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Messages From AA Michael - It's Time To "Lighten" Up

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

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ntained the refracted Rays of Creator Consciousness, and you were programmed to go forth and take part in the creation of the multi-universes and all therein. It was always intended that you would have access to all the virtues, attributes and qualities of the Supreme Creator and the ability to reach inward and outward in order to tap into the primordial life substance needed to manifest anything you could imagine or desire. Never forget that you are a Spark of the Divine and a beloved Sun (son or daughter) of the Supreme Creator, our Father/Mother God. We see your radiance or lack thereof, and many of you have ignited the Creator God Cell within so that it is burning brightly and you project an aura of Love/Light wherever you go.

From your point of view, you have been disconnected from the Sacred Fire of Creation and left to your own devices for many hundreds of thousands of years. You have felt that you were being tossed about by the whims of fate and controlled by those you thought were wiser and more powerful than you. We have told you that you have reached the deepest levels of density as your Divine Self was fragmented to the limits allowed by universal law; however, you have always been connected to the many facets of your Higher Self and to your God Ray.

You did not make the journey out into the great void alone. In every sub-level of every dimension there were angelic guides and teachers assigned to you. Their sole assignment has been to guide, guard and protect you, and to inspire and assist you as you journeyed out into the unknown. You have always had a Divine schematic encoded within your DNA which detailed your ultimate mission and also a homing device that would show you the way back to your lofty estate in the realms of Light.

You have had many teachers, guides and helpers along the way and, yes, you left them behind as you journeyed down through the multi-dimensions, and you are also meeting many of these wonderful mentors/teachers/friends as you reverse the process. Envision billions of “way stations” scattered throughout this universe which were strategically placed in every sub-level of every dimensional environment whether it be a star system, galaxy, solar system or planet. A legion of angelic helpers bearing all the attributes of Creator-consciousness, along with representatives from the archangelic kingdom, including those from AA Metatron, the many Lords of Light, which included many from the lineage of Lord Melchizedek, as well as many Great Beings you are not familiar with, were assigned to these way stations. Just as you experienced in your years of formal schooling on Earth, some of these teachers/guides were assigned to you at every level along the way, and just as it has been designed in your material world, your heavenly teachers do not accompany you to the next level (whether you are on your way into density, or traversing the path upwards into the refined realms once more), they stay behind and you are assigned new guides and teachers appropriate for that particular level of expression/experience.

One major exception to this is that you were assigned two guardian angels who have stayed with you throughout your many incarnations on Earth. They are a part of your vaster self, or fragments of your Divine Self who have never incarnated in the physical. They agreed to remain in the higher realms to assist you in remembering your true identity as you sank into the distortions and illusion of the lower dimensions. They are always with you to guide, inspire and protect you within the limits allowed by universal law. Their path is inexorably tied to yours, and their radiance and vibrational frequencies increase along with yours. There are special times when they are allowed to intercede such as in near-fatal accidents when someone should have vacated their physical vessel due to the severity of their injuries, but they miraculously survive. Your faithful guardian angels are responsible for many of the miracles in your lives, and for smoothing the way in seemingly impossible situations. The more attuned you become to your guardians, the more they can assist you. They cannot eliminate your karmic lessons; however, they can assist you in resolving many stressful situations with ease and grace if you have gained the wisdom from a negative experience and your intent is pure.

Also unique to these times is a Divine dispensation decreed by our Father/Mother God to make available to you a myriad of angelic helpers from throughout this universe. Some years ago, I offered each of you four angelic helpers from my Legions of Light. These are powerful Beings from the far reaches of this universe who have been assigned to Earth to assist you in the miraculous evolutionary process you are in the midst of. How many of you have taken advantage of this gift and unprecedented opportunity? Not nearly as many as we hoped. You must ask, beloveds, for the law of free will is still in effect in most instances.

Once more, I offer you this wondrous gift. We implore you to take advantage of this opportunity, for it will speed up the ascension process and make your journey much easier.

If you are willing, I will assign to each of you four beautiful angelic beings, but you must ask for this gift. These are more powerful than any other of the myriad of angelic helpers you have assigned to you, as these beloved angelic warriors will come to you at my request. There will be two with predominant feminine energies and two with predominant masculine energies to serve you. I assure you, THEY ARE REAL—as real as anything you can touch in the physical realm. Give them assignments, ask their names and allow a sense of their personalities to emerge as you attune to them with your inner senses. Direct them to assist you in every endeavor, whether it be abundance, health, organization, protection, creativity; there is no limit to what they can do.

The more you interact with them, the more real they will become and the more you will see how helpful they can be. It is time for you to receive some of the rewards for all your patient endeavors, all your trials and tests. Gradually, we are resuming our proper relationship with you, with all humanity. We were not meant to be separated or divided. It was intended that you would be able to interact with us telepathically, even lift your Spirit into the realms where we reside and spend time with us and receive succor.

Allow us to review some of the basic guidelines from the past to assist you to more fully awaken the master within as you en-LIGHTEN yourselves and help to LIGHTEN UP the world around you:

•Strive to maintain balance within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Any distortion in any area of your physical Being creates disharmony and discomfort or chaos at some level.

•It is no longer acceptable to withdraw from the world in order to follow your spiritual path. You must walk among the masses as a master of Light, and share your radiance and your wisdom with those around you.

•Become more conscious of your thoughts, feelings and intention. Allow negative thoughts to flow through your consciousness like misty currents, observing but not claiming them as your own nor allowing them to affect your sense of well-being.

•Initiate positive change in your attitude and in your life, instead of reacting to negative situations around you after they have manifested.

•Take an inventory. How have you changed over the past few years, and what changes would you like to initiate in yourself and around you in the near future?

•What kind of world do you perceive for yourself in five years? What must you do to manifest the highest outcome? What can you personally do to make the world a better place?

•Acknowledge, honor and respect the Spark of Divinity within others, no matter how different their beliefs are or how unloving their actions.

•Practice toning, sacred harmonics and sacred breathing often. Each day radiate unconditional love to humanity and the Earth as you breathe in Light and breathe out love.

•Visit your Pyramid of Light/Power in the higher fifth dimension daily in order to draw forth into your physical world. more and more of the refined energies of the higher realms.

•Rise above what is thought to be good or bad. Do not be swayed from what you have claimed as your truth, and do not feel you must justify your beliefs to others.

•Be willing to step out of your comfort zone as a new powerful you strives to emerge. Accept each new challenge with eagerness. Endeavor to learn the wisdom to be gained from seemingly negative situations.

•Practice tele-thought and endeavor to understand the meaning behind negative actions or hurtful words others project toward you.

•Daily practice “Returning to Center,” and “Return to Sender” wrapped in love any negative barbs or energy sent to you by others.

•Allow your inner child to freely express itself through laughter, joy, movement and sound.

•Gradually eliminate those things in your life which do not bring you joy and satisfaction. Be willing to let go of old thought patterns, traditions and outworn beliefs as you upgrade your lifestyle to fit the new en-LIGHTEN-ed you.

•By releasing old conditioning, old half-truths and fallacies, you will begin to expand and fine-tune your awareness, which will allow newer, purer truths to begin to filter into your awareness.

•Dare to dream and to be different, as you leap out of the mainstream and ahead of the masses. Refine your vision for the future and do not allow anyone or anything to deter you.

Become a living meditation so that every waking moment is focused on the highest purpose for yourself, for all others and the Earth.

•Join together in order to create meridians of Love/Light so that your radiant vibrations of refined energy are flowing back and forth amongst you, as well as from you out into the heavenly realms and down into the center of the Earth.

•Assume the lofty outlook of the masters: calmly and lovingly standing by, observing, helping when possible and appropriate, but allowing, not judging, for you know all that is happening is for a reason and has a higher purpose. •Live in the present moment, for that is the only time you can tap into the pure cosmic Life Force energy from which all things are created.

•There is no-thing or no one who can take away or diminish the love the Creator has for you.

•Love comes in many forms. Only you can decide how you will express the precious gift of love. Feel it, experience it to the fullest, and pass it on.

Beloveds, keep a conscious attunement to your Higher Self, for the messages and instructions will be coming to you at a faster and faster pace. The time of waiting and preparation are over. The time for action has been initiated. Allow us to share our Light with you as, together, we fill the darkest corners on Earth with the transforming vibrations of love. I AM Archangel Michael.

*** Transmitted through Ronna Herman * STAR*Quest* 6005 Clear Creek Drive, Reno, NV 89502