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SANANDA:  I greet all of you souled ones this day upon Earth Shan.

I especially greet all of the Lightworkers, and those souled ones, who have finally awakened to Truth these last days of this civilization.  Oh, how I have rejoiced that more souled ones have opened their eyes to the Truth!

Today's message will be to again talk about the great Cosmic Law of Returns.  My last message "Need Ye Trumpets" is one that you should read again, for it is very important.

What is the Great Cosmic Law of Returns?  I can tell you in one sentence, and I shall do so, but I wish to expand that Law for better understanding, for it has great effect in these last days upon you ones on Earth in third dimension.

The five most important words are:  YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. You and YOU alone, are responsible for whatever happens to you in this third dimensional life you are experieincing.  Every experience which is good or bad is what you have chosen, as you have a free will do choose, and you shall reap the results of that choice.

A simple explanation would be thus:  As a gardener, you plant seeds to grow into  crops of vegetables.  You want to have a great crop of corn.  You plant some seeds of corn and sit back and wait for the corn seed to burst into a wonderful stock with several ears of corn for you to eat.

However, you neglected to water the seed.  The weeds grew up and choked the seed so it could not grow.  You whine and cry about no rain and you are mad about the weeds that came up instead of corn.  You blame God for the crop failure.  The crop failure was your neglect, not God's.  You reap what you sow as you neglected to take care of the seed.

This is a small example for you to ponder.  The great Law of Returns says that whatever you sow, if negative or positive, comes back to YOU at a greater amount up to 100 times greater.  It is called Karma.

Is it any different than those, who have been arrested and executed or serving life imprisonment? 

As you read the list of those people, who have been executed, you are saddened by those ones whom you thought were great people.  They were famous, rich, powerful and had every possible thing that money could buy.  You, at times, may have been thinking how wonderful it would be to have several mansions world wide and had the money to buy anything you want.

I will further explain the above situation.  Do you know, who has gained control over the people on Earth?  You already know the answer to that question.  Lucifer, whose name was changed to Satan, meaning evil.  Satan was uncreated, but his minions are far worse that even Satan could imagine.

Take for example, those wonderful actors in Hollywood that some of you have worshipped and watched with mezmorization the movies in which they acted.  

Here's the catch.  These ones that have been executed have given up their soul for money, wealth, big mansions, and most of all notoriety and being famous for the whole world to see.  They agreed with their freewill to partake in evil sexual displays of their body and gained wealth if they would participator in child abduction or drug running or human sacrifice.  They have been caught and judgment has cone to them which they caused in the first place.

It's called the Law of Returns.  You reap what you have sown.

Are my Lightworkers immune?  NO!  The Law of Returns is still there to obey.  What happens if you are using your cell phone to talk to someone and cross a street against a red light, not being observant of the oncoming traffic?  Do you know how many people have been killed because of this?  If you walk out in front of an oncoming truck. what do you suppose is the effect?

Now I call upon all you Lightworkers and souled ones.  Sow good seed!  Sow seeds of Love to others.  Help where you can, pray for others and all living things.  Read the Phoenix Journals for they are Truth and a guide to great living.  Mediate for growth to your soul, the most, the very most important gift you have.

Take care of your soul in sowing seeds of goodness, of love and concern for others.  I did not say change the world.  Just start with yourself and live the life of Truth for others to see.  You are here on Earth for your soul growth, for that is why you have reincarnated millions of time for your soul to grow in spiritual stature.


We of the Lighted Realms are here to help, but not do it for you.

To my flock I say, stay strong as you travel the Red Road. Pass the lessons that you set for your soul growth.  Some are easy but others so difficult.  You can pass all lessons.

To you ones, who are still slumbering the time away, do wake up to the Truth and see that which shall benefit your soul.  I am here if you but ask, and your two Guardian Angels, who are assigned to you for life shall help, if you but ask.

There is still a short time left to you ones, all of you. so take each moment as a gift and walk the Red Road of Truth to HOME!









Ye will now abide with me that we might put to paper some reminders to follow on from the day past. Ye are in the remembering for I come in the reminding. I have the clarions with me, would that make thee hear a bit more clearly if the trumpets blow in thine ears?

The time is upon ye ones of Earth when ye may wait very little more. Man will hear and act, or man is in grave, grave circumstance. He either moves on or he will be left to the elements of the Earth. They shall consume him as the physical matter of flesh that he is. That portion eternal shall take upon itself another format and it shall be sealed. He shall have no memory of that which has passed his attention, and the experience of the past shall be wiped from the screen of his memory.

Not a human person shall be as he now is. They will take a new garment and also a name of newness, for it is given to man to be as the little children. He shall then be given to grow into that which he yet knows not of, for he has not yet become as God; and he shall be within the Law when he proclaims that which is his station. Within the time which is allotted unto such things, he shall become as God and become God in Oneness. He will be given to know all and he shall be allowed expression for he will have knowledge, for it is given unto man to murmur the murmurings of the unknowing and unlearned and that which is misbegotten and bastardized, and it profits him naught.

Man shall learn that which he has said shall be as his bindings. He shall be indentured by his works until they have been fulfilled unto every jot and tittle. He shall become as one who has within his grasp the scales whereupon he may weigh the words; all!

Not any other shall be responsible nor represent excuse for the actions of self. That which is done by another will be answered by other, for it is the law that no man atones for another; yet it is the law that each shall love his brother as himself. But, each will stand naked and alone at the reckoning. When the sorcery is removed he shall awaken unto truth and acknowl­edgement of that which he is.

pp. 75-76






SANANDA:  Greetings to all Lightworkers.  I have asked Anne to keep the article below for today on Fourwinds, as it is a message that is one of great help to all Lightworkers.  I am not excluding any one souled being in this message, as I encourage all to read it with an open heart.  You have always been told the the path to the Light is the narrow road and at times difficutl to trave , but the path to the dark is the easy way of life.  Too many ones have chosen the easy path of the DarkBrotherhood.  The end of the road is the real answer, for there is great happiess to have  climbed the mountain to the Light,  but nothing but despair and agony awaits those, who have chosen the easy road.  These ones will have to start over again to learn their soul lesson over many millennia.

The soul is infinate and what all of you are doing at this time is to experience in in a 3D physical body to help Mother Earth graduate and to continue your mission in soul growth.  Have you completed the task you set for yourself?  Have you awakehehed to the Truth?

Some have awakened, and I call them My Flock.  I am the Shepherd to guide and protect these ones as they travel the high road to the Light. 

My hand is extended to all you souled ones , who are still slumbering in the wiles of the DB's to come with me to the Light.  The path is made much easier as I will help if you but ask.

I encourage all souled ones, including my Flock to continue your soul reading of the Journals and these other writings that Anne has been directed to write.

My Blessiongs to all.  There is time yet, as Mother Earth is holding steady, but not for long.  Act now. 

As Patrick has said:  FEED YOUR SOUL.







I am Esu Immanuel  Sananda speaking at this time to give a message to all of my enlightened ones.  Of course, my message is to all those, who are seeking Truth. I am sad to say, my dear friends, that my "flock"  includes a very few, who have come to the Truth on Planet Earth this very day,February 15, 2021.

The pathway to enlightenment is strewn with rocks and boulders, ruts and mountains, for the lessons all of you agreed to do are now coming to a close.  However, lessons do not end until you are beamed aboard the ships to safety.  That, my dear ones, is imminent.

There is not much time, but this last lesson is for ALL of you. YES, I said ALL of you.  It is a simple last lesson to learn if you have not already done so. 

In this last lifetime you have met and become friends with people, but you have, also, encountered those, who chide you, speak badly of you or become a taker and not a giver.  You have had experiences that make you angry, resentful and hateful to that person, who harmed you, not physically but emotionally.   You feel hurt and mad.  Some of you may have kept these

It is now time for you to learn one last lesson, if you have not already done so.  This lesson is made of two important, if not the most important words in the world.  They are:  LOVE and FORGIVENESS.

This baggage of hurt etc. needs to be throw in the garbage for eternity.   You certainly can not change the past, nor can you live in the future.  You have only today.


 1.  Forgive those who have harmed you.  Most likely, if they  are still in physical format, they will respond in the same manner.

  2.  Forgive yourself.

  3.  Ask God to forgive you.

   4.  Above all throw that baggage you have been carrying far too long in the eternal garbage can.

It does not matter if the one, who harmed you has passed, or you do not know where this person lives nor the phone number.  If you do know the person then tell him/her.  You have lots of ways to communicate:  personal contact, phone, letter, email, and your thoughts , if that person is deceased.

Remember lessons never stop until you are aboard ship.  This last lesson is the most important.

When should you do this?  Now, this very moment you read this message.  There is little time left for this last civilization is at its very end,   just like the 20,000 civilizations before this last one. 


Why is this last civilization so important, as to have 200 Star Nations observing Mother Earth turning on her axis?  She is graduating into 5th Dimension after living 4.6 billion years in 3rd dimension.

You know that you are ALL returned Masters, who volunteered  to come back, knowing the high stakes involved.  Find truth = lessons learned, great soul growth and graduation to the High Realms.  Throw Truth way or not awaken = go back to the cave and start all over for 350,000 years of 3D learning.

I assure you even at this point of Truth that you have found, this last lesson is the most important  one to learn.

My love to all of you.  I know you shall heed this lesson, for it is easy to do and it grants you eternal peace within.  The joy you shall feel after this lesson learned shall be unbelievable.

My LOVE to all of you,  I AM







It is time to arise from their sleep and shake the dust from the bedclothes. It is time to awaken and become alive. THEY SHALL LEARN THAT WHICH IS WITHIN THE LAW AND BECOME AWARE OF THAT WHICH IS REALLY "REAL". They shall cease being bound by the garments of the flesh; for it is the Law: that which is eternal surpasseth that which is flesh. That which is eternal is not bound within the flesh, and it has never entered into the flesh--yet flesh has its being in that which is eternal, without beginning and without ending; no more and no less. So it is that the flesh shall pass, and the ONE WHICH "IS" shall not be less for its loss.

In the days which shall come there shall be a great gathering in; they shall be separated and shall be as ones of old. They shall be as the sheep and shall be herded into places as the flocks of the fields ---- for it is given unto many to follow. There are few who dare to stand apart and take exception from the crowd. But, 'tis he who takes his stand and says for himself which way he shall go, shall find his way and therein, friends, is wisdom if thy way be that of truth. There are none so foolish as those who sit and wait for the masses. For the masses know not the way.





SANANDA:  I greet all of my Lightworkers and all souled beings this day of February 8, 2021.  Today's message shall be a different one , as I am going to say some things that I have never said before in all the writings Anne has done,m nor in the Phoenix Journals.

First of all, I wanted to tell you about all of you souled ones, who have came back to Mother Earth this last time in 3D, for this civilization is that last in that dimension.  Creator Source asked  that the greatest ones in all of Heaven be asked if they would agree to come back to Mother Earth one last time in order to help her graduate into 5D after 4.5 billion years of supporting a 3D  civilization.  Because Earth is the jail planet for the Satan and his minions, these great souled ones were told how difficult it would be to wake up, as they would have to come to Earth without memory.  Their soul growth would be great if they would awaken.  The opposite would be true if they did not wake lup to their mission.  You all have been told of the thousands of years in 3D if one would not awaken.

To further explain what I mean about the souled ones, who volunteered to return, I am going to reveal some things about Patrick and Anne's family of 4 children.  Both Patrick and Anne and their children all came from a very, very high dimension.  They were the first ones to agree to reincarnate again on Mother Earth to help her graduate and agreed they would surely wake up to their mission.

Did they awaken?  YES! I am extremely happy to say that all of this family are enlightened ones.  Patrick sits by my side and that of Hatonn.  He is an extremely high dimensional being, working directly with Creator God Hatonn/Aton.

Now I shall tell you about their children, and J., Anne's friend.  Patrick and Anne's  oldest daughter is Cindy. .  She is an Arch Angel working with Arch Angel Michael.  The second daughter, Star is, also an Arch Angel working with Arch Angel Michael.  Jewel, the third daughter is a high dimensional etherical being and an advisor to Arch Angel Star.  Flint, the only son is a great etherical being.  J., Anne's friend, is also a great being in Heaven.  All of these ones came from a very, very high dimension.

For all of you Lightworkers, and souled ones, do you realize where you came from in Heaven?  You would probably drop over, for all of you are very high dimensional beings.  Creator Source asked the very best of the best to come back.   The sad part for me, is that so few of these great souled ones are awake.  My "Flock" is very small in number, but they have held the Light of Truth for Mother Earth to graduate into 5D.

I will further say a word about another subject that bring distaste to me. It is called Satanism, the great barrier to keep all you returned Masters from awakening to your mission.  Mother Earth is greatly infested with satanists, who have ruled this planet for millennia.  At the present time, the satanists are being removed with a great number of them already arrested.

However, they still are working hard to keep their control.   Last evening, in the stadium in Florida the Super Bowl was watched by millions of people,  The display at the half time was again  a "in-your-face" Satanism.  I was planning on giving you an explanation of what was displayed, but Star said the correct words.  I shall quote what she wrote to Anne.


Anne, [07.02.21 18:59]

Patrick told me Tampa would win by a big lead, even before the game started


Star, [07.02.21 19:03]

Yeah. I found the halftime show, and they already had it on YouTube. Yup. He [THE WEEKENDER] wore red, so I wonder if he’s going to get knocked off soon, and there’s all the blue which they have ruined St. Michael’s colors. But all the blue means the blue printing of what they want us to see and to like. Then they look like there were red eyes on all the singers. They looked like demons in the stands.

Star, [07.02.21 19:03]

Meaning, I wonder if the clone is going to get knocked off soon. He might be breaking his mind cntrol.

Star, [07.02.21 19:07]

I couldn’t see the hand signals. It was too dark, but the singers all had their hands up to their sides here and there, and they were paying homage to their god Baphomet.

Star, [07.02.21 19:09]

Yes mom, the entire music industry is set up.  They all worship demons and are all MK ultra and even the clones. They channel demons. That’s how they get their songs and lyrics and everything. They’re not really that talented, only a few of them.

Star, [07.02.21 19:11]

I just watched him do the 666 hand signal telling everyone I’m in the club. He was telling his handlers that or the controllers,

Star, [07.02.21 19:12]

He either was wearing red because he’s going to be knocked off soon or it’s red and black and that is for blood sacrifice or demonic worship. The red and black or demon colors. I know our gym is red and black and yellow but we don’t have it because of that. Obviously they have ruined all the colors and turn them evil.

Star, [07.02.21 19:14]

Robin Williams channeled demons and it broke his mind. He couldn’t take it anymore, and that’s why he was so funny when he was a comedian, and so witty. Because he channeled demons to get his lines and to make them funny, later in life he had a breakdown and killed himself.

Star, [07.02.21 19:22]

He has black and white shoes on so that is an Illuminati and Freemason color. And what’s with those masks?   They look like mummies. They are probably telling us what’s going on with the presidential candidate to see with a fake and people are wearing masks. There’s something symbolic with that I don’t know what it is but it was weird. Very dark and icky and the songs are crappy.


Star, [07.02.21 19:22]









Star, [07.02.21 19:27]

Think about the mask thing. Those white masks looked like zombies.   I think they’re making fun of us because that’s what we are. This means the masses are a bunch of zombies. And they’re doing all this stuff right in front of our eyes and the masses don’t see it.


Enough said. What more can I say but WAKE UP.  Time is short for Mother Earth is wobbling badly back and forth. 

Blessings to all of you.  There is still time to come to the Truth.  Take advantage of these last moments on Mother Earth.

To my Lightworkers, keep strong and sure on the Red Road of Truth.  See you aboard soon!





SANANDA:  I am Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda of the Lighted Realms One with Creator Source and Creation.  I have a message for my Lightworkers and any souled being upon my charge.  By that I mean Earth Shan.  My chela is Anne, who is willing to hear what I have to say to all of you. and shall write exactly what I say. 

My message today is to encourage my Lighted Flock to stay strong on the Road of Truth.  I realize I have, and others of the Lighted Realms have said this many times.  There is a race going on at this time.  I said RACE.  There are three scenarios at this time that are racing to the finish line before the end of this civilization.  The "contestants" are Mother Earth, those involved in returning America back to a Republic, and the DDB's or the Dark Brotherhood.  I really call them Satanists, for their god is Lucifer/Satan.

I shall explain each one of these.  First of all you have been told many times that Mother Earth turns on her axis at the end of each civilization.  That is an historic fact that has been hidden from your history books.  Religious cults have destroyed the real Truth and have led millions of people to believe their lies and tricks.  Yes, she is at the end of this civilization the most evil of all the 20,000 times she has had upon her surface.  At this present time the DDB's have held the real truth about the magnitude of the thousands of earthquakes that are happening at this time.  She is shaking and letting off the negativity that has been bound under her "skin".  Coupled with this are the 5000 active volcanoes in the ocean that is causing a warming of the waters.  It is not how many grand buildings are the cause nor the cars that are blamed.  There are, also, a number of active volcanoes that are erupting of which you are never told.

Earth people of the Darkside have nearly destroyed the air with their chemtrails full of toxins. Oh, it is not to cut the sunlight, my dear ones.  These chemtrails are for YOU, including the soil upon which you grow food to eat.  Untold millions of people have perished to say nothing of how the soil has been polluted with so many chemicals that Mother Earth can hardly breathe.

The second scenario is, of course, the agenda of the Dark Brothers.  There are so many evil spirits that abide in these ones it is staggering.  On top of that they have created clones to be their slaves and have captured nearly every souled being on Shan.  These evil ones have returned lifestream after lifestream to carry out their evil plan.

Let me explain it this way.  Everyone is composed of certain molecules that vibrate at a certain frequency.  The Dark Ones who are souled ones, have gone the way of Satan and their frequencies are very low.  When they leave their physical life they go to the Astral Plane or even the void to contemplate their next reincarnation.  When they reincarnate, they come back in a physical body just where they left off.  When a person has gone "down" the ladder of frequencies, each reincarnation is harder and harder to go UP the ladder to the Light,

Patrick just reminded me of an experience that he and his family had some years ago when they visited a mine in Minnesota.  They took an elevator down to the lower part of the mine which was very, very deep.  There were levels where miners were working that were at a very low level.  The way out of the mine to  the surface was an elevator.  Patrick said when the elevator did not work the miners had to climb the ladder to the top, which was in some cases thousands of step to make.  The steps were far apart so the worker had to really pull hard to make each step up.  That is how it is with the Dark Ones, who come back time after time and take the easy way DOWN.

Now I tell you about the third alternative.  Perhaps this will brighten your spirit, for goodness is happening not only in America but other countries, as well.  The fake pandemic was created to take down the world economy and to cause many million of people to perish.  These Satanists  are determined to eradicate the human population down to a minimum under their total control.

With the starting help of Mr. Trump, who was trained to bring the Dark Ones to their knees is being completed.  This had to take place subtly and unknown, as the Satanists had to be kept in the dark about all the plans that were made that are happening now.

You have seen the list of those dark ones, who have been arrested, given life imprisonment or executed.  That number ones you read in the article entitled "UPDATED: LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! Dismantling the Deepstate Operatives and Doubles!!  This is just the start for untold thousands are being arrested at this time. 

Other countries were involved with fraud in the presidential election  Nov. 3, 2020, and with the involvement of the Insurrection Act, the U.S. Military is running the government. In this sense, the U.S. is under Martial Law.  They and the White Hats are in total control and are letting the fake Biden government be displayed before you of the public.  This Martial Law is not the take down or harm of the little people, it is the take-down of all those Satanists, who are involved in untold horrors including human trafficking of many people.  Thousands of children have been abducted.  I will refrain from the horrors that these ones have done to men, women and children.  It is unspeakable!

I hear you asking, who is going to win?  The Dark Ones, the Satanists will never quit until the last one is gone.  Neither will those, who are involved in taking down the Darkones quit, for they are determined to be victorious.

Goodness is happening. The arrests are taking place, and each day is a victory for goodness. The Satanists are scared witless.  Clones have been replaced for those arrested or executed.  How long is this going to take?  You ones have heard how many were arrested in Congress, etc. and were told of the take-down of the media, but the broadcast did not happen as you were told.  None the less, this broadcast to the people and the take-down of the lying MSM shall be done. 

How long will Mother Earth hold until she turns on her axis?  We of the Lighted Realms are on Red Alert and all Pleiadian Starships are stationed at their coordinates ready for evacuation.

I shall tell you that goodness is winning over the DarkSide.  It is up to Mother Earth to let this be completed.  It may take several weeks or a month or two to complete the process.  Will Earth wait that long?  I do not have that answer, except she is at the tipping point now.  She is holding steady and is grateful and delighted that these evil ones, who have almost killed her are being rounded up.

I say to you ones of the Light and all souled ones.  PRAY for those taking down the evil.  Pay for Mother Earth, and take care of YOU..  Stay strong in the Light and keep the Light burning for Mother  Earth.

Blessing to all of you, for I love you with a great love.










It is said that "I AM THE WAY," and it is so! None can come save by me, for I am the keeper of the gate and the guard at the door, and I guard my secrets well. Not a person is so foolish as those which plunder mine secrets. Man is given to take that which he can steal and pilfer without paying the price. Therein is folly! for it is the law; that which is earned is for the best part worth the works, and that effort is within itself that which is most prof­itable and bears merit unto thee. It is for this reason that much is kept from man--that he might increase and decrease strength and that he may learn to stand alone within the time when there is not help for him. Yet, there is no time when help is denied; but the wisdom of with holding it is the greatest of all good deeds that a man might reach fine stature.

Oh, precious ones, there are those who would "purchase" their fare into the place called Heaven where they perceive they might obtain a life of ease which should profit them naught. That which is not profitable unto eternal life is denied them by the Father, for He knows before they call, that which they need and that which shall profit them and matches within the heart place the mission of purpose of the soul.

Attend well now, chelas, these words for they are of great import.

P. 77






SANANDA:  Greetings  to all mine Lightworkers and souled ones.  At this time I have called Anne to pen a message from me even at this late hour, for what I have to say is very important to you ones.

I sense that many of my Lightworkers are discouraged and feel hopeless that Mother Earth has not turned over, nor has Mr. Trump been placed as President of the U.S.    Yes, the DB's cheated, lied, and engaged foreign counties to help them win the election fraudulently,  They stuffed the ballot boxes with illegal voter forms, and did everything possible to change the outcome of the electronic voting machines.  They had untold illegal aliens vote, and millions of dollars to spend as bribes to foreign countries.  They, also,  had millions of dead people vote, and others even moved to different states to vote again and again.

They spent untold amounts of hidden money to build Hollywood sets of the White House and Oval Office. By this move, along with the complicit MSM, they are carrying out their fraud upon you the people.   When you see Mr. Biden in the Oval Office, it is the Hollywood set.  The real White House is closed and in a blackout.

Let me tell you again the whole Truth of the matter.  Mr. Trump knew all this was to happen.  He was trained by the best military to become the President  or CEO of the U.S. Corporation, for that illegal entity was placed over the Republic to fool you people years ago.  Mr. Trump carried out his mission to take down the DeepState or DB's, over his four year term which was a monumental job.  With our protection he survived over 50 attempts on his life.  He made wonderful progress in his mission during his term in office.

Again, I tell you that he never conceded the election.  Yes, he did step down as President or CEO of the United States Corporation.  He made an Executive Order in 2018 condemning any foreign entity interfering with the election.  Ah Ha!  What a brilliant move.  You see, the entity called Washington D.C. is a foreign entity residing on American soil.  Their radius of control really is only a 10 mile square plot of land, not the entire U.S.  Because they are a foreign entity, their assets can be seized.  The United States is now called The Republic of the United States, and NOT the Corporation of the U.S. any more!

Mr. Trump invoked the Insurrection Act giving the Military of the U.S. Control to run things.  Trump remains as President of the Republic of the United States running all behind the scenes.  The US. Corporation has had their assets taken and they are bankrupt.  They are finished.

Now for the "kicker"!  Did you read that article of all the ones taken to Guantanamo (Gitco) for Military Tribunals?  There are thousands of ones world wide that have been either given house arrest to await trial, life imprisonment, or executed.  The Tribunals are still in progress.

 What you see on TV or in Congress are CLONES.  The White Hats, who are in control along with the Military and Trump, have replaced each one executed with a clone to keep the people from rioting and angry at losing their favorite person.    Gradually, the truth is leaking out and all shall be known, for the evil MSM is next to go down.

What I feel from my Lightworkers and even the souled ones is discouragement.  Do not be discouraged!  What you are seeing is like a movie, with everything planned to the last degree.  All is progressing more rapidly than expected, as the DB's are in a terrible fright.  They do not know when their turn will be  when the U.S. Military would arrive at  their door to take them to Gitmo.  That is a sure fact.

To my Lightworkers I say lift up your heads and stay strong in the Light.  Evil may roar like an angry pack of wolves, but you ones are protected, if you ASK for that protection.  Stay calm and centered on the Red Road of Truth.

For those of you, who have not come to the Truth, I say please come to the open door.  Know that what I tell you is the Truth.  I am in charge of this planet and I WIN.  If you do anything at all, read THE TRUTH IN A NUTSHELL by my brother, Patrick.  Yes, he works beside me at this time.  What he has written is a summary of the Phoenix Journals.  It is the TRUTH.  Here again, is the link:

Do not give up on goodness, for things are happening in that direction.  So far Mother Earth is really excited about getting the balance of good back on her surface.  For that reason she gives you each day at a time.  Keep your hope high, and your prayers for this great good Plan in progress, and above all, keep reading and gaining Wisdom and Knowledge.  These are the amour needed to withstand the evil put against you.

I am here with my outstretched hand, and I will lead you each day to the Stars.










6/22/95 #1   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

I Am Here.  Sananda present in Radiance and in Service to Aton of Light.

Peace be with you this day, for the hour of great tribulation grows close indeed.  Tend closely the tasks at hand and spend not idle hours idly, but rather in preparation for times of hardship.  Great will be the numbers who shall perish to the viruses and the plagues, and greater still shall be the numbers who literally starve to death for lack of sustenance.  And those who shall find food shall likewise starve, for their food shall contain no nourishment therein, hence the admonition to prepare, prepare, prepare, for the hour draws nigh.

And as you prepare the soil, so shall your yield reflect your preparation and, in this instance, it shall clearly be shown to all that haste makes waste and in the times before you it shall truly be: waste not, want not.  Tend your medical supplies and, if you have already done so, take stock of that which you have and that which may need to be replaced for soon the shelves shall stand empty in many areas and the hospitals shall appear as "M*A*S*H" units.  I do not tell you these things to generate fear for fear is not, I repeat, fear is not of God.  Lest you know what descends upon the land, how may you tend that which needs tending the most?

"And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

"They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all."  --Luke 17:26-27.

We of the Hosts stand at the ready to assist our beloved brothers and sisters of the ground crew, ever mindful that you have chosen your service and the work is but at the beginning.  Shore up thine hearts and strength to see the journey through to completion.  And what, you may ask, is this completion?  Ah, it is Glory!

Hold firmly in the Light and you shall soon meet friends the likes of whom you cannot imagine, for my crew grows weary and lonely for their home also.  Be ever mindful of the many who have come in true Service to assist at this time, who must remain stationed about your skies, for they are your brothers and sisters and it is because of their love of God and their compassion for you, their brothers and sisters, that they serve.  So remember them in your prayers!

Think to thine brethren, and in the assistance and preparation for your brethren shall your own assistance be rendered unto you.  Expand your thinking, for those who remain confined in the narrowness of their own life-cell shall watch as the journey passes them by and not know why.  And for many they will not even know it has happened.  So, look to the horizon and ask yourself: How may I help my brother?  And therein you shall have help.


I Am Sananda Standing to clear In Service. 



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 27, 1995, Volume 9, Number 9, Page 3.




3/13/90   SANANDA


And I take Dharma aside and speak with her for her heart is heavy and the work load relentless, and the responsibility great beyond description; all the while the world casts grenades about her station.  Marie M. of Arlington, VA. has petitioned regarding several things which must be answered to all who will hear.

Marie says she has asked her pastor questions such as, "And he took his disciples apart and taught them privately", and I wanted to know WHAT he taught them.  The answer that he gave me was, "You are always asking questions I can't answer."  So then I took my Love for Jesus and started to hunt for truth.  One knows when they hear it.  In these books Truth is knit together in One whole cloth.  I Love all the teachers and feel like we are all family.  You can pass it on."

Marie, thank you, and so they did pass it on to me but I know of the message for you are my most constant friend.  I thank you for these are the only touches which sustain the workers of the word in this placement.

These were the things of which I would speak with mine disciples and mostly they understood not.  I told them that the words of my teachings would be changed and that they, too, would turn away for the bombardment would be long and hard.  I told them they would have to persevere in "allowing" for force is not of God and man must be strengthened against these ending days when great "justice" would fall upon him.  I also told them that their energies would be sent again that they might work in our Creator's service in the ending cycle that His promise would be fulfilled.  The way was so hard then, as now, and hearts would be hardened and man would not understand for he would be blinded by the dark brothers who test and pull down ones from the presence of God.

We spoke of things of personal nature, that I could hold of their hands and share strength--for I was given to KNOW how it IS and they were not and therefore, I could bear of it and they could not.  God the Father experiences through thine physicalness and He would never ask you ones to do that which He would be unwilling to do.  Further, He would know the difference between that which would be deliberate and that which would be simply "in error".

I spoke to them of that which would be ripped asunder from the teachings of the great teachers of that which you call the Old Testament.  You must know, beloved ones, that those who proclaim themselves to be "Jews" of this day and the ones who are "Zionists" are not the same--one group strives for God; the other is set up in the service of Satan to rule the world and enslave God's people.  These are the things which would come to be in the ending times of the period of the Revelation.

Along these lines, you shall also be told and it shall sit like lead in thine bellies--Dharma cringes in dread as I speak the words now, for your very own Country's highest places have been totally infiltrated by the Zionists and they have lied to you and misled you heinously from everything from the holocaust to their proclaimed desire for peace in the Middle East.  They desire to control their brothers and they are set into the plan of Global domination and all out WAR---they must utilize your resources for they have not had total ability to build of their own--they need not build of their own for they now control the most powerful nation on your Earth today---YOU!

The words shall be laid down by Hatonn and they shall be indeed hard to swallow.  You see, 'tis you in America who "plan to make the "first strike".  It will be precipitated by the Zionist Israelites in the Middle East.  A few have dared to tell you of these things and they have been killed.  Dharma has come to some measure of peace with the probabilities of being one of them---we petition caution but all she asks is that she serve in truth and that she shall always be within the hollow of mine hand no matter upon which dimension she serves.

Ah yes, human indeed.  Beloved ones, I, too, was human--and I went my Father's way of times in terror of the physical pain.  I shared this with mine brothers and they were confused.  I efforted to handle their confusion in private for their souls were learning and they had to grow beyond the confusion for their task would be the building of the foundation---this day---upon which to base a whole world transition.

Sometimes I reprimanded my beloved brothers, and as a parent I efforted to do so in a non-embarrassing encounter for they were as children and subject to all the frailties of man.  All must be handled in the experience which IS at any given moment of experience --- time changes not; experience changes constantly from perception unto perception, in the twinkling of an eye as it were.


This may surprise some of you who have wanted to discount AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL simply because it indicates that I did not come into total physical perishment--actually I did, but I was transformed as so will ye be and yet because the false word has spread about, you of mine ownself, turn away and move back into the darkness of the lie--why?  Would you not rather have a God which is without limits?  Nay, you would rather have "another" bear the burden of your individual errors and childish behaviors?  Just believe upon a man who shed blood upon a cross and you have no more responsibility for self actions?

Oh no, it is incorrect--each, EACH shall stand before God naked and bare, and shall answer to the justice of the Creator and self within who, on that day of transition, shall KNOW ALL and SHALL JUDGE SELF IN THAT ALL-NESS!  I, Jesus Sananda, shall stand at the bench and I can intercede and plead for you but thine "INTENTIONAL" disobedience shall be confronted--ye and the Father shall know of the meaning.  None other can bear of it for thee for ye have God within and have caused Him to experience all that ye have chosen--therefore there can be no lies or the hiding therefrom.  These are the things I spake unto them.  And these things have come to pass--ye ones want proof--it has all come to pass and now the hourglass rests awaiting the turning.


Allow me to interrupt this thought train to speak of reincarnation.  The term has been grossly corrupted.  Do not dwell on the distractors within a lesson.  You ones must know that at all times, especially as you move into the light, the bombardment and harassment becomes more and more intense.  Satan is devious indeed---he will get you sidetracked on a most insignificant point and then pull you down, causing you to toss the information, bearing a man-pronounced denouncement aside.

Let us speak of reincarnation as a very good example.  What does it mean?  Let us refer to Webster's dictionary because you ones seem to like that book quite well: "REINCARNATION: THE ACTION OF REINCARNATING: THE STATE OF BEING REINCARNATED, REBIRTH IN NEW BODIES OR FORMS OF LIFE, REBIRTH OF A SOUL IN A NEW HUMAN BODY, RE-EMBODIMENT, A FRESH EMBODIMENT."  So what does it mean?  It means to renew actually or to come forth again in renewal.

Ye ones have no trouble what-so-ever in your proclamations that I, Jesus, might have come again and most certainly you are expecting ME to come again at rapture and transition.  Yet ye balk when ye think ye might serve again in some manner.  In one breath you allow God infinite power and in the next, ye limit Him to no abilities at all.  YOU ARE THE REFLECTION OF GOD--THY SOUL IS BIRTHED IN HIS IMAGE--YOU ARE THE ONES WHO TAINT OF IT AND LIMIT ITS LIFESTREAM.

These are more of the things of which I spake unto my disciples---that man would limit God in all manners and stoop to the basest degradation of his wondrous perfection.  The Evil prince does not want you to think you can function again for he would lose of his hold upon thee-the so-called "churches" would lose of all power over you and keep ye ones in ignorance and hide truth from you for "THEY" would pronounce unto you how it is and will be---they speak with forked tongues unto you in their ignorance, these unquestioning pastors of the flocks.

What I can do, ye can do---and more!  Remember?  That, too, is written in thine Bibles.  Well, I am One with God the Father, I ascended, I dwell within each of you, and if it be so for me---so be it unto you!  It was written into the teachings and then deliberately removed by the human controllers---and yet, it matters not whether you have one or a hundred-thousand journeys---thine soul is infinite and ye must experience "somewhere"---it is what ye do at thy present experience which matters---not the last, nor the next---right now!  The term is a distractor which pulls you from truth into the extraneous.  Ye ones pick for errors of meaning within these Journals---could not errors have been made deliberately and innocently in the hundreds of translations before this day?

Hear the truth of the messages and allow the distractors to assume their placement--for in the ending it matters only what ye do with the "present" and ye shall miss thine lifeboat while searching for thine escape possibilities.  These things, too, did I speak unto mine disciples.


Please enjoy, with me, some humor.  Ones interpret differently, all things.  As a for instance, these dear ones are blasted in page after page of documents stating that the Journals are devoid of Spiritual messages.  Then yesterday, come the several page letter which writes:  "There is too much Spiritual . . . ."  This, partly because our writings seem to be considered from out of the Far East, etc.  Precious ones, Sananda is not a Guru label.  Sananda is a label designating a state of being--beyond the "Christ" state of wisdom and learning--a one-ness with God.  I, a Christed being, have achieved mine inheritance of oneness with God Creator and now bear of mine new name--sananda!  'Tis no more and no less.  I walked thine world in many placements as sananda (leave the small letter, Oberli) for it is but a designation of definition.  I walked the Americans as the Pale Prophet, Standing Bear, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quetzalcoatl, etc., etc., and I especially spent time in thine Central and South America as Sananda.  It has naught to do with "religion" in any manner.  If I had been birthed in Egypt I would have been named Sananda at that very time for Emmanuel and Sananda--both mean God with Us.  In Spanish language Sananda means "life-healing" or "healing DNA".  Not very fanciful but definitive enough to see us through this journey.  Again--do not be swayed by that which man pronounces unto you while you remain in ignorance--for in the end thine insight shall perhaps save of his very soul passage.  Do you see?  It matters not!

Even in my 2000 year-ago birthing, I was labeled Emmanuel.  I was called Esu and later, in Paul's journeys, he called me Jesus and it made sense unto the Greeks and they called me Jesus---DO YE NOT SEE?--IT MATTERS NOT WHAT YE LABEL ME FOR IF YE ASK FOR THE LIGHT AND THE GOD-NESS, I HEAR--I HEAR!  'TIS NOT A MAN'S NAME THAT MEANS A THING--IT IS HIS SOUL INTENT!  BUT IT IS WHY SATAN USES SO MANY SIMILAR LABELS AND EVEN MINE OWN---FOR HE DEPENDS ON THE DUPING OF YOU PRECIOUS CHILDREN WHO BLINDLY FOLLOW.

I believe I have responded to two other letters, Oberli, and please George, make sure the Sunday's message gets included, for therein lies the truth.  After all is said and done--much is said and little is done--we must change of that and thusly, is this which we are about in our Father's work.  Do not dawdle over that which you understood not--there is no knowing without the experiencing and each comes in proper sequence.  Further, whatever you are trying to avoid won't go away until you confront it.  If it be terminology or perception--look at it, allow peace and balance, and release that which is distraction--it is concept which is truth--not the moral edicts set forth by man--neither can morality be "voted in".  If you live by the Laws of God and The Creation--ye are fine, if not--ye are incorrect and it shall be thine undoing.  Voting "in" immorality or murder, changes truth not one iota--it is still in wrong-ness in God's eyes and brings unbalance unto The Creation.  Human has set himself up as thine interpreters--that is because ye have allowed of it--no more and no less.  YE KNOW IN THINE HEARTS WHAT IS PROPER FOR GOD IS WITHIN THINE SELF--EVIL IS WITHOUT AND TEMPTS THINE CONSCIOUS, PHYSICAL SELVES.  THERE IS NO "TRUE FOOLING" OF THE GOD-SELF.  PONDER UPON THESE THINGS.


You must consider specific dates of actions and happenings as further distractors.  Especially those which "do not happen"--know that ones of the lighted realms will continue to tell you that not even "I" know the exacting moment of mine return--nor that of an earthquake.  Consider all prophecies to be "general" in nature for the most accurate of the prophets are years and years apart.  You are to only look unto the "signs" and the leafing of the fig.  There will be great upheavals in all parts of thine world, some you will be given exactness--most you will not, depending upon the thrust and needs of various groups to be in replacement, etc.  This is especially a time in which false-prophets will be giving exacting times and proclaim they come from the lighted realms--then the dark prince will make sure it does not happen and ye will feel duped and pull away from truth.  Look at the overall--not at the obvious beneath thine noses.  Neither must you become captivated by Nostradamus--take his words as guidelines--naught more.

Thus far, the overall is truth, but the riddles are deep indeed and only meant for a few to understand and only selected ones at that.  These are still interpretations, even if speaking with the energy himself, for your terms and languages are inaccurate and not explicit enough.  To truly understand that which another says, you must have EXPLICIT DEFINITION AND ALL IN RECEIVING MUST HAVE THAT SAME EXPLICIT DEFINITION AND MEANING.  If I use the term "rain" and I use it instead of "sun", it means "rain" if I have explicitly told those ones receiving that when I say "rain" it means "sun".  There is no such explicitness upon your place.  You speak in riddles all the time and your politicians are masters at the art of saying nothing and meaning all sorts of heinous things---through innuendo and implicitness and assumption, and, and, and - - -.

Mostly, the reason Hatonn has spoken of this particular version of Nostradamus is that it originally began with pure intent and truth of signals--it has since also deteriorated--God told you that you must be prepared for I would come as a thief in the night--unexpected.  You ones wait upon the proof before you make your decisions--no, it will not be thus--you must be in the deciding and the exactness if often hidden well indeed.

Hatonn has been asked directly about an earthquake in Missouri and whether or not interpretations were incorrect or if balance came from another dimension, etc.  Does it make a difference?  Or is it curiosity upon which you would base your decision about the Journal's truth or Nostradamus' truth, etc.?  Your "proof" shall never come so blatantly, brothers--thy proof shall always come from within and then the "off-mark" predictions will have no meaning to you in the least.  You have been told, for instance, that a massive quake is overdue along the California fault line---and still ones sit upon the fault itself--so be it--GOD ALLOWS!  AND IF YE CHOOSE TO SIT UPON A BREAKING FAULT, SO BE IT!...

Go in peace, chela, for I thank you greatly for your time and service.  You cannot solve of all the problems and help shall be coming from the physical standpoint.  I know of thine burdens and I know the way is hard indeed--let us walk together. Aho.

I will move to the side, that you might take respite.  In the golden light of radiance which is One with Father God, I AM Sananda in thine service.  SO be it and the benediction of peace unto you in thine troubled world.  Hold unto mine hand for I can sustain you.  Adonai--look unto the door for therein shall I be.



Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1990, Volume 1, Number 10.


Here is a photo of one of my reincarnatons:




Image of White Buffalo Calf Woman at the Sioux Spiritual Center in Howes, South Dakota