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5/13/92   SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Jesus Sananda. I come in the service of Holy God of Light and Creation. Let me please give honor and appreciation to George and Desiree' for the most wonderful interview with the T.V. crew on the yesterday. To witness the growth of these two working so beautifully in unity is our great pleasure and honor. The seeds of your work together are bearing the blessed fruit from Creator, precious ones, and you must know you give great honor unto Our Father/Mother Creator as you learn to walk and live in His reflection and present example of honor to your brethren. God is indeed well pleased, my chelas!

Now how does one accomplish "working unity" with others? First must come DESIRE to live and work KNOWINGLY with Creator Source on a moment to moment basis. You must KNOW the Laws of God and Nature, and abide within those Laws. Most especially, to work KNOWINGLY WITH GOD, you must BE AS GOD in giving love--love which is the basis of all of Creation. Giving love for equal regiving of love, called Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, allows the creation of BALANCE in self and in your choices and actions. And with Balance in choices and action comes the power of the Sacred Spirit WITHIN you to create and manifest through desire and action the thought bodies which WILL leave no room for evil influence within your Ego-Consciousness.

In other words, YOU will manifest the image of self in spirit, mind and body by your thoughts and beliefs adopted from your physically sensed experience. The success and health of your imagined self depends upon your comprehension of the unfolding spark of INNER KNOWLEDGE of KNOWING AND BEING LIKE UNTO GOD IN YOUR NATURE and in your actions. If your beliefs and thinking be in error and contain discord, such as hatred, resentment and unworthiness, then you will create yourself and your experience to support that crippled image. This is the natural Law of Cause and Effect working in its perfection. The Law is perfection, only the human consciousness exists in imperfection because of ignorance of God's Nature and Laws and the invariable defiance of these perfect Laws. Ignorance in itself is not a "sin". It simply is. Unfolding physical ignorance until the seed of knowing is in some way inspired WITHIN him to experience that higher power which is within ALL things, centering them, without ALL things, controlling them.

In time, over many, many lifestreams, each human begins to unfold the seed of his spiritual self, the only part of himself which is real, which is created in the perfect image of the ONE Creator Source. Eventually, by continued inspiration and developing desire to KNOW and Be like Creator in image, unfolding human recognizes UNITY and relationship of self to ALL in Creation. No longer is separation desired in all interactions. Instead, communion and understanding is desired and reached for with ALL who come into his experience. Giving becomes his nature, for he has learned to attune self to the ONE nature, ONE MIND of GOD SOURCE of ALL. And in so doing has achieved UNITY OF PURPOSE AND MIND WITH CREATOR AND CREATION. This is what is referred to as the universal heartbeat which unfolding spiritual man seeks to attune his life to.

You are all, who study these JOURNALS and LIBERATORS, in some level of process unique to each, based upon individual desire and imagination, learning to attune yourself to the universal heartbeat of the ONE. Each will achieve understanding and Knowledge in equal measure to his desire and ACTION taken from listening WITHIN to God whose language of light is electric and who speaks to all in the perfect language of lighted inspiration.

Every choice you make and action you take today builds your image of self and your experience. You do not become co-creator until you CONSCIOUSLY KNOW AND LIVE GOD'S NATURE AND LAW OF LOVE, AND BALANCED INTERCHANGE. Until then, you are but a product of your beliefs gathered from the physical sensed experience. You are trapped in the limitations of physical experience as long as your beliefs defy God's laws and you manifest discord through your ignorance and attachment to greed and material sensual experiences.

Most of you ones have been experiencing in the lower, highly compressed physical dimensional places, such as Earth Shan, for a very long time indeed. Many of you now attending your lessons within THIS WORD, THESE JOURNALS, stand at the entrance to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE experiences. The door is open, my precious chelas. Each of you must now choose, by living your spiritual integrity within God's Laws, to walk through that door into the glory and freedom of God's higher kingdoms of light and experience. I, Sananda, stand at that door with my hand outstretched, along with the rest of The HOSTS. Can you see yourself taking my hand? Yes, of course you can! And you will, for We of The Hosts of God come to bring God's lost lambs home, for the journey has not been easy and yet the JOY of the return of you ones of MINE brethren is already beginning to echo in the halls of GOD! So be it.

Walk in JOY and PEACE with one another. Do not allow yourselves to become mired in the confusion and discord of ANY other. You need not ever defend yourself from a lie, only stand in honor with THE TRUTH. Leave others to their folly without you. Remember, it matters not one iota what another thinks of you, only how they treat you in behavior is what you must understand and act upon IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD INSIGHT.

Thank you for sitting with me this day, little light of mine, Druthea. Thank you for your attention, my precious chelas. You each are so very precious chelas. You each are so very cherished! KNOW YOUR WORTHINESS! I AM Sananda, One with GOD within Creation. Salu.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, May 19, 1992, Volume 19, Number 5.