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~~~TRUTH GEMS FROM SANANDA~~~(Updated 7-16-18)


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There are many ones to whom this information is given forth and as the similarities come into thy attention, pay great vantage unto it for its confirmation, not its difference and perceived dan­ger.  Do not project of maps with lines which represent death of the body or land mass lest ye be caught in the trap of per­ceived doom.  The great promises are already brought forth, it is only for you to un­derstand their meaning and con­tinue with thy works for the time is at hand and ye must come into balance.  There will be no place in which you can proclaim “safety”—only within MY­SELF!  I AM THY SHELTER AND I AM THE WAY AND EX­CEPT BY ME NO ONE SHALL COME UNTO OUR FATHER.  HIDING NEATH THE ROCK OR WITHIN THE CAVES WILL DO NAUGHT FOR NO PLACE SHALL RE­MAIN UNCHANGED.  THY WAY AND THY SAFETY IS WITHIN MINE HANDS AND I AM OF A MIND TO BE TENDING OF THEE.  SO BE IT, COME AGAIN INTO THY BALANCE AND PLACE NO MORE ATTENTION UPON THESE STRANGER’S WORDS.  YE HAVE OF ME IN THY PRESENCE AND IT IS TIME YE COME INTO UNDER­STANDING AND COMPREHENSION FOR YE SADDEN OF MY HEART THAT YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE OF MY PRESENCE


.Phoenix Journal 4, “Spiral to Economic Disaster”, Chapter 9, p. 70


Those who walk with God in service are trampled and slain.  They are hidden in the darkened corners of imprisonment and denounced as false prophets.  They are used, abused in all manner of ways, put upon, taken for granted and then tossed aside like a used rag for discarding.  I tell thee surely, those who abuse my servants shall feel the return of such actions and the pain of the return shall be great indeed.  So be it for such is the way of it.  It is the LAW: that which is put forth RETURNS UNTO THEE, MULTIPLIED.  IT HAS BEEN SAID TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME AND STILL MAN SPEWS FORTH HIS VENOM AND CARES NOT.  TOO LATE WISE MAN SHALL CARE.

My beloved are downtrodden.  The victory seems to be ever in the adversary's corner.  Nay, beloved, the victory is in the heavens and it shall be thine!  HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS, BELOVED OF MINE, FOR IT SHALL BE THUS.

CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 22, 1993, Volume 1, Number 13, Page 26.



(Esu Jesus Sananda speaking)

Let us now consider for a moment, the state of Jewish Israel which ye ones saw fit to reestablish in thy 1948. "A spit of land in the midst of sand and water arms itself against mighty hordes. Robed men descend enmasse masse. Thunderbolts. Lightning. The arrogance of the few melts. Blue waters claim a once powerful nation."

So be it and Selah! Look to your maps. Look to the state of Israel and cast thy minds to that which has already been given unto you even this day. Ye will see in the MidEast, that Israel is really a spit of land with water on one side and sand on the other. It has armed itself against the enemies it has, and is the fourth largest military might in the world in your day. The robed ones will descend upon her and all the arms available cannot save her. Nothing is enough against the hordes of robed ones descending on her. Thunderbolts and lightening are the weapons of war. Israel will be lost and then those who participate will be driven into the ocean - - - - and so it will continue!

Phoenix Journal 4, Spiral to Economic Disaster, Chapter 8, page 67.




"The act of marriage and procreation must have the highest de­gree of pure intent and preparation for upon these bonds and restrictions will rest the preservation of mankind as a species upon the planet. If everything is done and adhered to, justice and peace will come to all mankind, and life in the human form can be preserved.

"If man continues his selfish and imprudent behavior, he will sound his own death tariff. There reaches a point beyond which a planet cannot support the unbalanced system perpetrated by mankind. And yet, so shall it come to pass that man will not listen and bring destruction upon his own species. It will come about in some two millenniums that man will have reached the point of self destruction. And so is it projected by the prophets and so shall it come to pass in its time of fulfillment and in my time of fulfillment.

Journal 2  "And They Called His Name Immanel -- I am Sananda" , Chapter 6, pp.68-69


Jmmanuel then went on to Capernaum, where an autocrat ap­proached him with a request, saying, “Lord, my servant lies at home with gout and is suffering terribly.  Lord, I have heard your new teach­ing, and I believe in your wisdom which says that the spirit of man can perform miracles through the knowledge of the Truth.”  Jmmanuel responded to him, “I shall come to him and make him well.”

The autocrat answered and spoke, “Lord, I am not worthy that you enter under my roof, but speak only one word and my servant will be well.”

“For I, too, am a captain and am subject to authority.  I have sol­diers under me, and when I say to one of them: `Go away!’ he goes away, and to the other: `Come here!’, he comes here, and to my ser­vant: `Do this!’, he does it.”

When Jmmanuel heard this, he was astonished and spoke to those who followed him, “Verily, I say to you, I have never found such faith in anyone in Israel.  But I say to you, many will come from the East and West, from South and North, and they shall understand my teaching and recognize its wisdom in knowl­edge.  But the children of Israel shall be expelled into dark­ness.  And there shall be wailing and grinding of teeth.  The false teaching of Israel will bring bloodshed throughout mil­lennia, for the power-hungry selfish­ness and self-glorification of Israel will bring death and destruc­tion throughout the land, and throughout the entire world.

“Turn away from the false teaching of the ruling power and their scribes, for they only bring destruction to generations of human races.  Israel believes itself to be the chosen peo­ple; by no means, because they are more rebellious and incredu­lous than the unknowing who lack the secret of the Laws and act in ignorance.

Phoenix Journal 2, PP. 42-43



Think NOT THAT YOU would not be given the roadmap back to the stars?  Creator promised you Truth so that you might discern the path.  See the evil for that which it is, change of the thoughtform and you can create freedom and that which is your rightful heritage.  You are trapped by the lie and yet you need only to cast off your bindings.  The word of Truth shall set you free.  There is wondrous solace, tremendous power and ultimate victory in simply refusing to be deceived.  For if enough of you ask passage the ship shall be sent.  United you will stand but divided you are falling and the purpose has been to turn brother against brother and strip you of your strength.

Reach out unto your brother; refuse to accept that which is told to you without discernment of self truth.  Carefully look at all facets and find wisdom.  Rise above your physical fears and terrors and come again into LIFE.  You have become a humanity of bored, terrified and Truth starved people.  Stand up, learn the truth, take the brother’s hand and refuse to accept the lie.  It is time to birth the Phoenix unto a renewed cycle--will you but sit and wither in the flames and fall into the ashes?  You have but to ask and reach out unto my offered hand for I know the way.  –I AM SANANDA

Phoenix Journal #11,  Cry of the Phoenix - Chapter 15.