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Message From St. Michael, March 13, 2003

Nancy Tate

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who reside in the ancient cities of the inner earth.

This is the semblance of the ruination of the coming times when the clocks will all turn backward and forward at the same time. Then is when the concept of time will change, and the ones from the inner chambers will come forth and intermingle with all of you.

Today there is an accounting that is taking place of all the members of the underground societies. These are the ones who will come forth and form groups of percentages of people from every walk of life, and every culture represented on the surface. There will be events that will program the eventual composites of societies that will bring Earth and her inhabitants to a greater understanding of the workings of the natural laws. We in the angelic realm are working with these beings to present as clear a picture to the contactees as is possible, in order to bring about an orderly and concise arrangement of study and learning of the ways of the angelic realm from which you all came. This will assist you all to the recovering of your memories and the smooth transition in this matter state into the state of ascension, which has been described by some as an anti-matter state.

Our purpose at this time is in bringing an energy of love and wisdom into the course of events that surround this happening. Due to the relevance of the times on the surface and the goings on within the earth, there is jurisdiction within the events that call for action of this kind. This is the time of the everlasting aspirations of the Divine angels and the hierarchy that surrounds the coming together of all the forces of change that are being brought into perspective by the varying components of the energies of transformation. The guidelines by which this is done are according to the directives of Heaven. This is the origin of all intelligence and the coming together of all the influences that are in place this day.

We are coming to the place where we will be able to come to you in the form of your choosing, for it is as to your perspective that we appear. Your identity of us is represented within your beingness, and that is the true representation of us in your knowing. To see us as one would see in a picture that someone else produced, is to know us by another, outside perspective. In order to honor and have the clearest perspective of who we are, you will find that clarity by seeking the answer within. I stress this because in the interest of bringing the trueness of your self to the understanding of your relationship to us, you will bide well to know us as we are in your own knowingness. This is vital in the fullness of your knowing yourself.

In these times of turmoil on your planet it is important more than ever to know Thineself. This is the way to the peace that you all seek so diligently. To march and speak, and pray, and light your candles, all in the interest of peace is wonderful, and demonstrates the intent so many have for the peaceful co-existence that is necessary to the world. One aspect that must be present for it to achieve the highest degree of sustenance is to feel that peace within. This is the ingredient that will set the energy in place and bring peace to the shores and the plains of the earth. Without that necessary particle of strength, all you will get is the declarations for peace. Declarations for peace are not peace. Peace is a way of being, not something to strive for. Find the joy in your life that can reflect out to the people and create the energy that reflects back and creates the hologram. This is the strongest action you can take for peace, my dear friends. This is the rock upon which you can lay your intent and see it infused into the energy of the very bedrock of the earth.

These people who live within the earth are holding that energy of peace for all of you. It is the very foundation of love that seeks to be itself, and to emit forth in its strength of purpose. That purpose is to saturate the beingness of Mother Earth and allow it to seep forth into the atmosphere, and all the beings who reside on the surface. There is nothing that is exempt from this completeness.

The people within the earth are your friends and your family. They hold a divine energy for your transitory times; and this is the time when the eons of the history of their lives are coming to fruition. They are bringing the energies of change into manifestation in the form of devices that some of you have worked with. These are the devices of the time soon to come, that will help to clean up this beautiful earth, and bring her back to the Garden of Eden she once was. The people within the earth have been schooled by Mother Earth, and are ready for the surfacing, and the restoration process in co-operation with all of you. You are doing your part, and the energy is building to bring forth the last few remaining pieces that will fit into place in the perfection of the universe.

Remember to go within and view the world from that perspective. This is the only way to see the Divine reality of the world that you have created. There is no greater testimony to the perfection of the Divine than to see the Light that shines from every being in existence. That, you can do my dears, from within your crystal mirrors and your lights of Divine origin.

We kiss the tips of your fingers, and we bring the sword of truth the bear on the hearts of the mighty and the souls of the meek, for you are all everything to us, and we admonish you to the love for yourselves that will set you free. Come home to the love that you are, and glory in it.

Blessings are upon you; you shine from afar with a glow that encompasses Heaven.

Thank you dear Archangel Michael,

Nancy Tate