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Connecting The Heart

By Barbara Rother

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ith life. This is a time of change. It is an exciting time. Now it is September, and we are going in our part of the world from the seasons of summer into fall. Many of you are going from winter to spring. All of this involves types of transitions. Everything is happening at such a rapid pace. I encourage you to take a deep breath and as you release it know that life is unfolding in the most magnificent way. Know that everything is appropriate.

When you learn to relax, life flows. You are in synchronicity of spirit. Enjoy your life. Timing is everything. Would you be so ready to except the wonders that are presented in your daily world today five years ago? Envision where you will be in the next five years. Feel your heart beat quicken with anticipation. We all have grown to the point of acceptance to whatever is on our path of spiritual growth. Smile with a spiritual confidence, and be one. Make time in everyday to nourish your body and mind with activities that stimulate and delight you with joy and laughter.

Imagine yourself on what we call a roller coaster. That is the way I like to look at life. In the amusement parks, you can go on these great rides that have the steep climb to the peaks only to find yourself spiraling downward at a rapid speed, only next to throw you into a curve that has you hanging on for dear life. I compare this to life. As you get into the seat of the ride you are full of anticipation. You dare yourself to trust that this will be a fun ride. Then you start to take off not knowing what’s ahead of you. You find yourself going down the first hill, and it feels a little scary. You’re hanging onto the hand rail of the seat so very tightly. Your breath is short, the feeling of being uncomfortable sets in. You know there is no going back. You have made the commitment to this ride. The motion throws you back into your seat as the ride starts to go up. Steadily climbing you come to the very peak. For just a brief moment on top of the hill you take a! quick view of the beauty that is all around you. But you loose sight of it as you are hurled downward suddenly. Breathe deeply and find yourself enjoying the ride. Your perception determines how you experience this ride of your life. Let out a scream if it helps you unleash the freedom. You are in control. Your hands now loosen the grip of the rail as you begin to relax.

Your inner voice is saying: “This is only a ride on the game of life.” You start to really have fun on this roller coaster as it begins to jet down and speeds up even faster around the curves. Each turn takes you in a different dimension of your life. You find yourself starting to enjoy every aspect of this ride. Breathe in and breathe out slowly, letting go of all the tensions and tightness of your body. Feel the rush of the wind against your skin and through your hair. Remarkably you find yourself enjoying this ride, wherever it takes you in your life. Explore the unknown possibilities. Everyday is an adventure if you envision your reality this way. Enjoy the ride of your life!

With Love and Light, Barbara

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