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Archangel Michael Speaks: Your Sword of Truth

Transcribed by Carolyn Evers

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ed to support the peace process now. It is for all, and for the benefit of all who wish to stay on this planet in the future, that we ask for your blessings.

There are thoughts and plans of several factions that wish to make war; not the ones that are already waging, but a new operation that would extend the war presently being fought to engulf the turf of the Iranians and Israelis.

You do not always hear in your news reports the struggles between factions in Israel and Iran. Many things are hidden, as there are mercenaries being sent to trouble spots with the distinct mission to cause an uprising of passions that would change the status quo to shift towards an outbreak of war.

Passions to defend the homeland, hearth, and religion are very strong in the human being. They have been nurtured over the centuries, and there is a natural protective trigger when any of these elements seem to be in danger.

Those who wish to flip the balance of peace towards the fires of war understand this, and they attack the individual's sense of security. There are those who wish to see the entire Middle East in the flames of war. It might seem unbelievable to those who wish peace that the total destruction using war as the tool is not only desired but actively pursued.

So we come to you again, our warriors. Use your sword of ! truth and hold it high with the intent to cut through these destructive forces, and then send your rays of love and protection not only to the Middle East, but to the entire world.

You are seeing forest fires in your country now, but if not reversed, these thoughts and plans that we speak of can cause a fire of destruction in many parts of the world.

Beauty, Peace, and Love send these thoughts on your breath every day to reach everyone in the world. Consider this an important message.

Yours in the Light, Archangel Michael

Transcribed by Carolyn Evers