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Speaking Wind - On Ancient Native American Prophecies

By Speaking Wind

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changed forever. The prophecies of the Hopi and other Native American peoples spoke of an end of time long before the European calendar was invented. And according to Native American prophecy expert Speaking Wind, those prophecies have proven to be quite accurate. Speaking Wind, a Pueblo Indian who was raised in the mountains of northern New Mexico, left his career as a international business consultant in 1993 after a mystical experience during which, he believes, he left his body and received a directive from the Great Messenger to speak out on the prophecies. "I was told it's time to begin working now, the time for doing the silly stuff is over," he said.

Speaking Wind, who will be in Seattle for the Universal Lightworkers Conference July 17-25, recently spoke with Common Ground REFLECTIONS about some of the prophecies he sees coming to fruition in our time.

CGR: What are some of the most important prophecies concerning our generation? Are we entering a period of destruction?

SW: The prophecies tell us that the Earth Mother is not dying, she is not going to end, she is not going to blow up. She is merely washing her face.

If you happen to be a particle of dust, or a piece of pollen that has been irritating her eye, or that cannot withstand the washing of her face, then you fall off of her. You're not lost, you're not destroyed, but you're taken to the next Earth, where you get to do this all over again with another layer of emotion. The ones who stay are the ones who no longer need lessons. The prophecies tell us that people will begin to see with their own eyes again.

The prophecy that is that unfolding now is the one that speaks of the Two Twins, the Grandmother and the Grandfather. The Grandfather awakens the Firebird. The Firebird ignites the fire. This prophecy goes back 40,000 years ago, when they were telling us what would happen at the end. Now the Two Twins are two volcanoes. Today, the Twins are going off one by one.

When both the Twins go off simultaneously, and they blow the black smoke into the sky, then the Grandmother awakes from her sleep, feels the cork in her mouth and blows it out, which means that Mexico City goes up into the air. Then she blows so hard she wakes up the Grandfather. Now the Grandfather is Mount Rainier, who is still sending all sort of seismic activity out. As he wakes up, his noise wakes up the Firebird. The Firebird comes out from under the Waters of Life and reignites the Circle of Fire, which is all the volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean. I read last March that the activity in the Ring of Fire has increased to about 3,200 underwater eruptions per month. Once the Ring of Fire ignites, then the Grandmother's land become so turbulent, that the Turtle shakes the tail off, which means Mexico's plates go into the water.

CGR: Are the prophecies warning us of events that cannot be changed? Or is there any way we can alter the prophecies?

SW: They are set into motion already. We have three chances. The first chance that we have to change these ancient prophecies from unfolding was in the sign that was given to our people long time ago. They said that the first warning, you'll have three signs. The First Sign, the prophecies can be changed. The Second Sign, the prophecies can be changed. But when the Third Sign comes, it's too late.

CGR: You believe that we've already seen the first two Signs.

SW: The First Sign was famine that will not be spread worldwide, but will be heard of worldwide. If you look at Africa, we've heard of these things worldwide, yet we did nothing about them.

The Second Sign was when you begin to see life around you change in form.

The Second Sign was shown to us just last year. And it began with the frogs; now it's into the chickens, the cows, the sheep and into a lot of the plants and vegetables that we eat. That was the deformity, the deformity that comes through in three and five legs, six and eight fingers, legs that aren't there, hearts that aren't there, brains that aren't there, two brains, three hearts, two heads. Late November of 1996, there were two medical doctors, one in Prescott in Arizona and one just north of Miami, on CNN, sending out their pleas to ask people to look at what they're doing, look at the babies that are being born. And they showed all these pictures of children with six and eight fingers on hand and maybe no hand on the other arm. Some with an eye in the middle of their head, an ear placed down on their neck. And they said this is the result of all the toxicity that going into the lands.

The Hopi have been saying this for almost five years because our children have been born that way for that long. See, it's spreading. For people to think they are unaffected is to live in the illusion. If you drink water, if you eat food, chances are you have it, because the way the distribution systems are, what's grown in one part of the world is sent to other parts, then it spreads. They told us in the Second Sign that the only to change the prophecy is through spirituality. We have not received the Third Sign yet. My hope is that by speaking of these ancient prophecies, is to explain to people, to remind them, that it's still not too late to stop these events, but you cannot do it any other way except through spirituality.

CGR: This month, thousands of people who describe themselves as Rainbow warriors will be gathering in the wood of Oregon for a Gathering. does the Rainbow Tribe fit in the ancient prophecies? What role do they play in our future?

SW: The concept of warrior among the people is no one that fights another person. A warrior battles within himself to find their own truth. The Rainbow People, in these terms, are ones that understand that there is nothing that separates them from their other relations. Ergo, the colors all coming together, the races all coming together. There is nothing that separates them. But the original term, in the sense of the Rainbow People, they are the ones that would go into the sacred sites all over the face of the Earth.

There is no place on this world that you can stand that there is not a sacred site within 100 miles, that's how many there are. Rainbow People showed us how to call the rainbow. They would stand in these sacred places, they would speak the words, and out from their solar plexus would come a rainbow. The rainbow would be the bridge between Creator and themselves.

This is how they would see and look on the face of Creator and find their feedback that they needed to do what was needed next by them. These are the Rainbow People. These are the ones who have returned completely now. These are also the ones who are beginning to wake up. As they wake up, they're finding themselves very confused because they feel like they no longer belong where they have been all of their lives. They look at the ones all around them , they look at them as strangers, not realizing that they've changed. But they're beginning to find their own truth. Sometimes in an easy way; other times, in a very difficult way.

The prophecies tell us that the Rainbow Children will be known before the ending of the Second Sign. Before the Third Sign comes, everyone will know and have the opportunity of returning to the rainbow and the Rainbow People, or turning away and walking into the Third Cycle. *

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Speaking Wind will be lecturing on ancient Native American prophecies at the Universal Lightworkers Conference in Seattle July 17-25 He maintains a Web site at