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FRI., AUG. 11, 1989    9:45 A.M.    YEAR 2, DAY 360



When they had all gathered, he talked with them and said, "Behold, I shall talk to you this one last time; then I will leave and never return to this place.  My path leads me to India where many of this human race live also, because they left this land in order to dwell there.  My mission leads me unto them and to the human race which was born there.  My path to that place will be long, for I must bring my new teachings yet unto many countries, likewise to the shores of the great black waters to the north of this place.   

"Before I shall depart, however, I shall give you a last lesson: If man lives according to the Laws of The Creation, he lives rightly in truth, but this is [not] the final goal: Everything human has to die in man, but everything creative has to rise and embrace The Creation.  Consider the Universe as the place where The Creation abides in the infinite.  Everything that man owns has its origin in The Creation; therefore it belongs to The Creation.

"Man shall change his entire spiritual life and perfect it, so that it may become one with The Creation.  And if man does a thing, he must do it with the awareness of the Presence of The Creation.  But man shall never force truth onto another, for it would be worthless.  First man shall watch his own progress in spirit so that he creates in himself creative harmony.  To use "force" is not of The Creation.

"No greater darkness rules in man than does ignorance and lack of wisdom.  The victory of man consists at its height in destroying and removing each power opposing the creative, in order that the creative might prevail.

"Man must develop in himself the power to judge over good and evil and the correct perception in all things, so that he may be wise, fair and just while following the Laws of The Creation.

"Perception is necessary as to that which is real and that which is unreal, what is valuable and that which has no value; also, that which is of The Creation and that which is not.  Man must become a universal unit of oneness, so that he becomes one with The Creation.  However great the suffering of man, the power of The Creation in man is immeasurably greater to conquer all that is evil.

"If man lives only in his consciousness, as a man, he will remain inaccessibly distant from his spirit and from The Creation, and therefore, from the Laws thereof.  The greater man's dedication to the Laws of The Creation, the deeper will be the peace he harbors within himself.  Man's happiness consists in that he seek and find truth, so that he may gather thereof, knowledge and wisdom, and think and act in accord with The Creation.  Because only through the conditions of human life can man develop his creative powers in spirit, and utilize them.

"Man must try daily to unfold his powers and capabilities, for only thereby will he obtain experience in their usage.  As long as man is not one with The Creation, he will never have the ability to laugh about death of the physical body or of the transition which appears to be death.  For fear of the unknown is in man, that which only perfection is able to perceive and that of which the spirit is all knowing.

"Instead of being guided by instincts and impulses, man must live in total realization of wisdom and also according to the Law. Man shall not lose his way in the forest of limitations, but shall expand his spirit and see, and find, knowledge and wisdom, so that he may come closer to his life's purpose and goal and recognize the creative principle in all things.  A thousand lights will help man on his path, if he but watches for them and follows them.

"Man can, and will, attain all knowledge and wisdom, if he seriously and persistently strives for perfection.  The Laws serve all those who are willing to see truth and wisdom in unlimited measure, in as much as they master themselves in all possible facets and develop their spiritual powers ever higher and higher, and perfect themselves thereby.

"Man should not consider his physical misery, but the reality of spirit and the being which is of The Creation. There is steady unrest in man, because he has an inner knowledge that his fate and destination are to be one within Creation.  Man may be great, wise and good, but that is not sufficient.  He must become ever wiser, greater and better; there may not be any limits to love, peace and joy, for the present has to be unceasingly exceeded.



"Verily I say to you, love that is unlimited, constant and infallible, is without conditions and pure, and in its fire all that is unclean and evil will burn.  For such a love is the love of The Creation and of its Laws, also to which man has been predestined since the beginning of time.  Since this is the final "goal" of man, he must take care that this must and shall be so, for this is his destiny.  As yet man does not understand the wisdom of this teaching, because it is adulterated everywhere of Earth.  In his ignorance, man falsified it in all various arts and forms so that it becomes diffused and incomprehensible.

"However, in two thousand years it will be brought forth and taught anew, unfalsified, when man has become reasonable and knowledgeable.  A new age and generation will come forth which foretells great changes.  In the stars can be read that the people of the new era will be great revolutionaries in truth and from the stars shall come the truth thereof.  Therefore, a few special people, chosen ones, will teach anew my unfalsified pronouncements.  They shall have great courage for they will be persecuted by those of the false doctrines claiming to pronounce my truth.  They shall be denounced and accused falsely of all manner of crimes in order to stop the bringing forth of truth.

"You must go and prepare the way for my teachings and make all peoples its disciples.  But beware of false teaching, which because of your own ignorance, you would allow to ascend.  Some of you are most inclined to project my teachings in error.  I sternly caution you, and warn you, to be careful in bearing forth only the truth.  Teach unto the people everything which I commanded you, lest you falsify my teachings."



 Phoenix Journal #2, 'AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME JMMANUEL', Chapter 17, pages 160-163.