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August 11, 2014

12/24/91   SANANDA

Greetings Thomas, I AM Sananda, Esu Immanuel and I come in Light and in Service unto Holy God.  Blessings and joy unto my most beloved and devoted workers.  You ones in this valley who work most diligently in mine fields are beloved of me.  Mine light is yours and you are but a reflection of that ONE to whom all must one day return.  Blessings unto each and every one of you for you are not given to know the true value of that which you are doing.  Yeah, even the smallest of perceived tasks is witnessed and recorded.  Yes, you are most beloved and treasured in mine realms.

Be most gentle with self as you go about your day are human.  This is not to say that you are given free reign to disobey God's Laws at every turn...although the free will certainly does permit this.  It is most unwise to betray self with willful violations which shall only serve to bring pain and further needed lessons.  Each is in the choosing and in the choosing the harvest is gleaned.  Each must carefully plant of the seed before the rewards may is the LAW.  Most upon your place are so ego-self filled that it is to the harvest that all eyes are fixed...and so few are willing to put forth the effort necessary to bring about change and fruitful works.  It is by your works that ye shall be judged.  And ye shall not be judged in the manner in which ye expect.  Always it is perceived by man to be one way when indeed it is different.  It is through discipline, actually hard work fully focused in proper intent, that is required.  There is no free lunch in God's realms...although all are certainly welcome at the table. Charity is of GOD...welfare most certainly is NOT.

Mine workers are most ill this day.  Peace be with you.  You serve well in that which you do.  And yes, there are more lessons coming.  Think you that the lessons would cease?  Nay, the lessons continue and continue and continue...unto the fullness of Glory in His Presence.  There may be great joy in the learning.  Haven't you ones experienced enough pain?  Release the pain and learn the lessons therefrom, pick yourselves up and continue upon your pathway, in service.  Always keep thine vision upon the goal you wish to attain.  Is your motive in proper order?  Do you wish to glean only for self?  Do you seek security and shelter only for self?  Do you fear and worry over being without?  Be most cautious in that which you project both in word and thought... for it shall surely return to you multiplied.  If your intent be correct and you seek service for the betterment of the whole, for the protection of the remnant...then, yes, then you shall receive help you have not dreamed of in your wildest imaginings...for this is the way of the Lord.  You have assistance available at all times of which you do not know.  And why do you not know of that which is readily available to you?  Because you do not do not seek for that assistance.  And God does not go unless invited. Those of you working in our service must learn to ask for help when you truly are blocked.  Do not beat thineselves about the head and neck for nothing...ask, ask, ask!

Be most grateful as you find warmth in your are most fortunate indeed in this ending time.  Many shall perish and many shall simply suffer for long duration.  Such is the way of ending cycles.  Be compassionate with one another...each has a difficult path, each is only different.  Do not project that one has it easier than you, for you know not the load that that one may carry.  You know not that which has gone before.  Think not that you are wise, for I tell you, you are not wise.  You are but learning.  And there is Glory in the learning, blessed chelas.

It is the time of family and friendship.  I am most warmed by that which I witness among those of whom are my beloved ones.

There is much that is done in mine name that is abhorrent unto mine sight...I say there is much that is done in mine name that is abhorrent unto mine sight!  Those ones shall learn well their lessons before coming into mine presence...for they have used and betrayed their brothers and their way of return shall be most hard indeed.  So be it.

Beloved of me, know you that you are held in mine LIGHT!  Forget it not.  I see ALL.  I know what is in your heart of hearts.  You may not hide from God.  Why would you even consider such a thought?  God is your teacher...your FATHER.  Is it not in the best of wisdom to learn from your greatest friend and ally that you may continue in your experience in balance?  Why seek you the way of the physical when the physical is but a fleeting lie?  Think on these things.  Too often man will give in to the moment only to find that in the giving in he has betrayed only himself.  How long must these lessons be learned by man before he learns that the better way is right before him?  How long?  Do I come harshly?  Nay...I come as your brother.  Soon I shall come with sword in hand and on that day I shall come as God...who among you shall stand with me on that day?


I come in Service unto God/Aton.  I come with the Hosts of Heaven.  Was it not said that I go to prepare a place for you?  What thought you that I meant by this?  Is it not the better part of wisdom to live according to the Laws of Balance and thus participate in the free exploration of God's realms?  There is glory in heaven...I tell you there is glory in Heaven!  Who will join me?  Who will stand with me?  Will you?

Be forgiving unto self.  Be forgiving unto your friends.  Be forgiving unto your neighbor.  These are the ending times and they are most difficult and painful indeed.  Fall not prey to the confusion and the turmoil.  Lift your heads that you might see with greater vision that which is before you.  Give thanks this day.


I hold you ones in mine sight.  Blessings unto mine ones.






Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 30, 1991, Volume 17, Number 11.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.




Resource: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 30, 1991, Volume 17, Number 11.

THANK YOU   --  Rocky Montana