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SANANDA 1/11/90   [PART 3]


Now, I shall point out a reminder to you ones who have been made privy to the questions and responses of Hatonn to TD, and clear a few points with ones who have not.

When Lucifer, as head of the Archangelic realms and who was the favored and beautiful creation of God, was expelled from the presence of God--"to shape up"--he took his followers and ran rampant about the Universe--tearing up the places upon which they inhabited.  As a matter of fact, Earth herself had to be "reclaimed" in order to make it habitable for new creations.  Earth was, further, to be the place where Satan was banished (Lucifer's name was changed by God, to Satan).  Lucifer means the bright and most brilliant morning star--the greatest perfection.  When evil entered he obviously no longer could wear that sign around his neck.

Lucifer defied God and was stricken from God's presence to mend of his ways.  Many hordes of angels went with him. Later, after failure to either mend of his ways or to take his place elsewhere, he again defied God and this time he was "cast down" in a confrontation with Archangel Michael and was tossed out on his ear.  "Cast down" and "fallen" designate not direction, but rather a "falling from Grace".  He was sent to Earth and other planets of such density, and he has destroyed the balance and brought one catastrophe upon another to the peoples.  The facts are that he and his bands of hoodlums went first to the constellation of Orion prior to Earth.  Just as all planets in your solar system are not as is Earth--neither are all planets and places of Orion.  There are still places in these constellations which are totally evil.  They are, however, for all practical purposes-- prisoners to the planet, if not at least the constellation.  As technology is remembered and increases, abilities to travel increase and colonies are begun and hence the cycles begin again and again.

There is always the "opportunity" for change and the returning within the Creator's flock.

Satan and his bands of hoodlums hit all the young colonies and caused untold devastation.  They destroyed the life forms on Venus and Mars as they worked their way through the Galaxy.  This is why the spinoff or recognition of the "Reptilian" races.  You are talking about an invisible realm and the reptile is representative of the "dark" forces.  It is also why, in your more recent mythology, Venus is the "planet of love" for it still exists in its fourth dimensional state of "rightness".

Creator always provides a "reentry clause" which binds any evil from a recovering placement for a period of time.  Then again Satanic influences are allowed--probation if you will.  Those who chose the dark path are given opportunity to again experience and, hopefully, change of their ways.  Lo, all of you have walked in those shoes also.  NOW, WHAT WILL YOU DO? TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION!

Those of "darkness" are given truth and ability to "change".  Choosing to not leave of Satanic ways they are left to the consequences and as the souls come forth they are again placed in dimensions suitable to the level of growth.  The totally evil are left to express in the "void"---the absence of light which means actually lack of wisdom and knowledge.  Either way, the planet is basically cleared of lifeforms and energies go where their suitable placement might be.  Satan is bound (kept from impact) against those remaining--the planet changes and recovery begins.  The higher beings of the planet and her transitioned beings move on into a higher dimension and the lower self (body--as you might think of it) is left to reclaim, the sunken continents rise and the old goes into recycling.

The final clash comes for Satan is a "poor loser"!  "If I can't have it, no one shall."  At that point it must be stopped or he would surely destroy the entirety of the manifested "stage" and the play would stop and the repercussions of an exploded planet in the Universe is devastating to your neighbors.

While you are in the midst of "experiencing" manifestation there is no way you can truly understand "illusion of experience".  Creator has arranged it that way in order that you experience and learn truth.

I remind you, the astral planes are indeed most unsavory--you cannot conceive what "boring" actually is until you remember that experience.  You must travel a long, long way on up the ladder to again be able to have choices, etc.  It surely behooves you to pay attention now and then head straight for home.  It is a true loss when a higher soul form is lost to the physical, for there is confusion on the next "departure".  This, because a soul does not actually regress but you surely can get set off onto the side track.  [Emphasis added]

Blessings are great unto you ones who seek understanding--- especially that you do not mislead others along your path by erroneous answers.  It is a responsibility---not that you do it for them, but that you feel responsibility---especially as you send forth the WORD.  It takes "time" to become discerning and it is not that you cannot figure out your own answers, it is that you simply need the confirmation of your correct answers and a little more insight where the answers are yet clouded.  You who work most closely with us at this time do "have one foot firmly planted on Earth reality and the other planted somewhere in the cosmic realm."  Further, it is a most painful situation---not at all the wondrous separation from worldly cares---just more responsibility, heavy vision and long, hard hours of work.  As Little Crow stated, "You don't gain anything by the knowledge except fitful nights without sleep and a most heavy load of responsibility indeed."  But ye shall be given a peace within that will surpass all about you--it will not remove all the doubts, the sorrow, the frustrations, the longing, etc., but ye shall at some point know of the peace within.  You will long for the "old ways" when it was OK to have the new and beauteous furniture and lovely clothing---so, do well, and continue to have them.  That, so man can see that being within the light is also wondrous and prosperous.

As contentment comes, so comes the change in daily values and things which "were important" often no longer have any importance whatsoever. Allow it to happen and do not struggle nor kick thy own backsides at every turn or decision.  Ye are HU-MAN--THAT MEANS HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN--IT IS SIMPLY TIME THAT YOU REMEMBER IT.

You will all have incredibly horrendous times of it where you judge and complain and strike out and are totally miserable---that does not mean that the following day need also be lost.  That means you are growing and that you are expressing the frustration of your humanness.

You must rise above "fear"---that does not mean that at times you will not be completely consumed with terror and healthy fright.  These can be most wondrous warning devices--but you must rise above "fear" for "fear" is the most destructive and debilitating emotion--even greater then "hate".  Fear immobilizes.  The basis of all inaction is fear motivated and fear cannot survive in the presence of love.

This is why when you clear of your "space" and ask the darkness to remove itself in the name of Divine Source--you are calling in "love" and thereby removing the only weapon the "dark ones" have to immobilize you.  Respect negativity, do not wallow in it.

It is impossible for you precious ones to raise your heads and look around, see that which IS, and refrain from sticking thy heads back into the sand-bucket. It is truly a mess--a terrifying mess and at first you feel you are the ones out of the marching step.  But, LISTEN---REALLY LISTEN, to that which others toss at you in a "reasoning and authoritative tone of voice" and check on validity.  For instance, if one says, "Well, I am the sole and single 'channel' for - - - -" (for one of the great energies, say one of the mighty Cohans or Angelic beings), honor their opinion and go your separate way.  God would never ask a being to bear the Earth burden alone, nor would he deprive those children on the opposite side of a planet access to truth.  This does not mean that that speaker might not have great truth to share, it does mean that physical ego has entered into the picture.

I can further example the above statement.  If Dharma were to be mine only scribe, I would never burden her with such a statement---NEVER! Statements to the contrary are to prevent you from hearing another.  For instance, Dharma cares not whether or not all of you read and hear every other mouth aboard the planet--in the long-run her truth is "the truth" and it will match of others and mismatch with some.  Woe be unto those who hold their "fans" hostage to a lie.

Most "groups" and doctrines are pretty sure their truth will not measure up to this truth and in fact, most will certainly not do so.  Rather than adjust and make an even greater contribution, however, they will set about discrediting.  Ye ones simply must waiver not.  It is most hard for Dharma, for she loves those ones and loves to share the experience.  She always questions if we are contradicted and well she must, however, seek truth and ye shall recognize truth.  [Emphasis added]

All ones of enlightenment have made great contributions but always become most suspecting if ones fear to share their followers and readers for they fear the denouncement of that which they project.  If you know your truth is truth--you are most happy to share with all who will receive.  It is a most wonderful sorting tool indeed.  If a "channel" refuses on any grounds to allow his/her "energy speaker" to share with and commune, in a group, with that "energy speaker" of another "channel", you have a REAL FALSE PROPHET AT HAND!  You will find none who come this route the least hesitant to confront or commune with any "invisible" energy form.  Discern well, chelas, for these are the clues unto which you seek.  I have many references to offer you along these very lines.  There may be lack of recognition on the human level but NEVER on the level of energy source.

I recall a very unpleasant day when there was great confrontation with Hatonn in which one present was speaking for Morya.  The human entity involved did not recognize when Aton took the floor but Morya did and said "thank you Father, for the most necessary and loving lesson".  Darryl Anka did not recognize Hatonn but most certainly Bashar did and there was a great cross conversation.  Most often the "channel" involved, if speaking in his/her own behalf, will fall into complete confusion and the facade becomes totally apparent.

It is most forgiving of the higher energies for ones whose groups have become large organizations for what is the precious "channel" to do?  Who will pay the bills for all those "organizers" if the "energy" fails to show up to a seminar?  Has it happened?  Thousands and thousands of times and the little "channel" does his/her best to pull it off and not disappoint anyone.  After a while he/she is no longer burdened with "business" and finally the entire package is destroyed by evil--it is a pattern, not the exception.  It is most difficult for those "channels" indeed and there was usually not original "sin" involved.  Although, in most cases it was a sham from onset.  Do not waste of your time in concern about them for truth shall out and the evil shall consume of itself.  Rebuttals from those groups can only assist in our work.

Man is curious about that which is denounced, banned and censored, and will seek diligently until he can find out all about the matter--never be distressed at those who throw stones, especially in public media, etc., for they do great favor. We speak truth and you have naught to fear for it is intended that it shall find ear and eye.

It may not be what ones "wish" to hear, but it will be truth and the hearts of man shall know it!  So be it and selah!

Dharma, close this please for there are questions for Hatonn and I have spoken long.  I trust I have brought more peace than confusion, for it is my intent to allow for understanding and not further discomfort.

I move aside but remain ever in your service.




Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, February 1990, Volume 1, Number 4, Page 6-8.

Transcribed into HMTL format by Rocky Montana .