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Lord Michael: "Live Your Light" - Nov. 27, 2000

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t loud, for it just feels so good?

That energy that you feel is one that has no restrictions, no boundaries--no place for you to hold onto or to be anything but pure love and light. Drink in the sensation, no matter how small it may feel right now. If it feels like a tiny flame in the darkness--hold onto it. And if it is a raging inferno of pleasure-- feel that too. For as you feel, you are remembering. And now, take a deep breath. That's right, a good deep breath and let it all out.

It's really happening isn't it? The "---" is really hitting the fan now. These days and the ones to come are what you have been waiting for. These are the days for you to garner all your light strength around you and stay focused on truth---Divine Truth. Yes, it is all beginning to fall apart and yes, it is time for you to say Hurray!!!

You, a warrior of light, are one of a mighty army, a mighty gathering of love -lights, living on Earth for the sole purpose of Being and Emanating Love. Be the one who in the middle of the fray at the water cooler that interjects a simple and yet profound truth that will jar the awareness of those around you. And that simple truth is...All is in perfect order. And then walk away. And there will be those that will come to you later and want an explanation. How CAN it possibly be in perfect order when there is so much controversy, so much tension, so much mistrust? So much destruction-- and on and on. And they will ask, how come you are not upset about any of this????

That is when you can smile and say--That's right, I am not upset at all, for change is the one thing we can all count on right now--things change when there is a shake up of some sort whether it be through an election, an earthquake, or a snowstorm. Isn't that when people rise to the occasion? Isn't that when the cream rises to the top? Isn't that when the human heart reveals its capacity?

Be the center of the storm, my beloved warriors of light. Be the tree that is rooted deep into the earth, solid and alive. Be the nourishing spring for those around you to come and drink deeply from. And be at peace, for the energy of light that is you, will never run dry. The lightness that you felt when you first started to read, is the source of all of your strength and stamina. Remember that your BODY is a conduit for light and truth. Remember that you embodied here, just for this time. So push up your sleeves, and Really live your life--Truly live your light.

I, Michael, stand before you, with sword in hand. Feel your own sword of truth--is it next to you? Is it in a sheath around your waist? Is it straight and tall, aligned with your spinal column? Find it, feel it and allow yourself to remember -- allow yourself to feel my strength and love fill you at this very moment. For as you read, I am charging the swords of Divine Truth that you each carry. You are a warrior of Peace, Truth, Light and Love.

In what seems to be eons of time ago, we all gathered at a conference about earth. We had just finished assisting the residents of a planet in the Andromeda system and were reviewing and learning together. So many of you were intent on being present during this very important time for Earth. You had embodied here so many times already, and had a very soft spot for Her in your hearts. As we sat and viewed the screen, we saw what the present Dream-course was, and it wasn't looking good. The third dimension was thick with the efforts of many "off planet" forces. And we had seen this before.

We knew that this one dream sequence was just that--One sequence of many. And what makes the third dimension a tough experience is that by its energy make-up, it is a field of limited perception. And once you are in it, it is like having blinders on--all the time. And you had experienced that already and not just on earth. But what made this gathering so exciting was that we ALL had been waiting for this time. You knew that you were going to Earth, THIS TIME, to open the fields of perception, by LIVING the life of a human, and embodying the light energy of the higher dimensions.

This mass effort would introduce many new potential dream scenarios, allowing each one alive (including you) to choose for themselves. For as we viewed, we saw, what the effect would be. We saw many humans choose to stay in the third dimension, and we saw many many more choose to recognize the God-Light within themselves. And we saw that we had assisted that choosing, simply by being in a body and radiating light. How simple and easy would that be, we all exclaimed!!!

And in the next moment, we laughed a melancholy laugh together, for we also knew that it meant going into the third dimension, and for a while the perception of the mission would be limited or completely forgotten. And you all looked at each other and said, "But, we will have each other."

As the meeting drew to a close, I stood before each one of you, and vowed to watch over you and make sure you woke up at the right time. I vowed to never leave your side, and to help you find each other. I stood before you as I stand here today and filled your heart with Light. For it is by your commitment, your choosing once again to go forth that this mission will be and already is a success. And the last scene we viewed together, was the dream scenario that was dreamed into being, the dream of a New Earth.

Stand tall my beloved's, for you have already witnessed the Unfolding and your important part in it. You are now Remembering how it happened. And what is most amazing is that this Dream is still unfolding even now. For there is no End to the Possibilities. Garner strength in this moment.

Be The Light that You are. Be the Dream that has no ending, but only millions of Beginnings. Peace and Love to Each of you. I stand with you, eternally.

..I Am Archangel Michael.