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6/4/92   SANANDA

Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service unto the Light of Our One Creator Source, God/Aton.[a Creator Son]

I AM the one who cAme some 2000 years past in your counting and am now commonly referred to as Jesus Christ. That label is an error projection of mineself given by Saul of Tarsus, also known as Paul within the Bible of today. Saul was no disciple of mine and was self-proclaimed to speak in my behalf. He brought you ones lies and confusion regarding myself and my crucifixion. This ONE obstacle to the Truth has stifled many a seeker of Truth and Christian understanding. His projection that I shed blood as a sacrificial lamb to forever forgive and absolve believers on my blood from sin IS TOTAL FABRICATION AND, IN ADDITION, NOT LOGICAL ACCORDING TO THE TEACHINGS OF THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION WHICH I BROUGHT AS REPRESENTATIVE FROM OUR HOLY CREATOR!

YOU will be accountable for your own sins (errors) which defy the LAWS of GOD. No being, regardless of illumination of knowledge, can accept responsibility for YOUR errors for I, as an elder teacher, would be greatly in error. How would you ever learn self-responsibility if you forever are unaccountable for self-errors? No matter what you think or believe in wishful thinking error, you cannot change the Truth of HOW IT IS. I come in this format now, with my scribes, with the HOSTS OF GOD to tell you HOW IT IS that you may SEE within and KNOW the Truth and adjust your thinking and behavior accordingly to bring balance to self and this planet. What you do now is your choice and you WILL be accountable for self!

Now I wish to share an example that ones, believing on Mary that  she have tools to attempt to break the spell of ignorance and superstition which many, many ones of you calling yourselves Christian have.

Now I will present two hypothetical individuals and their life-living circumstance. After you have read both of them, please answer to self WHICH individual gives honor to and is favored in intent of God, Our One Creator:

1. Mary is a nurse and loves people. She decides to work for hospitals which care for the poor and homeless, and she spends her life giving to others who are ill, infirm and mentally disturbed. When people who have come to love her for her kindness and caring of them ask her what religion she follows, she tells them NONE. She calls herself an atheist because she cannot and does not believe in the God which was presented to her in her childhood "Christian" church.

2. Sam is a stock-broker businessman. He is married with two children. Sam is often unscrupulous in business, seeking to gain more for self and material wealth. He seldom sees his family and he commits adultery quite regularly. Sam calls himself a devout Christian and goes to church every Sunday. He believes on the blood of Jesus Christ who is his savior, who he believes saves him from his sins.

Which of these two honors and is closer to God? Be careful, precious ones who call yourself Christian. For when our speaker presented a similar choice to ones calling themselves Christian, they chose Sam as closer to God. WHY? BECAUSE HE BELIEVES IN JESUS CHRIST AS HIS SAVIOR AND SO HIS SINS ARE FORGIVEN. That is the answer they gave our speaker. And I tell you here and now that is absolute NONSENSE! Is that what I taught when I spoke of God's LAWS? USE REASON, precious ones. I told you that "As you sow, so you shall reap." Which way will you have it?

What you ones are essentially believing is that you can sin all day long, all of your life and, if you simply believe on the blood of Jesus, you are not accountable for YOUR errors against the Laws of God. WAKE-UP, you sleeping lambs, for you reap a bitter harvest if you believe you are NOT accountable for your own errors. The law of Cause and Effect is ABSOLUTE; you will not change the law. You better, however, start using your God-given reasoning ability and seriously think about your behavior and what YOU are going to DO to bring balance back to SELF and this planet. Faith upon My blood without works is useless and is essentially empty wishful thinking which will leave you ignorant and unfulfilled inside self. Please ponder this carefully!

 So now HOW do you successfully cope with CHANGE which seems to be accelerating and requiring every moment of your time to decide upon and experience in balance of lessons given? First by facing, head on, your fears about the changes you are experiencing. Remember, change is constant and is determined by your thinking and actions. Change in attitude, for example, involves careful self-scrutiny and honesty about feelings. Change is always and opportunity for growth. Resistance to any change is often fear based. You fear because you do not completely understand what the change will mean for your life.

Many of you ones are yet unable to completely Trust God within and most often you seek to understand a circumstance from your conscious ego physical perception. It is a habit which you will learn to break consciously by desiring God within to guide you and assist you in all of your decisions. It requires that you gain INSIGHT AND COURAGE to communicate your intent honestly, COURAGE and DETERMINATION to take action when you are called by God to do so and WISDOM to recognize every call God sends you to serve.

Working successfully within Change involves accepting responsibility when it is yours, refusing responsibility when it is not yours (staying out [of] others' business), asking for God within to guide you, accepting the guidance and then acting upon it. Will you make errors in discernment? Yes, although, as you attune your will and center yourself with God within, you will make fewer and fewer errors in discernment.

You are only helpless and victimized because you CHOOSE to be. If that is painful, precious ones, then perhaps it is time to heal that sore spot that you can move on into your glory where you can truly MAKE THINGS HAPPEN WITH GOD'S PRESENCE AND GUIDANCE instead of WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN OR EVEN WORSE, WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED AFTER YOUR SHIP IS SUNK!

It is the time of sorting. And you ones who learn to master self in the virtues of Love giving, Knowledge, Wisdom, Compassion, Fortitude and Generosity will be most welcome in the higher kingdoms of God. We humbly await your decisions that we may extend our light and love unto you who extend it to your brethren on Earth Shan.

If you find yourself unhappy with any circumstance you are in, you must first ask yourself WHY? Is there someone in your mind to blame? WHY? What do you want to change? What is your goal? How do you know? Are you willing to ask for help? Do you know that if asked in heart intent IT WILL BE GIVEN? Will you miss or refuse the hand? Do you despise self for feeling helpless? WHY? How can you change anything if you hate yourself for your feelings? The tools are WITHIN you, precious ones. YOU must use them and ask GOD to show your the way. When you despise yourself, you belittle God. And you continue in your path of failure and unfulfillment.

Take MY hand, precious ones, and look at self for you are your own worst enemy and, on the other hand, you are also your greatest friend when you honor and learn to release blame and victimhood. Let us take it a step at a time and soon, together, we will be there. When you are strong enough then you may take the hand of another and another and on and on until we bring EVERY brother and sister who is ready to LIVE AND BE AS GOD IN SERVICE WITHIN HIS DIVINE PLAN EVER UNFOLDING IN PERFECTION. So be it.

Let us close this document now. May Truth and Understanding be yours in these lessons for YOU are my brethren and I love you each as a part of mineself. Thank you for your attention. Thank you, little dove, for sitting with me this day. OUR Creator is given great honeor [honor] by your service, chela. I stand with you, my precious, regardless of where you [your] service takes you in the physical. Be at peace for the time of my coming draws near. I AM Sananda, One with God in Light and service unto you my brethren. Good day and Salu.

Resource:  Phoenix Journal Liberator, June 1992, Volume 19, Number 9.

Thank you,   Rocky Montana