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22 Degrees Sagittarius - The Angels of Justice

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spirit. Every part contributes to the whole, and every part depends on the entire ecosystem for its survival.

Likewise the body of Divine Creation is one body with many complex individual self aware intelligent parts, many universes, and many systems that exist on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Each part depends on the whole for its survival.

The ancients thought of this body of Divine Creation as the Web of Life, because each individual part is connected to all others with strands of light of the OMNIPRESENT DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. The body of Creation is a Unified Field of energy, and it has ONE indwelling soul and spirit, which is known as Divine Providence.

Large or small, all beings are a part of God. All are enlivened by Divine Life. All depend on each other. All are important.

Everything is connected to everything else, and when one part is harmed, the harm travels out like ripples in a pond and touches the entire field of energy of the whole. That is why justice for one is also so important to the many. When harmony and justice is restored to the part, the entire web of life is helped.

In Universal Consciousness, which is the Omnipresence of Divine Intelligence everywhere, the Highest Good is always known in every circumstance, for every being.

When any child of God, any part of the ONE invokes THE LAW OF ONE, either directly or through us, know that through the telepathic power of prayer, the highest good is activated within Divine Intelligence in the Unified Field and that it overcomes all other potential realities in the way that is for the highest good of all concerned.

It is important to meditate on the connection that one has to all life, so that the good of all is felt to be the same as the good of one’s own self, and becomes the strongest passion of the heart.

In the Unified Field, the Web of Life, justice and harmony are one.

Divine Justice rests on the LAW OF ONE.

This is the original law of creation and all other laws come from it.

When this original law is invoked, it overrides all lessor laws.

This Law is as follows:

[Memorize this and use it often]


"We are All One.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of Who I AM,

And I am one with all there is:

I ask that only that Which Is The HIGHEST Good

Of ALL concerned,

happen here, and through all time and space.

I give thanks that this is Done.



When justice is called for, we rush in and declare this Law of ONE.

We teach the Children of Light to declare this law.

The web of life is made of many beings, but it is ONE life.

"As above, so below."

Through the Power of the Word, a Child of Light brings harmony and justice, for self and others, into all levels of will, thought, feeling and form. This is the divine virtue of letter H of ‘Hillaro’. This virtue is a silvery violet color. Its musical note is F.

The Law of Cause and Effect is the virtue of letter I. It has a light opal color and the musical note of G.

All of the divine virtues taken together is the virtue of letter L. This virtue is used to encompass the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness and fill a Child of Light with vitality to bring about Justice for All. Its color is a deep glowing olive green. Its musical note is F.

Wisdom and Enlightenment is the virtue of letter A. This virtue enables a Child of Light to understand the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind and to have mystical faculties such as clairvoyance. Its color is light blue and its musical note is G.

If this A in ‘Hillaro’ is pronounced umlaut A, AE, the virtue of control of passion and negative beings is accessed. This virtue gives a Child of Light the ability to release any desire, thought, feeling, or possession that is no longer the highest good of all concerned. It is a virtue of transformation. Its color is loamy brown and its musical note is C.

Listening to and following inner guidance is the virtue of letter R. True justice in any situation requires quidance from Divine Providence. This virtue has a golden color and the musical note of C.

The final letter of ‘Hillaro’ is O. O is divine justice and harmony, which brings success and satisfaction to all. Its color is ultramarine blue and its musical note is C.

If this last O is pronounced umlaut O, OE, then the virtue of cognition brought about by Love Divine is accessed. This virtue is the quintessence of miracle working, because SEEING the DIVINE in all beings and all situations brings forth the underlying perfection which is OMNIPRESENT in all of creation. This virtue has a dark orange color and the musical note of D sharp.

The clarity and passion of meditation determines the power and clarity of response in the Unified Field.

The Highest Good brings perfect attunement in the spirit with the Will of God.

It brings the highest understanding and wisdom to the mind.

It brings the most Infinite Unconditional and all encompassing magnetic Love flowing through the heart.

It brings the greatest beauty and harmony to the physical world for all concerned.

What is done to the least in the Kingdom of God, instantly affects ALL.

"What you do to the least of these you do unto me."

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to Divine Providence that all beings unite in will to create the Highest Good of All Concerned equally.

In heaven on earth, the light of the greatest wisdom and love and beauty shines equally for All.

If you seek to understand justice, then seek to understand that all are part of the body of the Divine, all are branches on the Tree of Life, that all are ONE.

If you will that justice prevail, then will that all have justice equally.

Justice and harmony is beautiful, surround all beings in beauty.

‘We carry out justice. Whether the matter is a legal one, or another, any situation requiring a just outcome falls under our competence.’

‘Anything having to do with judicial matters is under our protection.’

We love you.

The Angels of ‘Hillaro’.