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Editor's note:  We have elected to share, once again, writings which appeared from Esu "Jesus" Sananda some years ago, specifically in 1991.  The message rings as true today as it did then, and we hope that you will spend serious "quiet time" in reading and reflecting on his generous offerings in wisdom.  Many of us readers (see p. 20) are guilty of wanting "new" information, "more" information when, in truth, if we really read, reread, and studied that which has already been offered, we would constantly receive new incite.  Since these writings from Sananda are lengthy, we have chosen to break them into a series of several installments.


6/5/91 #1    ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Esu present to commune in the Light of our Source.  It seems trite, somehow, to commune as if there is great distance when, in fact, there is no distance at all.  The time is soon, chelas, when our brotherhood can be expressed in terms you can understand more fully.


This Journal is being brought in the format of your "today" so that you can see that we are here and KNOW that which transpires for it is time that you ones come into close expression with us of higher vision.  I have experienced in many ways and this shall be my most severe testing.  As in the Journal just past, Balance within the Light is the ultimate test of a God being--and I must admit, little brothers, I flunk quite often. No evil shall come within the places of total balance and I am given into another experience wherein I must function side by side with that which is total evil and my being rebels at it.  However, if I cannot find balance and love within those beings who render evil, then I have not attained my proper growth for the job I am destined to fill.

You ask me, "How can I make it easier for you, brother?"  And I note that, as YOU grow in understanding, my own reaction unto the adversary is so lessened.  You see, I must learn to respond in total reason, without repulsive reaction in anger for all ones have equal right to experience all facets of expression.  As I draw closer again unto the planet and the dense compression of "sensing" instead of KNOWING, I too wish to lash out at the ones who injure my people and the innocent of the experience.  I, too, must leave each and all to his own experience for that is the strength of a proper parent: to give unto the children guidelines and discipline that they can function in positive manner within the Laws of God and The Creation.  I, too, must not "judge" but rather honor those adversaries who give opportunity for me to move closer within the Sacred and Holy LIGHT.

We must give enough love and discipline unto one another and unto self that we allow growth out and beyond the restraints of the human physical status--we shall never prevail by doing "war" with the adversary for his very purpose is to cause us to react in that manner.  Ours is to show the way and move out and ahead of the pack of the Beast that Man will remember his direction and leave the Beast to devour self.  Tedious? Indeed. Does this mean that I, expression of God, will have no passion?  Certainly not--for I am total passion but I, and you, must respond--not "react", and it must always be in balanced harmony with the Truth and WORD of God for God is the WORD and the WORD IS LIGHT.

You have misperception of how the invisible realms function.  We of the higher brotherhood function most credibly as when Earth-bound during our learning experience on the lower planes.  The great Masters who walk with Me at this time are near perfection and serve as guides unto Me for we each and all have experienced the same types of tribulations as have you fragments of God.

So many of you have returned to serve in my own lessons of final graduation and I am indeed blessed--indeed humbled.  Today I feel as though I am talking to old friends; for there are those of who were with me during the periods of my ministries in various manifestations, seemingly so very long age.  Yet in the Great Cosmic Light, the human cognizance of time does not exist and it is as now--only the relative experience differs.  This is why, beloved ones, when you enter into the Radiance of the more learned beings and the Great Cosmic Light, as many of you have been experiencing, you lose the sense--the human sense of time.  As we go about our communion and work, the hours and days seem fleeting as the wind.

This gives you, albeit only a fleeting moment of detachment from the physical, an evidence of that which you will again experience in your Freedom of the unbounded expression.  I honor Germain who has been bringing the concept in Truth through unto those who will hear, for there is such misconception within your houses of so-called Christianity and others, who base their cause on Christ but have fallen into ritual wherein the ritual becomes the religion and the Laws are rewritten to suit the whim of Man.  So, too, has it happened in the group supporting Germain as Man gains control and longs for ever more POWER above another and status higher than another, he set his rules of behavior and acceptability upon his brother.  Ultimately there is no "GROUP" left untampered on your placement.  Ah, even if it be in tiny deviations, it is incorrect and not of ME--nor of the Great Ascended Master, in whatever form.  It is, however, for each of you to utilize the Truth within that which is offered and cast out that which is not of God.  This BECOMES the lessons of the experience--to grow in the midst of the chaos--discerning that which is Truth from that which is set forth to distract you.

This is why we allow no "group" as such to surround these teachings--for we need no more indoctrinated groups to pull away from Truth in favor of a man's edicts.  All manner of business ventures shall grow up in the vicinity for participation and even groups can gather--but they will not be as other religious houses as you recognize them.

I brought Truth wherever I went within the Great Creation and it was of God--not a labeled "church" within boundaries of doctrine according to the founder of the church.  God created MY CHURCH (brothers) and He nor I need temples of stone or bindings of pews.  God's very doctrine is in the branch functioning of the tree or then blossom of the flower for perfection is borned in the root of each which is its special creation.  You must ultimately KNOW that in all the Universe there is only the action of Divine Laws-for Man, sent of God and for the Universe, that of Creation.  This IS the, as Germain would pronounce it, "Mighty I AM Presence" in action.

No human being in all the world exists unto himself or herself.  All is a Great Consciousness and all are a part of that Great Consciousness and all are a part of that Great Consciousness in action, whether it be in your physical world or whether it be in the Great Octaves higher.  All is Law and order, acting under a definite law of Life within Nature--thus, the Father-Mother-Creator-Creation acting in ONE.


Many of you ones are old friends who have shared my experiences and thus come again only to serve and return unto the higher places as we evolve.  I have observed that which has taken place in your Life Stream since our experience--seeing the evidence, the activity and the willingness of many to accept their authority within the Presence of the Light.  Thus, for the individual to set himself free is the only transcendent activity.  I appreciate that you do not take that path until the time of proper sequence so that we can bring our brethren with us.

Human physical is a hard trip wherein the impact of the experience is like unto a whip which lashes at you and in almost all cases it is sufficiently severe to get your attention and pull you closer to God or drag you away as you fall prey to the empty promises of the physical thief.  Mankind goes through terrible agony, due to the power gained through human concept, because of lack of understanding of the Law of Life.  Yet they willingly go on, and on, and on, seeking the Light with the heart; but the feeling, through the intellect, overrules in practically all outer activity.

Today, you all have this simplified Explanation--the eye picture of your Reality, by which you can govern your Life, your feeling, your senses, your world and allow the Great Intelligence, the Life of the Universe, to bring Divine Order out of the chaos which mankind has created.  It is appalling that the human intellect could have created such great chaos for mankind by forming conclusions from fragmentary information, all of which is gathered from "without".  Please, do not neglect to study other information we are presenting on LIGHT for it is the foundation of your ultimate coming into KNOWING.  Also, we have given you a "Manual" [Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual, Journal #27] to have and hold so that you cannot excuse that you knew not the Laws. We will add more and more within these pages for your guidelines.  Will all come to return within the Light?  Ultimately, yes--now? probably NO.  All will come into the Knowing before there is again ONENESS with the Source.  Moreover they will come by way of ME--the Christed Sacred Hoop of Infinity--the endless circle of roadway which allows the moving away from and then back unto--God in Perfection of total Balance.

There is no permanent foundation upon which any human concept is formed. "Concept" is of the "mind".  That is why, beloved ones, when you say to your human self and its concepts: "You have no power", you take out of it the power with which you have previously charged it for you have taken the stance of the higher being which YOU ARE and command and demand the power which you are.  The full Light gains Its supremacy in governing the outer activity of your world; but it must go through your attention.  Without the attention upon the Supreme Presence, mankind can have no hope for that is your source.  There is simply no place to go without it!

Those in the churches throughout the world, who have claimed to adore me as the Christ, and preach my Words, have utterly failed to comprehend this very point.  They pray constantly to God, whom they have placed so far off that it seems to require infinite time to reach It.  This is why today, the prayers of mankind are answered less, and less, and less.  It is why these precious ones, who have come to know the Source which is the very INFINITE PRESENCE OF ALL to whom all should have prayed, have immediate results from their calls, from their decrees and from their prayers.  As Man learns to pray for brother and Creation as all related, so his call is heard and the response instant--but Man chooses that which he will hear, and more especially, that upon which he will take action--for he receives as if to follow God is deprivation of the most heinous kind.  Therefore, Man will actually turn from God and strike down his Godly brother in an attempt to refuse to "hear" the response.



THIS is the response--millions have petitioned to be shown the way and HOW TO again find God--and here are the Journals and at first Man simply attacks the messenger with intent to totally destroy the bringer of the WORD--it matters not who that messenger might be.  But we speak of corporations and investments and worldly/physical things so you judge that it cannot be of God.  Ah, but if you house God--where else can God be? You ask most often, not for your brother, but how to manage your own mess of life experience--your money, your family, your business and your so-called life-gleanings.  Then, if we respond with "how", you turn away and call us evil and satanic for our brother in responding.  Man, you cannot have of it both ways--God is not a selective thing you can turn on or off as a light switch.  We are compelled by the call--to respond; what you do with the answer is fully up to you.

For that matter, my people now have arranged two things which are set forth to serve my people.  First, Oberli has located a second source of "gold" for those of you awaiting through the shortage brought upon your nation by the heinous bank cartel. It becomes difficult to find resource even for collateral use.  He has now also acquired assistance to handle the organized flow of Corporation set-up which will allow for strategy courses and response via phones, etc.  You must become as adept as your adversary within the laws they have presented unto you.  If a Man tells you that this is NOT OF GOD--you had best find out WHO IS THEIR GOD THAT HE WOULD NOT GIVE RESPONSE TO YOUR PETITION!  We have a most treacherous journey to be made here with the entire global system in shambles.  There WILL be a remnant of God's people who will move through this transition and all who will come with us are welcome and blessed.  It requires unity and "giving" of self ego--BUT YOU WILL TAKE NO PHYSICAL EGO WITH YOU INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD--SO THE SOONER YOU STRIP OF IT AWAY, THE SOONER WE CAN GET ON WITH OUR WORK.  We can serve all, but we have only intent of service unto ones who desire a salvaging of your nation and Freedom for, frankly, we do not wish to call undue attention to actions by the Evil Controllers.

This is not a place to come to simply "purchase" gold.  We have not the time nor intent. It IS a place of putting funds to work on our own Godly projects toward housing, industry of earth-nurturing types and survival intent.  It is a place to form Nevada corporations and teach you how to use them--keeping them small, even if it requires many corporations for one business, and keeping attention from them and records absolutely within guidelines.  If you simply wish to form "shells" for your selfish/greedy purpose--please go elsewhere.  God blesses those of good intent and the Beast will devour ones of ill-intent--it is the law of the harvest.

We are also in the process of setting up a Law Center made up of ones who function on Constitutional law within the Merchant system you have become.  God does not leave you without resource--IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT RESOURCE, THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS!  God takes nothing without multifold return in kind--that means that you give unto God and you receive in kind, from God.  Ponder this most closely for intent is the YOU which God recognizes.

What is prayer? I mean real prayer, the prayer which is answered?  What is it?  A sincere desire of the heart, which is "feeling". That is what is released when prayers are answered.  It is because enough feeling is released to produce the results.  No result can be produced in your outer world of activity without "feeling", because feeling is the Power-house!--the outer activity of the Inner Power of the Presence.


Today you are the most fortunate beings on Earth--you who come into and within the KNOWING of this route of Truth; for you have entered into a definite, powerful LAW.  It is the Law of LIFE and you get results; if you are in earnest, if you are sincere and keep your desires and feelings harmonized.

It is useless for mankind to go on, ignoring the qualities of Life which individuals are using every waking moment and many times sleeping as well.  Qualities act regardless of wisdom or ignorance, regardless of intent. If the intent is vivid, sometimes they act more powerfully.  When you understand the Power of the Universe in your own Presence within, Light is at your call, at the issuing of your commands; then you have entered into your REAL POWER.  When IT is brought forth into the physical world, IT will release you from the human experience and bondage, under which you have lived for so many eons of sequence.

How do you suppose I knew, speaking to this good brother, your MESSENGER, two thousand years ago, that in a far distant "time" he would comprehend my words?  Because in the Great Cosmic Light of the "I AM" (called by whatever ye choose) all is revealed. In this embodiment, there is being fulfilled that which I knew then.  Through Him, his Freedom and yours is assured.

Within the past years of your counting, we have watched over and cared for these blessed ones; prepared and brought forth release to mankind so that ones would be of "age" and preparation to act as is now coming forth for all.  Our Love and appreciation is very great for them--for you.  Our Love is intensified by the reflection of their Great Love reflected and again reflected unto the brotherhood of Man still incarnate.  This comes with such great POWER that it can supply you with the necessary strength until you can understand your own PRESENCE sufficiently to hold your own Dominion and gain your own Victory.

Could there be any greater rejoicing in the world than for the accomplishment of that which sets mankind free from all human accumulation and creation?  Why, dear ones, do you suppose it was planned even eons ago, to bring these WORDS unto you? Because, it was known within the Great Cosmic Law that action would be forthcoming at this sequence and experience--that the cycle would be closing and the time of return unto the Presence is mandatory.  It is the time wherein permitting the work and WORD to go forth would be.  We, as wholly free beings, must watch and act in total harmony with the Great Law in order to render the service which your call has enabled us to give.  It is one thing to render a service when asked, and quite another to render a service unasked.

I shall say something which remains startling to many of you even though we have said it time and time again: YOU MUST ASK! Could the orthodox world, as you term it, accept this understanding of God, their Infinite Source and Presence?  Oh, the Earth would be transformed; but the accumulated intellectual concepts, acting through the feeling of mankind, do not permit such freedom to enter in unless the individual is strong enough to stand against human suggestions, from both within and without, for your own human suggestion is quite as strong as the suggestion which permeates the atmosphere in which you perceive existence.

Some groups have taught mankind to use the mind, but so many have forgotten the important components of that usage.  The great blessed ONE requires that the talent be utilized toward Godliness if you are to move back into Oneness and, unfortunately, the talent is most often used in a most limited and human physical egotistical manner.  Ah, it works either way, which is more unfortunate indeed, for in the ending you will be in the reaping of the harvest grown from the sowing and it can extend the limited experience indefinitely.

When different avenues of Truth battle with each other because human concepts do not agree, what a tragedy upon Earth it becomes.  You will note these beloved Messengers battle no thing, no person; for they have learned the Law, praise God.  They go serenely on, presenting the Truth which they know to be.  You will find no condemnation but, rather, a pointing out of the error in concept of "things" and "beings".  However, evil in itself is brought within condemnation by the beings (self) that the harvest be of sweetness and not of the tares and thistles.  This is a great and mighty secret--if every avenue of Truth on Earth had this secret of pouring out greater and greater power of the Love of the Presence, it would transform the world into a perfect paradise--but this is missing in your experience for Man must learn his own direction in the face of the adversary.

I speak these words to you now that you may know that we are never in separation.  I feel your loving care, your thoughts, your prayers. If it were possible for me now to feel sorrow, my heart would be heavy to find the doors of so many churches closed unto me for whom the very names have been called.  Instead, I rejoice that a greater expansion of the Light and opportunity have opened for me to pour forth that which is positive to those of mankind, who can truly accept my REALITY and my PRESENCE. Those places which have falsely used me shall reap their own reward but 'tis sad that so many who would turn unto God, otherwise, have been pulled asunder from God and Truth.  "They" do, however, ultimately prove themselves to be the false teachers that they are, for evil will always bind itself in the clues and signs which are always present--if Man but looks.

We wait long and patiently for an opportunity to serve mankind and together, as brothers, we move forward to bring Truth, Light and Freedom.

In the fullness of my Love I enfold you, my beloved ones. In the fullness of the Freedom which I have, I enfold you, anchoring with every person who has come to attending at this time, the qualities which will find outer expression in your world as you advance, clothing you in the Light which you will absorb and reflect onward.

You have produced, in your world, limitation of every description. However, in the calm serene acknowledgement of your presence and with harmony in your "feelings", you can quickly transform yourself and your world into a Being and World of Light and a God in command.  The privilege is before you--YOU must chose.

I extend to you the Love, the eternal blessing of the Great Host and Ascended Masters as well as the Great Angelic Host--and give unto you of this sequence the unlimited guidance and attention so that you can make your journey in Light.  We are, further, prepared to bear you up if it becomes necessary.  You will KNOW the POWER as you allow the power, strength and courage in true "feeling" of the reality of your own presence within the Sacred Circle of Infinite ALL.  Allow It to do Its perfect work for you!

I ask that the Eternal Infinite Light clothe you beloved chelas throughout the nations of your world and in this place of America wherein much work can be done to bring again freedom unto the human species.  I ask enfoldment of them and that all minds be filled and bodies be protected within and with the Perfection which IT is.  It cannot be requalified by human qualifications--therefore, rejoice and be free.


You have historically chosen to label me as "Jesus" or the "Christ" and/or...!  I simply AM. But what did I come forth to tell you as that entity sent from my own Creator?  Well, I came to tell you of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, what men must do to prepare for it and a type of "salvation" through knowledge of the Truth and Presence of God.  The message has been entangled and falsely presented but it is the only lasting historical record of which you retain continuity.  There is so much of my journey that you have not been allowed to share and KNOW--but that, too, is now coming forth for the time is at hand for the KNOWING.

LET US CONSIDER THE "END" OF THE WORLD AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: It is seen as a catastrophe, for in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the Creation...neither shall be; ...the Sun shall be darkened, and the Moon shall not give her light, and the stars of heaven shall fall!  Can you not look differently upon these projections in this day than in those two thousand years past?  Could the "stars falling" actually be the returning of the Hosts of God to bring you into safety? Man has always had affliction for that is the course of his journey.  The cataclysms were noted so that you would have a clue as to when the time would be at hand and necessary changes in attitudes brought into clear perception, for the journey would abruptly take different form.

I said unto the witnesses, the prevailing apocalyptic conceptions.  I was in sincere intent.  The end of the world WAS imminent.  I said unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. Verily I said unto you, there would be some standing here, which would not taste of death, till they would see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom.  My disciples went forth to announce the impending event.  They quoted me as saying, "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of ISRAEL, till the Son of man be come."  No, that is NOT THAT WHICH I SAID. I said that " will not have covered all the places of God's chosen till the Son of Man is come again".  And ye have not!

I did not speak of the terrors of an ending time for mine was to pull Man back into the knowledge of God and to remind him of the laws thereof and those of the Mighty Creation.  I told Man that which would be and what would come to be if he turned not from his evil separation from Divine Source.  It was the inexorable concern of every living man and I was sent forth to remind Man.  All paled into insignificance beside that which would come upon Man if he continued in the path of evil--and it has come to pass.

It is possible to easily discern intent and meaning from my experience as Emmanuel of Nazareth.  For the end of the world will bring not nothingness but the Kingdom of Heaven--for you are long from the time of "voidance".  The Kingdom of Heaven: this signifies the era in which God alone will govern.  Inevitably it will come, not through any human acts but solely through Divine action.  The world has become a matter of indifference, because the Kingdom of Heaven is coming in all its glory--one way of another.  It simply behooves you to get your selves and your nations into order.  Basically I only brought blessings and good tidings for my story was of great joy and glory.  I told you, His lambs, to "fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."  And I gave you His prayer of promise: "...Thy Kingdom come!  Thus the end is not just a kind of threat upon Man, and/or the destruction of a world, but it is a PROMISE: the Kingdom of God.  But Man has slipped more and more deeply into the mire of chaos and evil intent that he must again be in the final reminding of that which is coming.  For that was the greatest promise; that "The Word shall go forth unto the four corners of the world that all men who will see and hear shall have opportunity of KNOWING that which is God and Godly!"  I come to fulfill the prophecy--not "save" a bunch of criminals and lawbreakers--only the individual can "save" self and I can do nothing save speak in his behalf.  And soon, I shall be unable to claim you are somehow ignorant by accident--for we are bringing forth the WORD and ye who deliberately turn away are in deliberate defiance--that is between you and God.


I realize that words spoken--for all was put to notes by human (I never wrote, and writing was difficult at its very best)--were sometimes ambiguous and contradictory.  That is why I am come forth now for in the centuries of interim perception Man has been taught incorrectly.  Things such as the Kingdom will come and "it is already here" are a bit of a contradiction.  The prophecy of world's end and Kingdom of Heaven relates to a cosmic event. It relates to the world but it is the event by which the world ceases to be, in intervention in history, whereby history is broken off.  The Kingdom of God is neither world nor history, nor is it this world's hereafter.  It is something entirely different.

The Kingdom will come and it is already here! What the future will fulfill is already at work in the world.  This thought is expressed in the image of the mustard seed, for the mustard seed is the smallest of seeds, but from it grows the largest of herbs.  And so it is with the Kingdom.  But above all, it is stated in my words: "For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you."  That is to say, the signs of the Kingdom, my person, my acts, my message, are among you.  Thus what is already present is not the Kingdom but the signs of the Kingdom, the signs of its imminence.  It is to these signs that I referred.  It was to these SIGNS that I referred when John asked me, "Art thou he that should come?"  I said neither yes nor did I say no--I responded, "The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached."  But I also said: "But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God is come unto you."  I believe it will become clear if you again ponder it closely.  For if God enters in, the evil adversary MUST depart.

I gave prediction of that which would happen but I did not speak merely to an idle crowd.  My message was addressed to Man, who in that situation was confronted by a decision and so it is as now: "The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the teachings."  Repent, do penance", therein lies the answer to your question of 'What shall we do; what can have meaning?' "

The Kingdom does not mean beatitude (a state of utmost bliss) for all.  Each individual is faced with the question of what will become of him in the catastrophe.  For the end of the world is also a judgement, in which man is either accepted or rejected by God.  "Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left"--remember?

The end of the world and the last judgment are not yet.  But they may come at any moment.  They will come suddenly like the lightning that flashes from east to west, or the thief in the night, or the master who returns home unbeknown to his servants--not even I, who will head the coming, will be given to KNOW THE MOMENT OF RETURN!  Further, because of this very statement--you can KNOW that I AM NOT YET COME IN PHYSICAL FORM AMONG YOU ON YOUR GLOBE.  "Of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only!"

This is why I bid those who are forwarded to live in readiness: "Watch ye therefore, for ye know not when the Master of the house comes...lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping."  Watch and wait.  For man can do nothing to bring the Kingdom.  It will come of itself, by God's will alone.  As the husbandman waits for the harvest, so Man for the Kingdom.  And he bids them to divulge the tidings. In your preaching, announce the catastrophe and the glad news to all, that they might be attending and save of selves.

What of the ethos (the distinguishing character) of myself?  In telling Man what to do, I did not promulgate a self-sufficient system of ethics for the fulfillment of mankind in the structure and order of worldly existence.  On the contrary, ethical precepts are justified only BY THE WILL OF GOD AND WITHIN THE NATURAL LAWS OF CREATION, WHO HAS GIVEN THEM AS A SIGN OF THE KINGDOM AND PREPARATION FOR THE END.  I had no NEW things to offer--only a reminder of those things which are decreed and put aside and forgotten by Man.


Worldly things have lost all weight of their own.  The world is only a bridge; cross it, but build not thine house upon it.  The world is indeed God's Creation and as such should not be condemned.  I loved Nature and I accept the human order and insist on the validity of its ordinances.  The marriage bond is indissoluble and what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.  Nor should men rebel against the authorities in that you are bounded by the laws of Caesar and to maintain freedom ye shall hold unto those laws which give freedom.  But all worldly existence dwindles to nothingness in the radiance of the Kingdom of Heaven. Family ties, law, culture--have lost all their meaning.  Mothers, fathers and brothers all wait in vain if they wait--for whosoever shall do the will of our Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, sister and mother.  Possessions are an encumbrance and cause attachment unto the things of flesh--ye must become balanced in the ability to use that which is given in abundance and yet part with it in blessings and joy at the next turn of the experience.

All worldly things are perishable and none of you can add one inch unto your stature once locked into the physical.  Sufficient unto the day, my friends, is the evil thereof.  But the world is not worthy of our concern.  Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink.  Take no thought of tomorrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself and ye have no knowledge of that which may or may not be.  Only that which has reality in the Kingdom of Heaven is important and you may as well not lay up treasures upon Earth where moth, rust and politicians can lay siege unto them and strip them from you--but rather, lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven and in the preparing for the transition of the return of the Kingdom that your rewards can be in abundance.

Obedience to God was my ethos as it had always been the ethos of my people.  External, calculable obedience to definite laws is not enough, however.  The essential is the obedience of Man's whole heart and being.  God has written His law within the heart of Man and therefore it is only the remembering which is in contention.  Man must cease lying unto self--that he remembers and knows not the law!

But what is God's will?  Your thinking, accustomed as it is to the finite rules of the understanding, would like to have instructions, regulations to go by.  Many ask God in defiance: "What is thy will?"  When you hear the commandments as God's will, you are startled at their "extremism"; they demand something that is seemingly impossible in the world.  But these commandments state what can become real in the Kingdom of Heaven and require actions of Man in the physical to attain the wholeness.  Be ye therefore perfect.  They were and are directly addressed to Man who knows only God and his neighbor and acts as though there were no world, as though the antinomies of worldly reality did not exist.  The imperatives assume that Man no longer has any finite situation in the world, of mission to shape and fulfill the world; they are imperatives for "saints, for citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven"--I said, "...resist not evil: but whoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.  And if any Man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also...Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away."  These represent the response of love and reason within the heart-soul of Man/God which must be present to find lodge in the Mansion of God.  It does not mean that while in mortal form that you be stupid.  God is "wisdom", not "stupidity".

Above all, they are not imperatives of outward action, but imperatives that penetrate the innermost soul prior to all action.  The soul must be pure.  Even in the secret recesses of the soul the germ of evil is as reprehensible as the outward action.  You will, many of you, be quite relieved and happy to hear that you are far more pure at the level of soul than on the surface of the human aspect!  But, pointing up the contradiction is always the one that gets Man into the most trouble in the physical world of "sensing"--"Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart."

What is demanded is a mode of being, not an outward action, which merely follows from the being.  It is demanded what cannot be "willed" but is the source of "all willing".  Where it is present, no power in the world can darken it.  It is not that which goes into the mouth which defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth--this is what defiles Man.

God's will is the LIFE of the Kingdom of Heaven--live as though the Kingdom of Heaven were already with you; live that this life in the world will become a sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and indeed it is approaching reality.

My ethos should not be taken as a system of prescriptions for action in the world.  The principle springs solely from the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven, and I uttered this principle--I ask not that you worship Me.  I pleaded with you not to worship ME--but that you shall love the Lord thy God...and to love your neighbor as yourself (providing, of course, that you could love self).  Remember the commandments" "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might."  "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."  "What doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"  I brought NOTHING NEW, I BRING nothing new!  There is no prefatory "B-U-T" as when I would say "But' I say unto you..." as when I was and am in disagreement with traditional faith of either day.  I take the traditional commandments with me into the Kingdom of Heaven announced in the reality of love that is the sign of its coming.


A mystical union with God, flight from the world to live alone among men, at one with God: that would be loveless.  The individual for himself alone has no part in the Kingdom of Heaven.  He must make his way thither with his neighbor.  He who loves God loves his neighbor.  Therefore, life in the world is fulfilled by a life of love, which is the sign of the Kingdom of Heaven.

God's love of Man and Man's love of his neighbor are inseparable.  Only insofar as you love can you know God's love.  God's love creates love within you.  If you do not love, you are rejected.

Where love has become selfless and free from the world, it is the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Then it is unlimited, absolute. Thence I gave another commandment which is somehow separate unto Man's reception, and that: love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.  It was that Man forgot that his neighbor and enemy were one in the same.  This is why in the Manual (Journal #27) we have given you clarification which in turn appears to be more than ten in counting.  There are EXACTLY as many as are needed!  In the Pleiades, for instance, there are far fewer than ten for the other problems of Man do not exist in their reality.

This love, then, is not a universal feeling without an object; it is a love of your neighbor.  But who is your neighbor?  Not your kinsman or one who is distinguished in some way, but everyone who is close to you in space and time and who needs you.  This is made clear by the story of the Good Samaritan.   A man of Jerusalem lies half dead by the wayside, having been set upon by robbers.  A priest comes that way, then a Levite, and both pass him by.  But then a Samaritan, of a people despised in Jerusalem, sees him and has compassion for him and cares for him.  "Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves"?

This kind of love precludes all self-aggrandizement.  He that is greatest among you shall be your servant, and whomsoever shall exalt himself shall be abased.  And this implies wholehearted devotion to Christ and the Christ calling.  He who loves father and mother more than ME is not worthy of me; ...and he who takes not his cross, and follows after me, is not worthy of me!  What mean I?  Except through the Christed path of Godness shall ye enter into the Father's KIngdom--and I represented that LIGHT.  It mattered not what label I bore as Man--but the Truth within MY BEING which marked the passage--the Christed passage.

This perfect love that is a sign of the Kingdom is not satisfied by obedience to laws, by the pursuit of any plan or purpose.  I reject legalism, not for the sake of lawlessness, but in order to seek the Source whence the law flows and whereby it is fulfilled beyond all legality.  I accept the traditional law as self-evident. I do not oppose it in principle as one who claimed to follow my teachings, St. Paul did.  But that is between himself and God, for it is not of my business that which Paul came to corrupt.  He was, by any label, my most devoted enemy and destroyed that which was established in the name of Christ--by any label of the day, then or now--that being was a deceiver and changed his name from Saul (of Tarsus) to Paul that he might fool the people into believing his resurrection in Truth.  He did great service unto Man for you must come into discernment now, so that you can KNOW Truth from the WORD--WHICH IS GOD.

Fulfillment of any defined law is far less in importance than a life of obedience unto God.  For instance, how totally absurd is the manner in which you have handled the "Sabbath", for the sabbath was made for Man and not Man for the sabbath.  Observance of rites cannot compensate for ethical offenses: therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you; leave there your gift before the altar, and go your way; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.  Does this sound a bit different than that which your "Sunday preacher" hands you about collections in the Sunday basket?

Mere legality fosters hypocrisy.  One who lives by the law alone masks the evil that is in him.  Those who observe the law but have lost the inward faith, reject the commandment of God so they can keep their own tradition.  I warn you people against the scribes who "love to go in long clothing, and love salutations in the market-places, and the chief seats in the synagogues and who 'devour' widow's houses, and for a pretence make long prayers and demands for thine tithing."

Thus the freedom of my actions is an essential part of this ethos of the Kingdom, a freedom which is grounded not in "law" but in love.  No true law is destroyed by love, for love will merely cushion it and keep it within bounds.  This does not either refer to that which you classify as "making love" for love IS and requires no "making" thereof.  This perhaps explains more clearly why I did so many things that offended those about me--then as well as now.  I went wherein God would go and blessed those who were good within their hearts.

I put forward no new system of morality but purify the ethos and take it as seriously as if it were already fulfilled in God's Kingdom. I lived it then and I live it now, without regard for the consequences in the world, for the world will soon perish--in all transitions, that of the world is left to the physical plane in any instance.

Blessed chela, let us take rest.  I wish to take up "faith" in God for it is , after all, indispensible for admission to the Kingdom of Heaven--it is prerequisite of "salvation" and is itself salvation.  The time is come when I am again speaking directly of these things so that Man may have reminding.  We need a rest before we enter into that next portion.  Thank you for your service--I wrap you beloved of me within my wings that none shall bring hurt upon you.  May all of you who hunger and thirst--seek in truth and find, that you may petition and come within the Radiance of the Mighty Protection against which no Man can stand nor evil compel.


To be continued...



Source: CONTACT- The Phoenix Project, March 19, 1996, Volume 12, Number 8.

Chapter 2 of Phoenix Journal #32 "I and My Father Are One".