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5/22/92   SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come only in service to and within God of Light and to you, my brethren on Earth Shan.  Please let us take a moment of silence for Roger Coleman who was slain as a death row inmate on Wednesday evening last.

Was he a victim?  Was he persecuted?  Yes to both. And you ones ask why.  It is easy to say he chose that experience and brought it upon himself. But alas, precious ones, what part did YOU play in allowing this injustice to be?  Oh, you did not know?  Why not?  If his circumstance came not into your attention until just recently, and/or after the fact of his execution, are you not just slightly concerned that this injustice occurs and you hear nothing of it until it is too late for the victim is silenced and cannot ever be a voice in his own defense of innocence in his case?  Yes, that is the way your adversaries would have it.  Destroy the evidence PERMANENTLY.  And let you sleeping lambs stay fast asleep.

And you say, but HOW can I change that which I know nothing about?  I say, you are now given, day by day, the facts of this evil injustice and corruption by Commander Hatonn.  He AND many human ones upon your place have laid the facts out for you.  And most of you slept on.  Will you, because of ignorance, become persecuted and victimized by the lies?  Will you close your eyes and say to yourself, I have NO part in the evil committed by God's adversary?  Do you believe that ignorance is BLISSFUL for it makes YOU unaccountable?  Please understand me.  True ignorance (not knowing) about a given situation is acceptable, for a time.  But how many of you CHOOSE to remain ignorant?  Think of this, chelas, very, very carefully.  For if you continue to discount the messages and the messages come specifically to INFORM you about the Truth of the dis-ease upon your place, you WILL become the persecuted and thus, VICTIM in some way which, hopefully, will get your attention BEFORE it is too late for you to make a change in your attitude.

Now that you have been made aware of "How bad it really is", what are YOU doing about it?  You think you can do nothing for it is too big and you too small?  If you THINK that, it WILL be so for you.  BUT, WHEN you, in intent within, decide that you CAN do something(s) to RIGHT the unbalance, to command justice in your courts and integrity in your government "leaders", you have taken your first steps toward accepting your part of the responsibility of bringing balance back to a given circumstance and to the whole.  God allows you to BE how you choose and DO what you choose for you WILL learn by your errors and defiance of His laws EVENTUALLY.

When you begin to understand and truly seek to KNOW TRUTH, the door opens unto you who seek like a floodgate.  You get your verification and God within you nudges you and inspires you to DO your part.  In this way you no longer become the persecuted and victim, for you do not accept that behavior. You are given, in your communion with God within, THE POWER AND THE KNOWLEDGE to do what YOU must do to bring balance to any given situation or circumstance which has commanded your attention to it.

How often, precious ones, have you witnessed painful abusive behavior against another, or accepted it against yourself.  How often in a day or a week do you become overly critical and abusive toward another, whether it be openly or silently kept?  How often do you concern yourselves with the personal business of another and pass JUDGEMENT upon another because you disagree with them?  Do you see yourself as simply another helpless VICTIM and blame others for YOUR insecurity and lack of responsibility?  Please understand, you may have very valid reason to disagree with another and your perception may be totally 100% correct about another's error, but what you must discern is whether another's error is YOUR responsibility.  If you intent is to help bring balance, the way will be shown to do your part.  You cannot change another or DO his part for him.  If you simply bulldoze you way into a circumstance to change it the way YOU think it must be done, you will cause injury to feelings and most often misunderstanding.  What is your goal?  If you do not care about the feelings of others in your intent to achieve the goal, be prepared to be blamed or unappreciated in your process.

Is there always a NICE way to approach a problem?  Yes. The question is will it always work?  It depends.  You ones exist in a human experience, with very physical and emotional impact constantly directed towards you.  You must understand that you will not always respond in perfection of balance. You ones become irritated and frustrated very often before working TOGETHER in intent of service to God, you will learn to exercise patience and tolerance in your intercommunications with one another.  That does not mean patience and tolerance with ones who project DELIBERATE ego-bantering and derisive behavior.

Simply understand when ones are tired and have accepted great responsibility to accomplish and manage a job, or more than one job, that they may more easily become irritable and abrupt.  Remember the ones responsible for publishing and distributing the WORD bear, often to them overwhelming financial responsibility, not only to God and the readers, but to the workers who are integral to the function of the whole and who depend upon the resources of the few that physical life needs be met and relative security accomplished for all participants.  Can they "handle" this responsibility? Absolutely. God does not give more than can be accomplished or beyond ability of ones.  Although ones in these positions may sometimes wonder IF they truly are capable of doing all they have accepted and maintain reasonable fiscal responsibility.  All of you question selves and on occasion have self-doubt. Recognize it and release it, for understanding is always forthcoming when asked for in intent to KNOW.

And again, when you have been made aware of an error made ON YOUR PART, there is nothing wrong with and I encourage you to make apology where you deem it necessary.  EVEN if you perceive YOU have not erred, and another does feel so, can you not apologize for the misunderstanding received by the other in recognition of a misinterpretation?  If the other one is unforgiving after this, THAT is his problem, not yours.

You ones forget often that YOU ARE ALL RELATIONS!  If each one of you could witness a hungry child or homeless person and KNOW that this person is a member of YOUR family, regardless of his race, who lives in starvation and without a home, you would not longer allow this to be!

But if you give sustenance to the child and home to the homeless one and that one refuses to do for self and take responsibility where it is offered him, then will you then allow yourself to become victim of the victim?

You must feed the hungry tummy before the mind will listen to reason of self responsibility and inner power to change of the circumstance.  Then you can show the person how to be master of his life instead of victim.  But first YOU must become an example that he can see it can be done.  Do you see precious ones?  How can a child ever learn to walk if you carry him about and do not allow his legs to grow strong in self-effort?

How can you ones ever achieve unity, if you forever play a role of victim and blame another for every wrong which YOU perceive or allowed in some way?  Perhaps the lesson of that one Mr. Coleman who was murdered BY ones allowed leadership in this system in simply that YOU ALL HAVE BECOME VICTIMS OF THE LIE AND UNTIL YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT INJUSTICE, YOU WILL CONTINUE TO ALLOW MORE AND MORE TO BE MURDERED UNTIL IT IS YOU WHO FACES THE REALITY OF BEING VICTIMIZED IN THIS SYSTEM OF INJUSTICE FOR ALL.


What do I mean by persecution mentality?  Simple. Ones are conditioned from childhood to BELIEVE they are persecuted simply because of race or religion or, or , or.  You ones are constantly bombarded by the myriad stories of persecution of the "Jews".  And great emotion and anger and especially fear is felt by many ones calling themselves "Jewish" because they are taught and believe that THEY are still persecuted to this day.  Even though MOST ones of today were not even participants in the War, they live with a nagging fear of persecution.  WHY? Might it be guilt for living with a lie? For not taking responsibility for YOUR part in the persecution story?  If you weren't there, why do you accept that YOU are to be persecuted simply because you call yourself "Jewish"?  If you live your life in balance of God's Laws and see yourselves as part of the human brotherhood, instead of in separation as a human projected "Jewish" race or religion, will you not be enabled to STOP the persecution mentality taught to you?


Are "Jews" the target of persecution?  Yes. As are the Native Aboriginals of THIS country in which OVER 20 MILLION were murdered by the "civilized" white man from Europe; as are the Native Blacks from Africa who were sold into slavery in THIS country and elsewhere; as is Christianity in its IDEA of LIVING by God's LAWS and walking in lovegiving with one another; as are the German people because of the guilt placed upon and accepted by them for the "alleged" war crimes of their leaders' as were over ONE MILLION German POW's starved to death by Eisenhower AFTER the WAR; as are ALL freedom loving Americans now living' as are ALL humans of goodly intent upon THIS planet.  ALL OF YOU ARE TARGETS OF PERSECUTION, PRECIOUS ONES!!! YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ENEMY WITHOUT AND MOST ESPECIALLY WITHIN SELF IN ORDER TO BE FREE FROM PERSECUTION AND VICTIMHOOD. FOR IN UNITY OF BROTHERHOOD OF MAN MUST YOU EXERCISE GODLY KNOWLEDGE AND ACTION TO EXPOSE ONES WHO EFFORT TIRELESSLY TO CONTROL YOU AND YOUR BRETHREN.  IT IS YOU SOUL WHICH IS IN POINT OF FOCUS FOR THE ADVERSARY. IF YOU KNOW NOT THE POWERS OF EVIL WAGED AGAINST YOU AND YOU KNOW NOT THE POWER OF GOD WITHIN YOU TO STOP EVIL, YOU WILL REMAIN AS A TOOL OF EVIL IN YOUR IGNORANCE!


One last thought on persecution mentality.  You ones, including "Jewish" ones who believe the lies taught to you of your heritage and history, will continue to bring persecution upon yourselves if you continue to remain in separation and ignorance about WHY.  On an individual level, each of you who believe yourselves victims and persecuted can get right to the "meat of the matter" by asking self--with God present, "What is my pay-off for feeling helpless and victimized?"  Because YOU do not suppose a massive belief in persecution and victimhood unless you have some EMOTIONAL gain, whether it be to gain, whether it be to gain attention to self or power, or to manipulate through guilt game. or?  Ponder this carefully. If you ones who believe and call yourselves of "Jewish" heritage really want to KNOW the Truth about the basis of "your" religion and people, please obtain The Phoenix Journal Catalog from America West and read ALL of the JOURNALS regarding Khazars and Zionists.

Please, precious ones, do not become offended that I single out ONE or TWO physically perceived groups as example for, in God's realms of Higher Knowledge, we do not recognize separation of physical structure or of belief structure in religion.  We see only the SOUL ESSENCE as a fragment of the ONE Creator.  You, each one of you, whether you are male of female, black, white, red, yellow, green, or brown in physical presentation are CHILDREN OF GOD in soul essence, if you bear a soul. You each are, therefore, members of MY family.  We of the HOSTS do not recognize separation as do you.  That understanding comes with KNOWLEDGE of the Truth of the following: I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE and WE ARE ALL RELATED.

If I achieve nothing else in bringing this transmission, let it be that YOU ones really begin to pass through that physical barrier perception of self and others as separate, lesser or superior to self, and truly SEE yourselves as relatives and equal fragments of the ONE CREATOR in UNITY.  In this way of loving brotherhood and unity, will you each earn your wings and rightly be called "God's Chosen Ones".  So be it.

Let us close this document for I know I have left you each with much to ponder this day.  Thank you, precious little dove, Druthea, for sitting with me. This time I share is as much for you, precious, as it is for each one who partakes of this transmission.  I am with you, Dru, to guide and council as you accept. And I am available to any and to all who call forth in intent, whether you call me by Jesus or Immanuel or Pale Prophet or Sananda, I HEAR your heart if it is my energy you request.  YOU are my family and I love you each as a part of myself and Our Father/Mother Creator.  Thank you for your attention.  I salute you for your courage and your willingness to attend GOD"S BUSINESS.  I AM Sananda, One with God within Creation of LIGHT.  Be at Peace and DO God's will.  Salu.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 2, 1992, Volume 19, Number 7.