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False Debts

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another or to another species and/or creation, such loss must be corrected over time or one will cease to ascend. And so it behooves the ascending initiate to investigate their own karma within their own ancestry such that those false debts can be rectified. In so doing, one shall cease to pay upon a false debt from karma that has been added to one's ancestry over time.

What are false debts? False debts are debts that were manufactured through the addition of karma within one's current life, or within one's own ancestry. The human species is comprised of 144 main lineages of ancestry and genetic material that is drawn upon in order to ascend. Each lineage will exist for a certain timeframe in the overall time span of Earth. Some lineages will dead end in a laboratory in Atlantis some 10,000 years ago where slaves were manufactured and incubated or cloned. Yet other lineages will dead end in an earlier time period where Plieadian scientists also incubated a slave race in a laboratory some 30,000 to 45,000 years ago. Some lineages will be related to either the Plieadian creator gods themselves, or to those humans that were seeded upon Earth by Sirian forces some 50,000 years ago. It is within one's heritage that the blueprint for ascension lies. It is also within one's heritage that the false debts owed to another human upon Earth or to another race of beings from elsewhere is also contained.

In a state of forgiveness, one ceases to in-debt another, and furthermore becomes free of all prior debts oneself. How is this accomplished? Well, experience within one's tapestry of ancestry tends to cancel itself out. For example, in one lifetime, one is murdered, and in the next, one murders the other in return. As the two lifetimes are cleared in full, one not only transcends the thought-form of murder, but all debt from both experiences is released as the opposing experiences cancel each other out. One has experienced both the murderer and being murdered, and the lesson is therefore complete and understood with all sides of a particular circumstance lived to fruition.

Many spiritual aspirants live impoverished lives in which their needs are barely met. Such an experience comes from taking on many false debts from others. In so doing, one has the false remembrance of owing many others, and then one gives more than one receives. In giving more than one receives, one is forever in debt or living a very meager and poor life.

On the other hand, many spiritual aspirants believe that they need great wealth to accomplish something of "import" in their lifetime, or contribute greatly. In reality, accruing great wealth only creates more karma, which will prohibit one's ascension.