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12/22/92   SANANDA

Greetings, I AM Sananda, the One called Esu Immanuel and commonly known as Jesus Christ among contemporary Christians.  I have come this day, as with all days, transmitting my message through a very human scribe, in service to the Holy Source of ALL, The Radiant One Creator.

I express in this way through this receiver, for she is in training for a mission she does not completely comprehend in her own mind.  For this reason she experiences a great deal of anxiety about her own choices and decisions.  Questioning her every move now to self comes her questions to self: Is "this" the "right" choice?  Or, is this the "rightest" choice?  Does this sound like someone else out there reading this?

What could possibly be "underneath" these vacillating feelings?  Fear, precious ones.  Dru is not alone in her feelings.  As I monitor this one, I am pained to see her struggle against her greatest enemy--herself.  Yet I know, as One who has traveled as she is doing, that only SHE can conquer this greatest enemy she faces.  Yes, we can provide physical protection; yet, when in your human experience, often it seems to be not a gift to "live" through the emotional roller coaster which can and does confront many ones of you.

These are your lessons which none can avoid or cheat upon.  All of you must face yourselves: fears, inadequacies, insecurities and discover the CAUSE within you that you may grow above these and MASTER self in responsible thinking and action.

Oh, precious ones, it is easy to long for the "better" days when you lived in ignorance of the evil cancer upon that place.  Yet, you cannot ever go back to ignorance once you KNOW, for in attempting you only punish self and paralyze your ability to choose wisely.  There is but one way to choose wisely.  There is but one way to walk, one foot in front of the other, seeking the higher vision in front of you and accepting responsibility for self actions.  Imagine ascending a mountain, toward a goal of clear vision with your eyes facing behind you.  It may be easy to fall from the path and to get lost for you have not bearing on position of self and the goal.  Try walking backwards up a mountain.  You may eventually achieve reaching the ascent, yet did you benefit from the clear vision along the way?  Who made this ascent difficult for you?  YOU made the choice about how you would walk, correct?  So YOU will make the choice to face your path and the challenges it brings or not.

What if a snow storm was brewing and you saw it not for your back was turned?  What if a great grizzly bear was in your path and you saw it not?  Do you not see, chelas, it is best to walk courageously in the present moments to your future?  In this way you have clear vision to prepare the obstacles as they are presented to you, instead of being devoured by them because you were too afraid to look.

Who overwhelms you?  God never gives you more than you are truly capable of handling on your own.  So if you are overwhelmed by this or that responsibility, it is time to reevaluate what exactly is YOURS and what is another's which you choose to assume.  How often do you interfere in another's lives to do FOR them what they must do for selves?  We find overwhelm occurs in ones who have adopted for self an inordinate belief that, "If things are to be done right, I must do it myself."  Then you complain of too much responsibility and other people are incompetent, etc.  Well how do you expect anyone else to be as competent as "you" believe self to be if you interfere in their ability to do it themselves?  Oh, it is okay for you to error, but heaven forbid that anyone else makes a mistake.

What amazes me is ones who assume roles of leadership often either will not face their own errors honestly or are so brutal to self that they can barely function for a period of time after a "mistake" is made.  I will tell you a secret about leadership.  Good leaders do not care to be leaders except as necessary to accomplish a clear goal.  And in addition, good leaders know how to delegate responsibility, and once done, allow interference of self ONLY when it is in advisory capacity or when serious irreparable consequences will result.  Sounds a bit like parenthood, does it not?

I realize, precious ones, that at times the fog is so thick, it seems you know not even where you are, let alone where you are going.  What to do?  Request and await the sunshine to burn off the fog and make your vision clear again.  Be patient for there are many lessons in the fog which you will want to learn, that it may not trap you again.

Now, when facing the Truth about self, there comes a time when the Truth is not pleasant to you and yet, if you are to grow, Truth must be faced.  When it comes to the "commitment" to serve God, most of you are learning the right "motions" and the "right" words and you live these going through the motions.  This is a part of your growth, so please, precious ones, do not berate selves when you find that you are in the "phase" of growth of "going through the motions".

What does this mean?  It means, precious ones, that soon you will reach a juncture whereby "going through the motions" will meet your heart in TRUE commitment to Creator.  YOU each will decide to turn your lives over to GOD in your hearts.  The reason many of you delay this "final" letting go of self, is you fear loss of control over your life and that you will not enjoy the responsibility God gives you to fulfill your mission and purpose in soul journey.  Your physical ego is threatened, nothing more.  Remember I told you ones in order to gain your life you must lose it first?  This is a major step in a soul journey, so if you are anxious about it, this is to be expected.  It is like taking a final exam to move into college.  Regardless of how well you know your subject and prepare, there is nearly always the fear of "failure".  Let it go.  For even if you do not pass "go" this time, you will certainly be better prepared next time.

We do not "abandon" you ones specifically unless you demand us to leave and even then your Guide NEVER leaves you, for that is his commission of service.  Sometimes we give you a "rest" to ponder consequences carefully.  Yet if we have made a commitment to you, would you expect us to "give up" on you because you had a rough period of growth and made some foolish decisions?  YOU may want to give up on self; WE do not give up on you as long as your heart hangs on to GOD, regardless of what your mouth and physical mind "thinks".

So ye of little faith need temper that ego, that it is not master over you any longer.  As master, ego is poor and out of place and yet ego will make your decisions for you if you allow it to.  Learn to KNOW the difference between what physical ego WANTS and what is best for your highest spiritual good in the "eyes" of God.  If you trip or backtrack a little, so what?  Get up and keep going toward the goal of self mastery and YOU WILL GET THERE.  Hold my hand, precious ones, for I have walked the human path and KNOW its many obstacles.  I cannot move them for you, yet I can help you recognize them and stay on your path to God of Light and Truth.

Druthea, find peace in this knowing; look how far in your awareness you have come since three years have passed.  You need not dwell in that past, yet be aware that you trod ever diligently toward your soul goal.  There are times one must reflect on obstacles overcome already that new ones are faced in a less ominous light.  And even when you believe you are lost in the wilderness and are so afraid, we are here watching over you.  And remember this, little ones, have we not always shined a warm and encouraging light to you, as you walked alone, to guide you to safety?  Be secure in that knowledge for we are come to bring you home.  So be it.

Thank you, precious children, for attending this document.  These lessons speak to the hearts of many of you ones and I am grateful for this opportunity to share the lessons with you ones.  You ones must realize that you share so many concerns, mostly unvoiced and misunderstood by self. Let the infection release its toxins that healing may begin.  You are my family and I love each of you for you and we are ALL related as fragments of the Divine ONE.

Walk in peace and love, for as tradition you have deemed this season as one of giving.  Let the giving be of the heart in friendship and appreciation for the gifts of Mother Earth and the Great Spirit Father/ Grandfather.  Thank you for sitting with Me, little one.  We do not allow you to stray too far without calling you back to the fold.  Remember this; you need only listen.  With great love and appreciation, I AM Sananda, One with God/Creation.  Salu.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, January 5, 1993, Volume 21, Number 11.

THANK YOU - Rocky Montana