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Archangel Michael's January 2003 Message

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

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thers after you have integrated and are actively living each new level of enlightened awareness. The mass mind or collective consciousness of humankind in the third/fourth-dimensional expression perpetuates separateness, limitation, and fear, as well as a narrow-focused reality, a rigid outlook, and often a self-righteous attitude toward beliefs that are in conflict with the popular accepted belief structure. Allow us to condense and recap some of the more important truths we have given you over the past years.

When you tap into the Cosmic Mind of the Creator, you begin to view the world and all situations from a higher vantage point and from a "we" perspective, instead of an "I" point-of-view, which is the beginning of "Unity Consciousness". You have access to the universal storehouse of all possibilities which is innovative and limitless. It is fed by the unconditional love of the Creator and all the wondrous Beings of Light in the multi-dimensions of Creation. All the Divine Light Substance of Creation you can contain and use is being offered to you, and you are being given an opportunity to manifest anything you desire, from the smallest, simplest things to the most complex and magnificent. How do you prepare yourselves to reclaim this precious gift of Love/Light as cocreators of worlds without end?

In the process of awakening, you learn to turn inward in order to find the answers to the pain, fear, and emotional trauma that you have experienced in the past, and in the process you gradually become aware of what brings you peace and lasting joy. Through a new soul-inspired awareness, you become an observer as well as a participant in your every day interactions with those around you. You tap into your extra-sensory perception, which is vaster and more powerful than you can imagine, as you learn to pay attention to what thought forms you allow to infiltrate into your consciousness. Negative, fear-based thoughts and emotions, usually projected or received through the solar plexus center, create distorted vibrations of chaos, a sense of futility, and a lack of faith in oneself or others. As you learn to add the magic elixir of love by first accepting that you are worthy of love and then projecting the vibration of unconditional love to others, your world begins to change for the better. You project or radiate vibrational patterns of a certain frequency and you draw to yourself (or magnetize) vibrational frequencies that match those that you send forth. Change the electromagnetic frequency patterns you project and you change your personal world. It is as simple as that.

As you begin to take control of your life and learn that you are the Creator of your reality, one of the most important steps is to align your will with the Will of your Divine Self or I AM Presence. You are not surrendering anything, but giving your Higher Self permission to take an active role in your life. You quickly learn that lasting success is based on honor, truth, integrity, and pure intent, which are universal laws of the highest vibrations. Martyrdom and self-sacrifice are put aside as you learn that it is your birthright and your obligation to be an active, empowered cocreator of joy, peace, abundance, beauty, and harmony, which are to be made available and enjoyed by all humanity.

You will find that as you examine, change, or advance your beliefs of "Self," it automatically begins to affect your relationships or attitude toward others. You stop allowing your emotions to control you by projecting your expectations to others via the push-pull solar plexus interactions, and you also cease giving your power away to others in an effort to attain approval or love. You are now focused and project Love/Light energy from your heart or Solar Power Center, or what could be called your heart filter. And even though you are aware of the thought forms/energy others project to you, you allow nothing lesser than unconditional love to take up residency within your Being. The blessed gift you have been given, an etheric rose quartz heart, embossed with the sacred lotus flower and with a blazing Violet Flame in the center, assures that all energies of a negative vibration will be transmuted before they are allowed to enter your force field.

Your Divine discontent inspires you to learn as much as you can about the workings of the universe and the Divine Laws of Creation. You seek to balance your emotional awareness of Spirit or the Creator with the wisdom and understanding of the vastness and wonder of Creation, and one of your greatest desires is to learn what part you are destined to play in this great ongoing drama.

Through your conscious endeavors, you gradually balance your chakra system, the seven major energy/mind centers in the body that contain the Creator's seven virtues, attributes, and abilities for your solar system, so that they spin truly and in harmony. This in turn opens and unifies the seven seals of solar consciousness, which allows access to the higher multi-dimensional chakra system and the five higher Rays of galactic consciousness. You prepare the way for a soul merge, whereby your soul self replaces the ego desire body as director of your life's experience, which in turn allows integration of your Higher Self, your Christ Self, and eventually your I AM Presence. You have always been connected to our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator, but their energy has been vastly stepped-down through the many levels, dimensions, and the Great Beings of Light. The miracle of these times is that the Earth and humanity are being bathed and blessed with the greatest infusion of Divine Light ever experienced since this solar system and galaxy were created.

Down through your many incarnations and the painful experiences you have suffered, you gradually placed protective shields around your heart and emotions, and have often become rigid and inflexible in your thinking. If you do not love too deeply or intently, you won't be hurt. If you do not care too much for others, or expect too much, you won't be disappointed or rejected. If you do not take a chance or try something new, you won't fail. These are some of the standard viewpoints of those stuck in the third/fourth-dimensional illusion. Change is threatening and moves you into the unknown. Your habits and beliefs are comfortable and safe, even if they do perpetuate a sense of separation, pain, and sorrow. You cannot integrate all the facets of your God Self without thawing or dissolving the emotional and mental filters you have placed both within and around your Essential Being. Your auric field, golden etheric web, and the imperfections within your DNA that you inherited through your ancestry plainly display the shields, distortions, and protective layers you have woven around yourself. We have spoken often about releasing and healing the core issues that keep welling up from deep within: the guilt, shame, unworthiness, sense of failure, and abandonment, which lead to depression, anger, fear, and hopelessness. As you move up the ladder of ascension, these core issues will no longer be denied. They will roil and bubble to the surface and get your attention in any way possible, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical symptoms and strife. Dear hearts, we implore you, do not deny these feelings any longer. Consider them a gift and an opportunity to, once and for all, let go of all the emotional trauma that is keeping you tethered in a world of illusion and separation. As an observer, allow the feelings to rise to the surface. Through your intent, affirm that you are ready to release these dis-empowering emotions. Go into your Pyramid of Light/Power in the fifth dimension and lie on the crystal table. See the Violet Fire of Transmutation blazing up and around you, bathing, cleansing, transforming the thought forms/negative energies into pure crystalline Light. Then envision that transformed energy moving within your body and filling those vacancies with more crystalline Light substance. In this way, you are slowly but surely rebuilding your radiant vessel of Light, your Adam/Eve Kadmon perfected body. Practice the Infinity Breath and use the Alpha Mastery techniques to assist you and speed up the process of transformation and empowerment. These are wondrous tools, but serve no purpose if you do not take advantage of the gift.

It has become the norm or the fashion to turn to others for knowledge or what you accept as your truth, but this will quickly change as more and more of you tap into your own source of wisdom and the higher truths now available to all. Yes, it is true, there are those who have proceeded you along the path as way showers and trail blazers. They are the ones who have dedicated themselves to unselfishly serve humanity. Faithfully and diligently, they traveled the narrow path of enlightenment, often uncertain as they traversed unknown territory. They were judged, ridiculed, and ostracized, but they steadily kept moving forward. Inspired by a burning desire from within, they did all that was necessary to prepare themselves to be the messengers of the New Age, and they have been instrumental in reestablishing the connections between humanity and those of us who reside in the higher realms. We honor them for their unselfish service and dedication, but the time is swiftly approaching when each of you will be asked to tune-in to the frequencies of higher learning and expression, to revive your innate ability to telepathically communicate with us and access information from the Cosmic Mind. It is your birthright and part of your initiation into the exalted states of consciousness.

We implore you to begin, no matter where you are on the scale of enlightened awareness. Begin by asking for assistance from your angelic helpers and guardians from the higher realms. Dare to solidify your dreams and your visions for the future by writing them down in a journal or on paper so that you have a clear, concise plan before you. Align your vision with Divine Will, and always seek the highest outcome. Treasure each day as a gift from the Creator, and live each moment to the best of your ability. Always seek to see the best in yourself and in others. Be aware of the small gifts and miracles that occur around you every day. Feel the sun's warmth on your skin; breathe deeply of the fresh clean air, and focus on the beauty of nature, whether it is summer or winter. There are always things of beauty to inspire you, but you must look for them. As an observer, without judgment, review what you can change about yourself or do better. Begin with the small habits you would like to change, and as you grow in confidence, you will advance in wisdom, discipline, and strength, and move on to greater accomplishments.

We implore you, do not worship us or see us above you. We are all facets of the Creator, just as you are. We wish you to see us as your brothers and sisters on the path, serving our Father/Mother God, just as you are. As the spiral of evolution turns, great change is inevitable, and we know that you are dismayed by what seems to be more chaos, conflict, and violence around the world. Again, we encourage you to focus on what is right in your world, and to add your gift of loving energy and God Light to ours so that we can create miracles for the highest good of the Earth and all humanity. The negativity, fear, greed, and struggle to gain supremacy over others seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds, and we tell you, our brave warriors of peace, it is not the time to be faint of heart. Gird your spiritual armor around you, stand strong and connected to the God-Spark within your solar power center. We have overcome challenges and obstacles much greater than these, and we promise you, together, we will prevail. You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.


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I respect myself, therefore others respect me.

I live and love to give. I am worthy of abundance.

I share my prosperity with others, for I know there is a never-ending

supply available to me.

I am a loving friend. I have loving friends in my life.

My touch is tender and loving. I love to be touched tenderly.

I hold all those I love lightly in my heart and allow them to be free.

I communicate my love through my thoughts, words, and actions.

I trust the wisdom and perfection of the Divine Plan.

I will focus on the beauty and perfection in my world, thereby magnifying it.

I trust, therefore I am trustworthy.

I live and love passionately. Passion and purpose inspire me.

I commit myself totally to loving and being loved. I am committed.

I think loving thoughts * I radiate loving thoughts * I am love in action *



Dearest Friends,

As the year 2002 comes to a close, we look out upon a world of uncertainty. However, if we stay focused within our heart center, we know without a doubt that we are dearly loved by our Creator and all the wondrous Beings of Light, and that we are under the protection of our beloved Lord Michael. It seems that 2003 will be a year of testing our faith, whereby we must truly walk our talk and fly our vision. As never before, we must stand bravely and firmly anchored in our faith, knowing that no matter how dark it may seem, we can weather the maelstrom of negative energy that is swirling around the world as we stay calm in the center of our sacred heart. Please join me in our world pyramid as we send forth to the Earth and ALL humanity the transforming Love/Light from the Creator that we have striven so diligently to integrate so that we may radiate it forth to others. We are making a difference, and as has been said before, it always seems the darkest before the dawn.

I was not able to tell you before because, once again, I was asked to be a surprise guest at a seminar. It was planned by our publisher, Martine and Marc Vallee, of Ariane Publications in Montreal, Canada, who publish the French translation of Lee's and my books. The event was to honor Lee Carroll and Jan Tober for their many years of service to humanity. We had 780 people on Saturday (a capacity crowd), and approx. 450 people on Sunday. It was a beautiful, heart-warming event and Beloved Michael's messages were received with great warmth and gratitude. Since I was able to present only a small portion of the wonderful techniques he has given us this past year, we are planning my return to Montreal in August, 2003 for a one-day intensive. I look forward to spending more time with these warm, loving people. Please know that each of you has a special place in my heart. May your new year be filled love, Light, joy, and bounteous blessings.

Your loving sister in the Light,


At this time, the only event I have planned in the Reno area for 2003 is the May 3, 4 & 5th seminar with Steve and Barbara Rother, two of my dearest friends. The event is titled, YOUR SACRED QUEST * 2012 AND BEYOND, and promises to be a very special time for all of us. On May 5th, we will journey to GRIMES POINT, a sacred Indian site where there is a powerful inter-dimensional portal opening, and to PYRAMID LAKE, an ancient lake with great spiritual significance. AA Michael and The Group will have special messages for us at each site. Although there is room for 150 to 200 at the seminar, we will only be able to accommodate fifty people for the sacred sites journey. Visit my site: or the Rother's site: for all details.