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Reposted Feb. 22, 2012

5/20/92   SANANDA

Greetings precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I have been labeled many things; Jesus Christ, Pale Prophet, Quetzalcoatl.  I came as man, human upon your place and I brought TRUTH of Our Father's Kingdom WITHIN, as many ones before me have.

My name given of God during that lifestream, some 2000 years past, was Esu Immanuel, meaning God who walks with us.  What set me apart IN PERCEPTION ONLY from those I brought the message to, was My illumination of KNOWLEDGE inspired from Our ONE Creator Source.  My beloved ones who call themselves "Christian" believe I came to forgive, absolve THEM of their SINS or errors against God.  Precious ones, if you believe this, you error greatly in understanding of the Laws of God AND Nature.

I brought to you a way of LIVING in balance and harmony with the FULL power of GOD working WITH YOU to sustain you in that balance.  Christness is a way of LIFE, a state of being and an achieved level of KNOWING God and His ways.  My life as a Truth messenger was not what was important to YOUR salvation.  It was the message, the idea of LOVE giving, of INNER power to be Master of Self and the human physical illusion by KNOWING GOD WITHIN.  Hence I was able to say and KNOW this TRUTH: I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

Even in the various versions of the Christian Bible, there are left untampered teachings which I brought which totally contradict YOUR belief on MY blood to save you and somehow buy you a ticket into God's Kingdom's.  What do I mean?  I told you this: As you sow, so you shall reap.  What does this mean to you, my brethren?  If this be true, then how can I or any human SAVE you or forgive YOU from your own errors?  How can this be possible?  On the one hand you want no responsibility for self, perhaps? Which way will you have it?  For you may error and error endlessly, dear ones, and until YOU understand the error (sin) and FORGIVE SELF, you will reap the consequences of that error against THE LAW OF LOVE GIVING.  This is the meaning of that law, it is Cosmic Law and We described its meaning in great detail within the JOURNAL called OPERATOR/OWNER MANUAL. Therein this Absolute LAW which we call CAUSE AND EFFECT is outlined.

Consider this carefully.  ALL of Creation is a play of CAUSE AND EFFECT.  The highest principle of this Truth lay in the fact that the ONE Creator is the great CAUSE of ALL, and ALL of Creation (that includes each one of you, precious ones) is the EFFECT of Creator's thinking from His Mind of KNOWING.  Creation is His stage of simulated Motion.  What this means is that the One MIND is Reality.  It is the UNdivided perfection.  Physical manifestation as you recognize it, is a thought projection ILLUSION from the ONE great Knower and Thinker, GOD SOURCE.  You each are divided sexed conditioned pairs, equal opposites, male and female, who seek to be again UNITED in mind idea, whether or not you know or understand this Truth.

That is why and it is quite true that although you struggle to find the very elusive perfection in the physical experience, you CAN find moments (or longer) of balance when you merge your physical mind into GOD's Mind for knowledge and understanding and thus, ILLUMINATION.  The more you are able to tune your thoughts to the rhythmic universal heartbeat, the more you will allow God to speak to you in His electric Language of LIGHT; INSPIRATION.  Please, precious ones, if a flicker of understanding is coming to you now, go and obtain Germain's PLEIADES CONNECTION JOURNALS, for Germain has most wondrously given EXPLICIT detail on the Nature and Basis of God and Creation.

While we are on the subject of the PLEIADES CONNECTION JOURNALS, please allow me a moment to extend humble appreciation and gratitude to Mark who has recently joined the Tehachapi circle, and who has put to audio tape these PLEIADES CONNECTION JOURNALS.  Our Father is well pleased, son, for your inspired reading of these JOURNALS brings the various speakers, Aton, Hatonn, Germain, and I, Sananda to life in minds of the listener.  Because of this giving of YOUR gift, son, many ones will comprehend more easily the lessons.  You are indeed blessed in our Father's Kingdom beloved Mark.

Druthea has requested that I let you readers know that all is not quite complete for availability on these books on tape.  Please be patient a bit longer and the tapes will be announced in the LIBERATOR when details are finalized.  Thank you.

Now, back to our subject at hand, INSPIRATION.  Defined in your dictionary, Inspiration means: 1. A creative feeling or impulse.  2. The state of quality of being inspired.  3. One who or that which acts as an inspiring influence.  Inspire means: 1. To stir or move (a person) to creative activity or vigorous action; fill with motivating emotion.  2. To arouse or create (a feeling, an idea.)  3. To direct or guide, as by special divine influence.

The ONE great Teacher is GOD SOURCE.  When a fragment of Him earns and accepts GOD illumination, such as have I, Sananda, then I am given along with that KNOWLEDGE, responsibility to my younger brethren.  This is the same with each ONE of you who attune yourselves to GOD's LIGHT, you become the guides for those who do not yet have that knowledge, or in other words, who are yet UNAWARE they have it inside themselves.

Through inspired thought given of the ONE teacher, each one of you can be the messenger of inspiration and unity to others as YOU receive, comprehend and accept your partnership with GOD who works WITH you, not FOR you.

I ask you godly ones who label yourselves "Christian", "Jewish", "Muslim", "Mormon", etc., WAKE UP!  For the time of choosing is at hand and your places are prepared by your intent and knowing.  When you KNOW you are not limited by a human interpreted doctrine of what God is and who you are in relationship, then the spark of inspiration will be allowed to illumine IN you!  Do not longer argue and JUDGE one another based upon inconsequential and often ridiculous differences in BELIEF structure of religious doctrine.  Instead, seek UNITY of purpose and understanding of one another.  Communicate with LOVE and seek to understand what you each have IN COMMON within your hearts.  The details about WHO Jesus Christ was and why he came must not set you ones apart for I, as Esu Immanuel brought THE LAW, the Sword of TRUTH.  LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER!  DO NOT JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGED IN KIND!  YOU FEEL YOURSELF CHOSEN?  WHY?  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AND HOW HAVE YOU LIVED TO EARN THIS SELF-APPOINTMENT AS "GOD'S CHOSEN"?  IF YOU THINK YOUR BIRTH AS A "JEW" OR YOUR BELIEF IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST AS A "CHRISTIAN" AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU "CHOSEN OF GOD", YOU ARE IN ERROR.  FOR GOD CHOOSES NOT ONE RACE OR RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE BELIEF ABOVE ANOTHER!  YOU ARE CHOSEN BY SELF BY HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN INTENT OF LIVING GOD'S LAWS AND MANIFESTING LOVE GIVING AND COMPASSION.  REMEMBER YOU HAVE FREE WILL, AND GOD ALLOWS YOU TO CHOOSE HOW YOU WILL BEHAVE AND LIVE, AND RESPOND.  IF YOU UNDERSTAND NOT, THEN YOU WILL REAP THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR IGNORANCE, REGARDLESS IF IN IGNORANCE OR KNOWIINGLY YOU DEFY THE LAWS OF GOD AND NATURE.  IF YOU BELIEVE OTHERWISE, THEN YOUR EGOCENTRIC THINKING AND BEHAVIOR WILL BIND YOU IN THE HELL OF PHYSICAL ILLUSION OF YOUR OWN IMAGINING UNTIL YOU DO LEARN.  SO BE IT.

Who am I who speaks with such authority?  I AM the WORD and THE WAY.  I AM SANANDA, ONE WITH GOD AS CO-CREATOR IN KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH.  I come as representative as a HOST of God, the ONE CREATOR, to reclaim HIS kingdom and HIS lost and now FOUND lambs who choose to LIVE HIS LAWS.  I LOVE YOU OF MINE BRETHREN, for many of you have walked with me for aeons of time bringing Earth Human the WORD and THE SWORD of TRUTH that each may be lifted by the spark of GOD-inspiration into KNOWING, out of the darkness of spiritual poverty and ignorance.  My time of RETURN, as I promised, is nearing.  WILL YOU RECOGNIZE ME?  OR WILL YOU DENY ME ONCE AGAIN?  THE CHOICE IS YOURS AND ONLY YOURS TO MAKE.

And even my return signals not THE END, precious ones, but a new beginning, a new book of creation of OUR imagining with God inspiration is being birthed.  What part will you play?  That depends on self in THIS play; how well you balance your lessons and KNOW.  Do you simply watch the clock in your service, anxious to get through the time?  Or do you relish each moment you are given to serve and effort to live a life of Joy, even in the midst of the evil cancer which you must look at and understand, and walk through?  Do you silently petition God to give to you the "things" you must acquire for self, if that be your desire?  In other words, are you asking God to do for you and give to you that which you must do for self?  Or do you ask God to show you HOW to best serve HIM and then listen for your instructions, and act upon them?  What are YOU WILLING TO DO FOR GOD?  AND DO YOU RECOGNIZE HIS VOICE WITHIN YOU?  STILL UNSURE?  WHY?  WHERE DO YOU SEEK GOD?  IN A CHURCH?  IN A MAN'S OPINION?  HOW ABOUT IN A CHILD'S INNOCENCE?  OR IN NATURE?  OR WITHIN IN YOUR INTENT?  DO YOU JUDGE YOURSELF AND OTHERS?  HOW DO YOU DO SO?  DO YOU KNOW HOW TO STOP JUDGING?  IF NOT, HOW WILL YOU FIND OUT?

WHEN you are able to intuitively attune your will to God's will, HE WILL INSPIRE you to KNOW and DO your part, your service, for HE has already done HIS.  When your DESIRE is simply to BE like UNTO GOD in your thinking and behavior, the door is opened for that opportunity and you choose it by recognizing HOW GOD IS and responding in KIND.  EVERY interaction is a testing of your knowledge of GOD and HIS WAYS.  PERFECTION?  There is no perfection short of reuniting with Creator in openness. What point would there be to the play of Creation if all fragments extended in perfected wholeness?  In reality there would be no fragments for the perceived imperfection is created by the divided equal opposites which come from the ONE undivided LIGHT of perfection, GOD.  In your individual reflection, you bring life of Creation to the play of Cause and Effect.  Eventually you become as Co-creator by understanding and living the Laws of God and Nature.  Many of you stand at that door NOW, ready to move into your higher understanding and responsibility.  You still have much to DO HERE, so please stay focused on your service on Earth and your placement in the higher places is assured, precious ones.

Let us close this document.  I trust I have left you ones with much to ponder on your path to Knowledge and thus, GLORY.  Thank you precious Dru, for sitting with me.  I do request chela, that you recognize the little bird has spoken to you, more than once.  The request is I would like to please have sitting with you, Dru, for giving instruction in each LIBERATOR which comes forward from now on.  When we have accumulated enough of these instructions, then we will please continue putting them into JOURNAL form in the PRE-FLIGHT INSTRUCTION volumes, or as I instruct.  Now you've heard it from the "horses mouth" chela, so there is no misunderstanding.  Thank you.  Remember God gives you not more than you can handle, and you will be fine, chela, with your schedule and perceived duties.  There is time for all and if there is not, then the other duties must be delegated for this writing takes priority, precious.  I know you understand.  Release the worry over "little" things, little one.  You have capable and willing hands now available, utilize them.

Thank you, precious brethren, for your attention.  I AM in great LOVE with each one of you and I am so humbly appreciative of the love and giving, and support of this ground crew and that includes you of mine brethren across the United States and the rest of Earth Shan.  I AM SANANDA.  I come in service unto the ONE lighted Creator Source and thus, to you, my brethren.  Walk gently with one another in peace and love.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, May 26, 1992, Volume 19, Number 6.

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana