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Arch Angel Michael "Completion"

Through Cathy Acker

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lue Print. The more that you are able to access the higher portals and connect to your higher garments of light the more accurate your life plan is and you will unfold a higher degree of mastery. It is when you truly come into focus and begin to respect yourselves and see yourself as a temple and as an image of the God Head placed on earth that your path becomes clearer and more accurately aligns you with your Divine Plan.

Limiting concepts also hold you back. Trust that there is someone watching over you that there is a plan for indeed there is. The light from the Great Central Sun is what pours down the Rays upon your world. It is the focus of your universe. The Holy Spirit is a member of an elite set of beings that work from the I AM THAT I AM. This force of energy literally surrounds your planet and can adhere to anyone who calls upon this mighty energy field.

It is where many of the Saints received their blessings. Much that you endure in your lifetimes can be overcome with the presence of the Holy Spirit working within your life. Healing powers and much knowledge can be gained from that Divine Force. It is literally the essence of your creator in action on your world.

Christ brought that vibration with him when he came onto the planet; so you can see by calling on it that it is a wonderful gift. It will assist you into coming into alignment with the Mighty I Am Presence. You each have a Covenant with God and it is important that you honor it. There is truth hidden within each being.

The Lords of Darkness that we spoke about have very little power. Many of them cease to exist. Although there are many who belatedly refuse to respect others and in this way we would say that they hold the vibrations of the lower force fields of light. They do not honor and respect the I Am Presence of others and seek out lower teachings and followers for themselves. Dark beings do not exist in the higher realms such as the Great Central Sun for they would not have the alignment of vibration to come to such a high zone. They mainly exist within the 4th dimension. This is why we ask you to break free from these lower vessels so that you may no longer be burden by them.

The Astral fields that many are concerned about are merely disharmonies within your emotional fields that surround the physical body. When you are aligned with the lower frequencies, confusion enters the mind and these dark beings seek to gain control over you. They speak to you as brethren but they are truly only interested in the lower aspects of your nature. Some on the inner planes may seem to befriend you. This is where many of the lessons come in learning discernment. They are limited in understanding and knowledge of how the higher spheres work.

We wish for you to begin to document your experiences, by keeping a log, so you will know what different encounters you have with beings in the Fathers Universe. All now are being called into the higher realms. There is a great deal of glamour that took place for many centuries with power and control. You see within your world that it is still going on. Fighting for your freedoms and justice for others is very glamorous indeed for it pins one as the good guy and another as the one needing to be defeated. When you begin to rise in vibration beyond this drama you will notice that the spheres below you begin to collapse. You allow others to play out these little scenarios for they are still feeding the egos of those involved in one-way or another.

Once you move into the Casual body and begin to hold that vibration on a regular basis you will see a great deal of the lower images fall away and out of sight from your inner mind. Each, for a time, dwells in these inner spheres. It takes courage and determination to rise up and move beyond them. It takes a letting go of old patterns of thought and desire.

I am one with all those who call upon me; I am the Archangel Michael.

And now I will move aside and allow The Ancient of Days to speak with you.

It is important for you to begin to understand and respect this Universe that you are each living in. While I hold the records of many who have walked upon your planet I also hold the balance. We do not favor or see one of you as an enemy and the other as our child. It is important for you to understand this, for you within yourselves are creating the imbalance.

Many in this time of turmoil do not know how to find balance in their lives and yet it can be done so simply. Sit outside, listen to the birds singing, and take a walk in the light rain. All these things are given to you so that you may ground with this earth plane. This is not a negative sphere if you do not allow it to be. This world of Duality can be overcome.

Nature was given to you as a great gift of companionship so while you were on earth you could take with you a part of Godís pure essence of love found in so many of the species we have placed on your sphere. We wish for you to honor these creatures we have placed here with you. Take walks in the parks that we have given you for this will help you clear your aura.

I am the Ancient of Days, and a part of the Universal Mind. As each one of you raises your light quotients: oneness with the Godhead begins to become experienced. You are no longer separate from each other or from us.

Copyright © 2002 Cathy Acker, February 2003