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Repost, Nov. 28, 2015

11/24/92   SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Esu, Immanuel Sananda.  I come in LIGHT in service unto Creator Source.

This day precedes a day designated in the United States of America as "Thanksgiving".  Now if we can only help you ones of Earth Shan envision and practice this giving of thanks on each day of your experience, we will have accomplished much.  Of all your "official" holidays, this one offers the most in giving TO God thanks and appreciation for the abundance and blessings of family and friendship sharing which Creator Source has allowed ALL.

Please allow this day to be more in experience than gorging your bodies with food.  Allow the remembrance of blessings and gratitude toward Creator Source and Mother Earth which together have allowed you to play in this illusion in which you grow into ONENESS again.

Allow remembrance and prayers for all of the winged, four-legged, two-legged, crawling, plant and mineral kingdoms.  Allow remembrance and prayers to those less fortunate in their journeys: the hungry, the incarcerated, the sick, the homeless and those victims of the wars of evil men.  Allow time of silence whereby the Great Spirit may offer communion within and that you may hear and know.

Allow this day to be a day of forgiveness, of self and others who have caused you pain and confusion.  Look for the pearls of wisdom you have been allowed to gain by the blessings of experience shared with others, perceived both "enemies" and "friends".

How many blessings can you count for self this day?  Do they equal more than the sorrows and self-pity you can conjure?  And can you see how the experiences of sorrow, pain, fear and self-pity may offer you opportunity to grow in knowledge beyond those "feelings" of human limitation?

Can you live THIS moment fully?  WILL YOU?  Is the Truth which you believe and live by sturdy in its soundness?  How do you know?  Can you live the Truth you understand without agreement from friends and peers?  WOULD you fulfill YOUR service to Creator with integrity of understanding and living His Truth and Law even if ALL humans in your experience opposed you?  If you can honestly answer "yes" within self to the last question, then this is the result of your spiritual testing and tempering which EACH ONE experiences and often endures.

It is easy, precious ones, to work at "serving God" when you are supported without selves by friends, family and the general public, but does that make your work more valid?  That which is your living Truth must become valid and sound within self so that the physical EGO is not seeking to justify its belief by gathering supporters around its unsound beliefs.

You have a BILLION people support your belief in a complete lie or defiance in God's Law, and that will not make YOU or THEM right.  So then the foundation that is built on a lie or defiance of God's Laws will CRUMBLE for ALL who support it.  If a BILLION people supported a spiritual TRUTH which you live by, then ALL BILLION would be empowered by TRUTH, not just the one who expresses it in the name of The Great Spirit.

Welcome the criticism, even if it is given intentionally to cause you pain.  For often it is the voice of another without which causes one to face his own doubts and inner criticisms within so that adjustments of perception can be achieved and TRUTH be understood by the tempering.  Often the most loving gift from a true friend, which may be received as harshness and cruelty, is when that friend makes YOU face your own inner voice so that you listen and do what you know is right in a given circumstance.  You are simply being "reminded" of that which you already know, and perhaps were in danger of ignoring.  So be it.

Let us close for now with allowing each to ponder the lessons given.  Thank you for your attention and for allowing Me a voice for His wisdom.  Each of you has God whispering within for you are each a fragment of His One Mind and contain the potential of His One Mind and contain the potential for KNOWING ALL within His Guiding Presence.  I am grateful for this opportunity to serve you of My own brethren and family for WE ARE ALL RELATED as children and creatures of God SOURCE of LIGHT and LIFE.

Be at peace, little Dru, for just as the seasons of Nature have changed, so too, are you beginning a new season of growth and experience.  Your blessings are many; learn to appreciate each ONE for each blessing adds to the experience of the WHOLE. Worries are the fleeting thoughts of insecurity.  Focus your energy on CLEAR VISION as we have discussed and therein will you find peace and inner security.  Go in LOVE and GIVE thanks to this day which is a gift of life from God.  Make the most of what is, not what could be.  With great love and appreciation, I AM Sananda, One with and within The Great Spirit.  Salu.



Resource: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 1, 1992, Volume 21, Number 7.