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Hitting Critical Mass

By Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

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d. These waves have been the same energy that has been systematically pounding us since the 60's. Just as we began to get bored and impatient with the process . it happened! I feel like a kid who is too excited to speak about something for fear of jinxing it, but I am going to say it anyway. I think we just hit critical mass! I think that enough conscious people have done enough good work and held positive intent that we have made the leap.

This new wave of energy has been effecting us differently and more deeply than before. Physically we have been feeling internal quaking. The building pressure has been causing nausea, dizziness, head pressure and strange headaches, eyeball pressure and visual changes, sensitivity to sound, short-term memory loss, chest pains and pressure, digestive disturbances, sleeping erratically causing a worn out feeling. We know that our bodies take more time to adjust to shifting energy than our spirit does. Our body needs time to adjust to the increased energies. When we get downloaded with new energies it can cause temporary feeling of pressure as the plates in our head shifts. Digestive problems and chest pressure can be caused by the kundalini rising.

These physical symptoms are nothing new. We have felt them before, but what is different is how they are affecting us emotionally. We have been feeling a general disinterested in goals, possessions, money, food and even relationships. Our passion and motivations have vanished! This global despondency leaves us feeling directionless, passionless and visionless and not caring this is so. Did we finally get to the place where we have become desireless? If we are desireless and have no attachment to out come to anything at all, can we go on they way we have been? Absolutely not, and this is what excites me today. What if becoming desireless is the last stage before we move to the promised land, the next reality or the New Age.

It is clear that we are at a crossroads were we will decide if we still have something to contribute. Maybe what we thought we were contributing is shifting with everything else. We are letting go of what we were and becoming who we really are now! We are letting go of attachments and this frees us to all the new and limitless possibilities if front of us now. Ancient cultures all over the world teach about being desireless and living non-attachment. For thousands of years we have worked to obtain these attitudes. We have been monks in the mountain cave. We have lived lives unhampered by material or worldly goods. We have been servants of God, relinquishing everything. We have tried so hard to live these truths principles and over and over we found it did not come easy to us, if at all. What we once thought was hard spiritual work or something that took great dedication and sacrifice seems to be just happening to us. Did we just enter a cosmic doorway in which we are manifesting our dreams or ... did we just hit critical mass?

If we are letting go of this reality do we just fade away, shift into another dimension, or create huge cataclysmic earth shift. The predictions are vast and varied, scary and beautiful, but predictions can only be based on what we know and what we have done in the past. Maybe there are new ways to move though a shift of the ages. If we look at how the shifts are already happening with little effort, then why would the next shift be any different? Why do we always think getting to where we want to be, has to be hard difficult work. Why do we feel that the shift of the ages means we are going to loose what is important to us; why does it mean people will die horrible deaths while the earth violently shakes? Why do we approach this exciting time with such trepidation and desperate anticipation. Maybe it is time to let go of our out dated beliefs based in past difficulties. Maybe spirit and the natural progression of life is showing us a different way.

Maybe in our TRYING to evolve we have created unnecessary challenges for us all. Maybe if we had lived in BE-ingness the challenges of the past would have been glorious and blissful events. Why was it so hard for us to just . Let go and LET GOD. I have to admit I am feeling a little silly right now knowing how hard I tired over the years and how much sacrifice I endured to get to a place that was just handed to me when I simply gave up!

It only takes a small percentage of the population to become awake and consciousness to shift the global mind set. The numbers are arguable and not important here, but as a rough example when 100 people live peace and compassion then 1000 will be effected. If 1000 are consciously aware than 10,000 or more are shifted. A great example of critical mass was the recent power black out in NY. In the past black outs and other problems caused a huge wave of looting and crime, but this time the citizen of New York maintained a peaceful and helpful tone. Was this just a fluke? I don't think so. I think it is a small sign of what is to come. Just as it takes our body time to shift to the changes, so it is with Mother earth and all her inhabitants. In a little time the positive shift will become more apparent.

We can say this shift was caused by Mars closest approach to Earth in 60 thousand years, or the nearing genesis point of ancient Mayan cycles. or even the mass consciousness of thousands of peaceful folks helping each other out during a black out. Without huge global earth shifts, collapses of the governments of the world, global plagues, floods and famine we have come to a point where enough work has been done. We are now shifting the planets consciousness and all we have to do is let go and let GOD. When we let go of what has been and allow for a brighter future there is nothing that can stop us now.

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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author/speaker, clairvoyant, and sacred site guide and essence formulator. Aluna has based her life's work on mystical/shamanic experiences with the Star Elders that accelerated over a decade of travel in Central and South America. Aluna guides spiritual pilgrimages to Inca and Maya worlds and offers Star Elder Sessions to clients world wide. She has been called a modern mystic and psycho-geographical healer, but Aluna considers herself simply a spiritual archaeologist. Aluna is author of Mayan Astrology and her articles and services have been accepted world-wide. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph: 928-282-6292 Webpage: - E-mail