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11/3/92    SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  The name being a label given of My Father, the Infinite ONE Creator.  It simply means One within and of God.  I AM the One Who walked your place as Esu Immanuel or, more commonly, My being is called Jesus Christ.

I am not yet upon that place called Earth, although rumors abound that I am in incarnation there.  It is not yet "time" for My return for My Father is the ONE Who shall decide the date and hour for even I am not given to know it.  I promised God's people that I would return to reclaim HIS property from the evil ones.  KNOW THIS, I AM but a thought away for the Truth-seekers among My brethren upon Earth Shan.  There are others who bring My Father's message and who are most enlightened as to the Christed path Ideal which I and OTHERS of Cosmic knowledge bring to the many people of your planet.

Then mostly there are the deceivers who simply confuse and distract many of God's people.  It will be each who will find Truth for self and it will involve the deepest soul-searching and self-evaluation which you each must experience in order to finally find those pearls of wisdom which elude so many for so long.  I know that it is not easy to release the doubts and fears as you each face self and realize how little you really do KNOW.

I will now share a story relating to your human experience which will allow you to see a more humorous outlook of this experience. At least my scribe giggled herself silly when the picture was painted for her.

Each child is born into a carefully selected learning experience which will allow that soul to fulfill a specified destiny by GOD. Each experience is unique for the level of soul awareness of each one, so therefore the choice of parents, upbringing, culture, religion, country, sex and physical condition is carefully selected and planned by the soul, his/her Guide and GOD.  What is the goal?  Ultimately the soul's higher goal is the return to God, to oneness with and within God.  All the incarnations leading up to Return "time" are rehearsals, so to speak, which ultimately teach or actually reawaken the soul memory about God's unconditional love and how to BE and GIVE that love to Creation and to the many Creatures of God in absolute harmony.

Since each human is a thought fragment of God the ONE Creator, each is in essence a child of the ONE.  Each is given free-will choices to make decisions which will either re-awaken memory of God's Love within or will pull him further into sleepy ignorance about God's Love.  This forgetfulness is what has led to the belief in SELF-centered separation from all and thus is the CAUSE of ALL discord and disharmony in a soul's life experience.  When an individual is unable to see his connectedness to ALL in Creation and his ONENESS with God, then he develops a belief in self as an island, not understanding how his thoughts and behaviors are dumped constantly in the ocean of human consciousness which surrounds him and which pollutes the space of other creatures.

So all you little islands will need to cooperate and come into some measure of connectedness and unity in order to find God within and give the love which He is.

So now let us look at an individual soul who incarnates upon the physical earth.  The soul has a physical ego, which is a "compilation" of some of the personalities developed from previous existences and current programming of character.  Although most do not remember anything before this birth and it is set up purposely this way, many of you ones find you have talents and abilities that come to you easily.  When you pursue these you may find fulfillment, depending on the impacting circumstances of your journey.  Now, when a soul is spiritually unaware, it believes the physical to be "it".  Whatever the soul can taste, see, feel, smell or hear is to him "real" and nothing else exists if it falls outside these parameters.  This is ego separation from God.

Only when the soul consciousness begins to recognize something greater and more intelligent than physical self is guiding his life, then will the soul begin its awakening and remembering of a higher purpose to be achieved during his lifestream in the physical.

Now, let us call the physical ego a garbage can.  Oh my, how so?  Because the physical ego which is out of touch with its Divinity within collects beliefs about itself, about life, about other people, about religions and about everything else which comes into its physical attention.  They are not complete truths and many may be outright lies.  Now most all of you carry your own garbage around wherever your experience takes you: to work, home, grocery store, school, etc.  If you allow nothing or no one to challenge your need for those bits of garbage you have collected, you keep piling it higher and deeper until many of you are now carrying a great dumpster-size garbage holder.  Many of you hold your garbage in front of you...close to your heart.  This means "stay away from my garbage!"  Many of you carry a great load upon your backs.  This means, "My burden in life is so great, woe is me"...the victim/martyr.  Many of you leave the lid off and allow everyone who so chooses to throw more garbage in, so now you get to not only carry yours but someone else's as well.

So what is a soul to do?  First, recognize you carry garbage.  Next, do not accept any more from others.  Next, agree to allow God to help you look at your garbage piece by piece.  And I mean sit WITH GOD'S PRESENCE when gathering information, especially on spiritual matters!  God will show you what needs to be examined.  HOW?  Let us call it when He shoots an arrow through your garbage and it hits your heart, meaning your seat of God-Consciousness.  The straight arrow represents spiritual Truths.  When you are "hit" by an arrow of Truth, there is no mistaking it.  The physical ego often screams in anger, because some valued piece of garbage (untruth) has been shattered.

This is the moment of a great test for a soul.  For if the soul chooses to deny the arrow in his heart, he may do so.  He may become so bitter and enraged, depenkb7psgh345gh345pness of attachment to a particular piece of garbage, that he will quickly patch up the garbage can or even dump all the garbage in a new can and move himself into a defensive mode.  The messenger who sent the arrow will become the "arch enemy" and the soul may even go so far as to attack his perceived enemy with intent to destroy the messenger so that he does not (he thinks) have to face the message.  Test Failed.

The other choice is to choose to examine the arrow of Truth and recognize the error in perception.  When this sort of response occurs, then the soul begins to question many, many things in his life.  He starts the process of sorting through his garbage can of illusion and looking at each piece.  When he finds a piece of garbage is useless, he will discard it and if he continues to remain in God's presence of requesting that which he needs for his Highest Good, many more arrows of Truth will pierce his heart as God so allows for that individual soul's awakening needs.  When the Truth of each arrow is accepted and attitudes and behaviors of an individual adjusted accordingly, then your load of garbage becomes lighter and lighter!  This is when a soul begins to accept responsibility for his life and his behaviors as he allows himself to become centered by God from a conscious level.The soul is as free as a butterfly when it recognizes its Oneness with God, with other Humans and other Beings and with other Creatures.  This is when a soul begins to glimpse the vision of his higher purpose within God's Divine plan.  What a time of JOY this awakening is for the soul and his Guide and Teachers!

As garbage is discarded, it simply dissolves, for it was not real until the human mind gave it power in his life.  Your life will begin to reflect this balance of inner understanding for you will learn to accept the Higher Wisdom of God Who dwells within you.  This does not mean your life will become one of ease.  No, for when you become about Our Father's work, you will undoubtedly be faced with difficult encounters and circumstances as you effort to grow into His Love and Truth-giving, child.

The more personal power you develop within God's Laws, the more of a target you become for God's adversaries, the ones who choose evil and need human minds to control for their purposes.  The adversaries play upon ignorance and offer GOLD garbage cans.  Always be on your guard and NEVER take God's protection for granted.  Remember, evil seeks your weakest points and is ruthless.  Do not give evil easy access to you.  Keep GOD'S Lighted Shield of protection intact and monitor your intent so that you may hold that physical ego in check that IT does not lead you around like a chicken with no head!

So I trust we have encouraged a few chuckles among you.  When you think of your physical ego as a great trash can, perhaps it will make you more diligent in your desire to clean up your own garbage.

Thank you for sitting with me, Druthea.  I know you have been sifting a lot of garbage these past days and it caused you great consternation.  It is very humbling and yet it does allow one to experience more compassion for his fellow brothers and sisters.  It becomes very difficult to sit and judge others when you decide to look at your own collected garbage heap, does it not?

Isn't learning Truth fun?  How about challenging?  And you ones thought you were just preparing for golf and cruise ship retirements!  Oh my, it can be rude to be awakened from la la fantasy land, can it not?  And you who do answer God's call are truly blessed and most of you really do not see how truly blessed you are!  WHY?  Because you struggle with human understanding of a presence (evil) which simply makes no sense to your at all.  Why the senseless killing of babies?  Why the hunger of children and families?  Why is everyone so afraid of one another?  Ignorance (spiritual), greed and selfishness.  Ones have been so buried in garbage, they know not who they are or that there is a God.  How sad it is.  And yet all the more need for YOU to bring God's light of love and mercy to the ignorant and innocent.  For if not you, then WHO?

Thank you for pondering this lesson.  May you keep God at the center of every choice you make.  So be it.  I AM Sananda.  I come in service to Holy God Creator of Light.  You are blessed ones of My family and I shall never leave you whose hearts are true. Walk together, precious brothers and sisters, in peace and love, and God walks with you always.  Salu.


Resource: PHOENIX LIBERATOR, November 17, 1992 issue, Volume 21, Number 5.