and allow her her own time. That is a true gift of love.  Do you understand?  Yes, I hear your comprehension.  And I trust that all of you in similar circumstances will ponder these lessons well for they apply to ALL who "happen" upon this transmission.

Let us please take a break.  Thank you, Druthea, for sitting with me.  I know you will write longer, but you are not as strong as you think in your body yet.  You need healing time and you have allowed your worry and fretting time to encroach not only upon our time together but also your own healing.  This is not to chastise, but simply to make you aware of what you do to self, precious.

I love you as a very part of my own being and I cherish you and treasure this time we have.  You will learn that there is very little of perceived duties worth worry and forfeit of our time to write.  There are MANY ones beyond your perception who find sustenance and peace within from this work, including you, my little dove.  The inadequacy will pass, for it is part of the illusion of altered ego and has no substance in the Light of GOD and our work together.  Be at peace.  You serve well.  There is always room for improvement and your desire takes you there.

I AM Sananda, One with God.  Walk together in Peace and Love and KNOW that GOD walks with you.  Salu.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, January 7, 1992, Volume 17, Number 12, Pages 14-16.