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ARCH ANGEL ZADKIEL:  My warmest greetings to all souled Earth people, those on the Astral Plane, and to all the visiting ones surrounding Mother Earth at this time, who come from other Universes throughout our great and wondrous Cosmos.

Ah, I see that many of you souled ones upon Earth have not heard of me, nor have even heard my name spoken among you.  I am the Arch Angel radiating the Violet Flame, and stand third in command next to the great Arch Angel Michael and the second Arch Angel in command.   It is my pleasure that at this time I can speak to all of you, as I give this message to be posted on this website.

I have spent many lifestreams upon Earth, as has many other Arch Angels and great enlightened ones.  I come today to give my message concerning the writing that Little Crow gave to S.  I wish to bring hope to the great Red Men, the American Indians that needs an uplifting of their spirits.  Also, in their history, Esu Sananda helped greatly as the Pale Prophet.

They were once the great ones that occupied Mother Earth, namely America, and lived according to the Laws of God and Creation.  I wish  to give hope again and to encourage my Native American friends to return to the greatness they had at one time.

I speak of the Lakota Sioux, as they have been relegated to the worst possible land on which to live.  They are in poverty, want, and have been swayed by the evil ones to become addicted to the “fire water” (alcohol}, which their body rejects to make them like a drunken animal.  They have been given food stamps, but that which they consume is garbage food.  By that I mean all the sugary and salty foods wrapped of in golden sacks to sway them to eat.  Also, there are chemicals within these foods that cause addition and to want more and more.  This, also, includes all the degrading soft drinks that rot their gut and teeth.

If you have ever been on their reservation, you would see in places old cars, junk, weeds and a barren, dry land without many trees, and growing food on such land is a desperate struggle. Many burn wood in their stoves to keep warm, but the availability of such is like finding gold.  Their houses are small and many look so poor that no one would even think of having one for him in which to live.  However, the government came in and built some homes, but would not employ any Indian to help to build or have any part of helping in order to help that Indian to be proud that he worked to build his own home.  It would be a work of his own. 

In anger, the some of the Indian people took parts from their “home” and sold them to get money to live.  The Indians are great and mighty warriors, as Little Crow, I weep at times because they had forgotten their great heritage of the past.   They are the Bird Tribes of greatness. 

As I now look down upon all the tribes of Native Americas, I am overjoyed to see that all is not in vain.

I do have some very good news!  The message that Sananda and Little Crow gave to one “S” has born much fruit, for the great Red Man is coming awake, and is taking back his heritage with honor and glory.  I did not say they have completed turning around, but gradually the light of their greatness is flowing among them, and I see much hope.  It is not so much where they live, as it is the greatness of their Mighty God Spirit within that brings them to enlightenment and the greatness of their heritage. They are rising out of the heap of despair, like the great Phoenix Bird that is the symbol of the Phoenix Journals.   

I give you the link to the message of which I speak.  Do read it again.