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May 14, 2012

6/19/92   SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda, Esu Immanuel, Jesus the Christ, etc.  Sananda is a label of achievement in spiritual knowledge and responsibility beyond even "Christ' perfection.  It means simply, ONE with and within God in Knowledge and Co-Creatorship.

Every one of you precious chelas are in your lessons to achieve this "Sananda" perfection in selves.  You are experiencing in one of the most challenging and rewarding dimensions of illusion/expression...that of 3rd Dimension Physical Compression.

And even more importantly, you ones have chosen THIS time of the Great Cycle Harvest/Graduation of Souls that each one may attain a "higher" placement in God's Kingdom.  This is perhaps the most exciting opportunity "timeframe" in a cycle of a species in which to participate and serve.  For although the lessons can be most difficult upon the emotions, the rewards for achieving Knowledge and balance are enormous.  You ones have been reaching, it seems endlessly, for the stars in effort to comprehend the magnitude of simply what is the meaning of LIFE.  We are come as THE HOSTS OF GOD to lift you to the heights of your imagining and even higher as it is appropriate for each.  You essentially WILL DO IT and we as elder brothers of the LIGHTED SOURCE MOTHER/FATHER CREATOR are come to nudge and guide you through this illusion of physical senses, and physical emotions.

We know you ones often feel as though you are walking in darkness and you do not yet remember WHO YOU ARE in relationship to Creator.  You do not remember your immortality yet, although many of you have glimmers of memory.  You function in a density of heaviness in relationship to the immortal soul within you.  It is often most confusing to read the signs of a circumstance and communicate effectively your feelings to self, let alone to one another.

Many of you are lonely and long for that connection, that lifeline within which makes you feel loved and secure.  Often you seek the whole world over to fill that "inner void", and all along it is only GOD within who can fill it with your acceptance and allowance of His guiding Light.  You one who find yourselves without mates believe you are not complete and you long to complete self with the love of another, hopefully, part of self.  You long for balanced unity in your pairing and it will be accomplished, precious ones.  First you must find balance within self, enough so that you do not seek in desperation that "perceived missing" other part of you.  Release the "need" and the "expression" from ego perception to God within and allow friendship to grow first in every chosen interaction.  And remember you are LOVED more fully by God within than can your physical ego perceive and compare with.

When you become impatient and you push up stream, that is when confusion sets in and your adversaries' playground is confusion.  Center yourselves with God and make NO decision out of desperation and confusion.  Only from balanced communication and PATIENCE with the unfolding within will you find peace and inner balance.  Make NO quick judgements about a circumstance or person or WHY it seems to be this or that way to you.  Instead ask God within to help you understand the whole picture and to help you walk in the shoes of ones who you have disagreed with that you have disagreed with that you have compassion and understanding and can respond and ACT from that balance of LOVE.

You cannot change the way another feels about you, but you can understand WHY and rise above the need to worry over it.  When you KNOW within your intent, the confusion lifts and the path of darkness becomes lighted for you see WITHIN with KNOWLEDGE all the obstacles and rocks thrown at you to PURPOSELY cause you distraction and pain and confusion.

Precious Dru, had a "dream" which she gives me permission to share.  She is outside somewhere she does not recognize.  There are extremely high winds and whirlwinds and tornados all about her.  She is frightened and, as she is about to be whirled away feeling out of control, she asks God to protect her and guide her.  Instantly there is a "pole" in front of her which she grabs tightly to.  Everything is in turmoil around her, and she is now secure.  Then she commands that all evil energies leave her presence in the name of Holy God of Light and then a calm path is manifested.  She lets go of the "pole" and without fear she walks the path made for her.  All around is the turmoil and yet she is safe and focused on her path.

Thank you, Dru, for your dream is most symbolic and you left that dream feeling completely SECURE within.  This is finding and trusting YOUR INNER POWER.  Every precious one of you reading this can and will DO IT TOO!  So be it.

Let us close this as Dru has other things to attend.  We are getting there, precious.  Be gentle with self.  I love each one of you and all you need to do is ask and I will come to help and give succor.  Go in Peace and Love, and KNOW that you are shown the must simply listen.  I AM Sananda, One with God of Light and in service to God and to YOU of my brethren upon Earth Shan.  Salu.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 30, 1992, Volume 19, Number 11.

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana