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Arch Angel Michael - Re-Defining The Face Of Creation

Channeled And Written by Cherie Haydon

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e tides across the precious earth.

As co-creators of the One, you are able to see beyond the illusion of what is happening with the war in Iraq and you are assisting in creating some protection over there. The sand storms that they have been experiencing for a number of days now were not created just by dear Mother Nature or any other natural force upon this plane. You, through the deep compassion that you have been carrying around with you are moving the winds and creating the sand storms.

And you may ask what does this accomplish? They are still killing each other over there! And yes that is true, but you are redefining your powers over matter and becoming the wind and you brought lots of it with you this time! And you became the sand to help shield them from each other so they could not see each other in order to kill, hurt or maime each other too. Do you not see how powerful you are my beautiful Beings of Light?

And what better way to keep them close, but not see each other? What better way to "protect" them from each other? For you know these things deep down in your divine heart and you know that if they cannot see each other they cannot hurt each other, can they? And so you pulled the only resources that you could pull together and you did this in a Oneness that ALL of creation is sitting here teary-eyed and filled with wonder of it all.

As Co-creators of the Divine Source, the One of All That Is, you are working within your realms of divine protection and utilizing whatever methods you can find from the natural and mineral kingdoms. You are billowing your winds clocking up to what your weather professionals call ""hurricane strength winds"! Do you not see how powerful you are?

And the winds that have been blowing and keeping tribes and human-to- human contact down to a bare minimum is keeping them safe from each other at least for the time being. The winds picking up the some tiny granules of sand may be microscopic, but the billions of them create a barrier so dense and so swift that no one can see in order to fire at themselves.

And the beautiful part of what you are doing is that you pulling sand and wind as far away as Egypt and do you think that is by coincidence? No, it is not. Because many of you know that you have lived in that time and place when there were other revolutions in Egypt too and you are remembering these brief notes in history of previous wars that should not have been. And so through your cellular memories and through the many lessons that you have learned upon your beloved planet you are showing us how to love, protect your fellow brothers and sisters through the resources of natural means. And we love you so dearly and we bow down before you in grace and compassion and love. For you are the Peacemakers and you know that at the unconscious levels of most of humanity at this time that there is peace that dwells within the deepest of hearts no matter how it appears from the illusions on the outside. We are so deeply honored that you are amassing your resources so quickly and assisting them in going within their own hearts.

You have been giving them a time for respite from the battles before them now. With such time on their hands and not being able to see their so-called "enemy", they are going within and reflecting in the midst of battle of what they are doing there and why they have come and who are they attacking and it is making a difference dear ones! It is making a difference! And that is what shifts their consciousness from an ego-centered place to a place within their hearts and this is a HUGE success on the parts of your loving hearts!

We, the Divine forces of Unified Consciousness are incredibly pleased with the devices you have chosen to use to soften the blow of what was to be. And yet we know that this may be a temporary pause in the null moment of war, and we know there will be more warring this we know just as you do, but in this time and place we wish to reassure you that you have pulled out from your bag of magical tricks from Merlin the Magician during the Camelot era and have shifted the battles that are being waged against us.

We are ALL the eyes, ears and breath of the One Creator, just as you are and you have pulled out your magical bag of tricks and even the Shamans engaged in creating the illusion of shape-shifting into granules of sand and you became the wind that blew from thousands of miles away! And yes, the war may continue and yes, more will be shot and wounded and yet, you will be there in your blazing glory assisting them all and helping them see what it is they are doing to each other. For illumination is here of the "divine" kind and they cannot resist it's pull for peace and not war and for love over hate.

And while this is happening and many of you are avoiding looking at the news, you are over there creating a "new" kind of loving and divine force among men, women and children and you are liberating them from their embedded beliefs as they raise up and live it maybe for the first time.

My almighty warriors of peace have pocketed their swords as there are enough swords in this battle of man against man nation against nation hatred against hatred you, instead, have chosen to pick up the most natural resources and become ONE with the wind; become ONE with the water, become ONE with the sand and are whipping them into submission with the forces of nature. And what are these armies thinking right now? We are now experiencing an "Act of God?" Do you see what you are doing, my beloved brothers and sisters? You are re-defining the very face of God in the middle of a war!

The sands of time have come to raise up within men, even the most confident has laid down his weapon and wondered where did this unusual sandstorm come from? When will it end? The Iraqi troops are wondering if this is a sign from Allah. The American and British troops are wondering if this is a sign of God? You my beautiful Beings of Light are clearing the air and cleansing the lands with your mighty gusts of strength and power of All That Is!

The sands have a cleansing effect upon the lands including the people upon the ground and with it comes the cleansing rains to wash the hatred away. Yes, the winds are still blowing, the sand is still moving and still no one can truly see each other at times. For this, we are grateful to you and we had no part in it you are the beautiful Beings of Light and of Compassion and Grace who have made the difference in this strife, in this time and in this place.

And yes, the war may wage on even when the elements move on their way and that is why this transmission was incredibly important. It is to remind you that you have already made a critical difference in the outcome of the battle.

You are the focal point of the cosmos as all eyes are upon you now. We bid you the greatest tidings and blessings and remind you that you are never alone even when the tides appear to flow the other way. We are following you with every blessed breath and are remind you who you are the wonderful mission you have become. You are so dearly loved Dear Ones more than any earthly language can convey.

I AM Archangel Michael, of Truth, Protection, Joy, and Love.

Channeled through and Written by Cherie Haydon

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