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Message From St.Germain 18.08.04

Through Mike Quinsey

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he outer events with a presence of mind that allows you to be an observer, I would say you have lifted your vibration even higher. When you can identify with the Three Days of Immaculate Conception, that ended yesterday, and find that you are energised even more than before, then you have anchored your Light Body within, and from this point onwards, will rapidly expand and be well on your way to Ascension. Do not worry if the impact is not quite so noticeable, it will come to all who have made the decision to follow the path to fully recover their Lighted Self. This is the time when your psychic abilities will grow and in particular those of you that aspire to be healers will find a quantum leap in the strength of healing energies you are able to channel. Suddenly you are finding the firm signs that everything we promised you is beginning to manifest. In the space of the next 3 years you will continue to draw so much more energy to yourselves, and it will be a time of great growth. By this time you should have fully grounded your Light, and well prepared for the final cleansing and achievement of your Ascension body. If ever you needed signs that all is proceeding according to plan, this is it.

The immense Light that is now transforming the Earth will continue to lift it up, and other events that are waiting to come into your reality are about to do just that. Can you not sense how vibrant everything has suddenly become, how the negative energies are being transmuted at a double-quick pace? It doesn’t matter whether as an individual, you have aspired to these new energies, they will come to you anyway, and subconsciously you will decide if they are for you and whether you wish to fully turn to the Light. Some people will find little response within them, and quite freely elect to carry on in their present vibration. The Light can actually make people feel uncomfortable if they are not ready for it. Even the awareness on a conscious level of the changes that are taking place can be unsettling for them, as their reality is perceived as under threat. You will be asked some awkward questions as to what the significance is of the changes, as it is difficult to convey to someone who is firmly rooted in their present earthly vibration, the wonders of Heavens gifts to Man. Try to allay fear with tact and kindness, as there should be no sense of superiority conveyed in your answers. Everyone has to move on with their chosen path, but that does not mean a total dislocation and permanent parting of those people who are linked in this lifetime. Everything that pertains to the changes will be fully explained in due course and at the right time. Remember each of you came into this important lifetime with your roadmap. And you knew the decisions to be made, and indeed had already determined your most likely course of action. All who have come together now, are going to take away deep-seated memories of this time, and these will serve them well in the future. Those who choose to remain in an earthly environment such as at present, will have benefited from their time on Earth to witness the power of Light and Love. It will be their stepping stone to their own spiritual evolution, and they will forever carry that sub-consciousness knowledge, and Ascension will eventually also become their goal. In their hearts they know this is not their time, and they will be helped to accept what is taking place.

There is so much work to do, and it will all take off very soon. We cannot wait much longer, yet the timing must ever be right. So much help is going to be given in every conceivable way, and many of you who have not yet envisaged your role in the restoration of Earth, will find your talents called for very shortly. It is a case of all hands on deck, and changes all round will make so many of you free from the daily grind, and you will make wonderful contributions to building a new society. I tell you, it will all suddenly come into being, and just nothing can, or will be allowed to stop it. The time of interference and oppression of the people is almost over, and you are claiming back your freedom, and with it will come justice. You are being released from the hold the dark have had over you for millennia of time. Grasp it with both hands, it is the promised time when “the meek shall inherit the Earth” and you may never have quite understood the meaning, but now you are part of it, lets say “the peaceful and the loving will inherit the Earth” and you have your answer. Whoever thought that you could win a battle this way, whoever thought that Love and Light was such a powerful weapon. You now know it is from your own experience, how wonderful!

I am St.Germain and I raise my glass to you, one filled with the nectar of Love that I share with you all.

Thank you St.Germain for a very enlightening message.

Mike Quinsey