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Channeled Messages For October: Archangel Michael and The Crystal Children

Archangel Michael and The Crystal Children

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Channeled Messages for October This month we have two messages. The first is from Archangel Michael and it covers the transitions that we are moving through at the moment. He also speaks about the process of manifestation. The second is from the Crystal Children, and covers their message on how they would like to be parented.

a.. Archangel Michael b.. The Crystal Children

Archangel Michael Through Kate Spreckley and Celia Fenn.

Q: Why are so many of us who are making the transition to the Crystal state often so uncomfortable in our bodies?

A: Well, you are already in the 5th Dimension, or most of you is. Therefore, you are uncomfortable in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. You feel out of balance and tired as you are "pulled" between the dimensions. When you are fully in the 5th and 6th Dimensions you feel calm and peaceful and balanced. In order to keep yourself in this higher dimensional state you need to focus your awareness and breathe to center yourself. There are many breathing techniques you can use to assist this process.

Q: Why do we so often feel this imbalance in the head as dizziness or spaciness?

A: If you are in the 5th Dimension you are in effect a multidimensional being with access to higher dimensions. You are continuously moving from the 5th to the 6th,7th and 8th Dimensions to gather information on how to survive the transit. You will eventually reach the 9th Dimension. But for now you are at the 8th.

Q: How does one survive on the material level? I'm talking about money?

A:Money is not important in the Higher Dimensions. You use the process of manifestation: Ask and it will be given. Everything you need will come to you.

Q: Can you tell us more about Nov 8th and what will happen?

A: After the alignments of November 8th, and by November 12th, all the work for the Earth's ascension to the 5th Dimension will be complete. Since August there has been intense activity in the group consciousness as humans journey to 5D. Many of you seek to stay in 3 and 4D, and so there is turbulence in the mass mind. But the Earth herself has elected to ascend to 5D and so it is done already. Those of you who are Lightworkers are working very hard to hold the energies at 5D to facilitate the process. If you did not, then humans would cease to exist on the planet. But because of your work, the human angel is birthing into the 5th and 6th dimensions. You work very hard, in your sleep periods and in your waking hours too. This is why you are so tired. But it will soon be complete. In fact it is complete. We urge you to celebrate your success now!

Q: Why have some of us been doing this for longer then others?

A: It was a few who started the ball rolling. But you did so well that the process accelerated at a tremendous pace. The original plan was for there to be 3 waves of ascension culminating in 2012. The first wave was to help the others across. But you elected to all travel together with the Earth, and it is better this way. So, by the end of 2003 the New Earth, the 5th Dimensional Earth, will be a reality.

Many of you have a "foot" in each reality at the moment, and you are serving as a bridge for others to find the light. We honor you as warriors of Light and you are protected and loved. You work side by side with us to achieve this miracle. We recognise you 5th and 6th Dimensional humans as Human Angels.

Q: What will happen to those who choose to stay in 3 and 4D?

A: They will die. But this will be a gradual process. There will be no great traumas and conflicts. No World War III. In fact the shift will be so subtle most people will not really know what has happened, only that something powerful has happened.

Eventually, all will know. What will happen is that 3 and 4 D will become more uncomfortable and 5D much more comfotable. People will start living and fighting for the right things - the path of truth and light.

Q:What about major Earth changes?

A:No, not for a long time. You will see no extremes on Earth. The temperature will start to balance and become more temperate. The sky will change. It will become a clearer blue and will seem higher up than before.

Q:Can you tell us about how we will live on the New Earth?

A: Life will be simpler. It will seem as if you are going backwards to a simpler age. Food will be more natural. You will gradually move towards fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. You will still eat meat, but it will be raised and slaughtered in sacred ways. You will re- establish harmony between yourselves and nature. There will be no dominance of nature by humans. You will share and gift each other with abundance. You will come to respect the animal and plant worlds as your brothers and sisters on the planet, fellow living beings. For indeed they are, and they too have achieved their ascension to 5D. You will notice animals becoming more intelligent and less fearful of humans. They seek to communicate with you through the love of the heart. Soon you will all speak the language of the heart. It is not something you will need to learn. You will find you know it already!

Q: How are Indigo and Crystal Children contributing to this process?

Indigo Crystals will be running the planet in the future, in their group/community way. Already they are influencing the global consciousness. They are powering the shift to 5D - it is their mission.

Q: Can you speak more about Crystal People?

A: They are working very hard to shift people to their way of living. By being who they are. By holding their energy and remaining in integrity.

Q: What dimension are they in?

A: The 6th Dimension. All Crystals access 6D. Crystal adults find it harder to stay there. They tend to be dragged back to 3 and 4D by the global consciousness. But the children know how to stay there.

Autistic children are all in 6D. They shut off there to avoid being trapped in 3D. They do not feel strong enough to fight and often their parents are not moving through.

Q: How can we help adults to stay in 5 and 6D?

A: After November it will not be a problem. Then you will need to educate people to where they are. They are often oblivious. When the veils lift they will panic. They won't understand what is happening on a rational level.

They will start to see and hear things from the higher realms. ET contact will happen.

You will need to teach people how to co-exist with their children, who will be quite comfortable with these things.

Q: What is the most important thing we need to tell them about the New Earth?

A: That humans will be moving away from fear and greed to equality and sharing. You will be living the concept of Oneness. You need to teach them the new principles of manifestation.

Q; Please explain.

A: The field of manifest desire lies outside of the Earth, in the 8th Dimension. What is needed is pulled down from spirit through a vortex and received by the human.

In your system you have learned to circulate things amongst yourselves in the material and you have cut off the spiritual. This has exhausted your reserves, which is why so many of you feel exhausted in your battle to secure material resources.

The new way is to visualise what is needed in the spirit realm and then imagine it coming through the vortex from 8D to 5D. Use the symbol of the figure 8. Imagine the top circle is the 8th Dimension where you visualise what you need. The place where the two circles touch is the vortex, and you pull the visualisation from the top circle through the vortex to the lower circle to complete the manifestation.

Reach up - not sideways. It is like picking fruit from a tree. You need to access the plane of ideas and thought forms and then make them "real". It is just a matter of shifting energy from the higher realms into the lower realms. It is a technique and a game which you can learn quite easily.

Eventually you will live in a space of immediate manifestation, as you become more proficient in moving between the dimensions with greater ease, and as you learn to implement group manifestation projects. And know that group manifestation is indeed powerful.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Crystal Children

Through Celia Fenn

The Crystal Children, through Celia Fenn, on Co-Parenting and Community Parenting.

The Crystal Children have sent this information so that we will know what is required to raise these spiritual and loving children successfully.


We would ask of those who are to be our parents that they are both involved in the process of parenting or raising us. This must be a partnership in which equal time and attention is devoted by both parents.

In the old 3D world, the father would work and be the material provider, while the mother provided the nurturing. This resulted in an imbalance, where you came to identify the male energy with power and the female energy with disempowerment. Also, male and female identities were distinct and unequal.

In the new 5th and 6th Dimensional society in which we live, we need our parents to be whole and balanced people. We require a father who is in touch with his inner female or mother principle and is prepared to nurture us with love. We also require a mother who is in touch with her inner male and father principles, and is able to provide for herself and for us. This will be very different from what most of you have experienced with your own parents.

We ask that both parents share equally the tasks of nurturing and providing. This creates a balanced home where children of both sexes can grow up with empowered role models for the inner male and female.

Community Parenting

In the old 3D energy the word "parent" is applied to those who are "biological" mothers or fathers. The duties and responsibilities of parenting were confined to these biological parents. In the new 5 and 6D energies, every adult male or female will be required to see themselves as parents to all children. The responsibilities of raising and caring for children must be seen as a community responsibility.

In your old 3D society you glamorised youth, and so many of you never fully embraced your inner mother and father or your inner wise man or woman (grandparents). The communities of the future will honor the wisdom of parents and grandparents, and these will be all elders and not just those who produce children.

This will create loving communities in which all children will feel safe and welcome, and in which all adults are aware of their responsibilities to love and care for the newly arrived souls.

We thank you for hearing our requests.

"Kate Spreckley"