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Saint Michael: The Quantum Awakening

Created and Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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Thank you for holding the Light all over the world, you are not always seen or known but you are ALL WAYS felt, my love to you all, blessings Gillian




Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am the Presence, the Light, and the essence of Archangel Michael. I come announced and unannounced, as you are aware. As you clean and a clear the debris from your very essence and personification, it enables all levels of connection to your earthen presence to be cleared as well.

You walk into a time plate of energies that insist the world shall be one way and contrary polar energies that insist the world shall be the other way. You all stand at the crossroads of what is decreed and declared politically --- and what is decreed and declared personally and universally. You look out upon the unified fields of consciousness asking; "Does my participation even count? Does the grain of sand that I represent in the universal light exchange matter? Is my vote for peace amongst the lands, counted?"

You stand wobbly kneed looking over this Great Plains of things to come, waiting for the Indians to attack, waiting for the Calvary to encircle them, and waiting for something else to attack the Calvary. You are trained inherently to be prepared, to be on guard. What if this happens? What if that happens? Always you stand on guard, ready. Your body is frame-worked in a fight or flight scenario; it no longer relaxes except for a moment when you drift into peace. Even when you slumber, you are battling something to come or something that has happened. You are traipsing through dimensions and through Time coming back to your mere mortal fortitude sometimes to escape what goes bump in the night, bump in your head or bump in your fears. Other times just to rest from being a multidimensional being, little "g" god in training and remembering.

In the morn you awaken to probabilities and possibilities. You awaken to a world that has chosen to grow through an experience that is not unanimous. You awaken to a world that has chosen to go beyond the shaky perimeters of peace into a place of chaos, rage and upheaval, punishing all in its path as a tornado that knows no mercy as it swarms toward a small town. The war stalks people that are innocence – babies that cry, babies that have dreams, babies that want to grow up. The war punishes everyone in its path as the tornado punishes everyone in its path without remorse.

It is important that you wear a Mantle of Peace as you all wore in the times of sacred practices and priesthood. Ask this protective mantle of peace be placed on you now. Anchored, locked and sealed for eternity—verbally release all lifetimes and vows in which you have worn the mantle of war, the mantle of chaos, the mantle of destruction. Ask that this mantle of peace be anchored into your skeletal and muscular structure – that it will run through your body as a permanent cellular truth and nothing can take this peace from you.

I Michael, lift my sword on this night, not to fight an enemy that does not know it's self nor does not identity itself, but to cut the cords of chaos that entangles all of earth. You are being strangled by political entrails that keep you choking and keep your movements restricted in travel, in finances, in heart, and in future. You are being strangled with fear. Every morning you wake up and you work out with your light. You pump up with prayers. You affirm with affirmations. You declare and decree peace within yourself, peace upon your world, and peace within your day. The more you present yourself as this icon of peace, the more that you are pelted with natural and unnatural obstacles.

You have each come to earth to become and remember that you are warriors. You have been prepared energetically and physically for this time of earth. You each represent structures of vast universal light that is anchored in a physical body that walks on earth, gods amongst gods – you are. As in a great Greek Pantheon of mythology - the Gods protested one another. They fought with one another. They rejected one another. They avenged and revenged one another. Divine extremities that did not honor one another. Earth embodies the same enactment.

Your mission, if you so choose to remember in fullness, is not to let the outside external world manipulate you into choices that you would not pick naturally. Do not make your choices from fear, from lack, from hatred. Make your choices from the natural place of peace that lives deep within you. Then let your world and actions reflect and amplify that seedling of peace. It takes only one iota of peace per day to keep peace anchored on earth.

You stand alone within a tower – some days it is a tower of light, other days it is a tower of Babel, other days it is a leaning tower of Pisa. There are days that you are locked in the turret going around and around within yourself seeing everything. All that is to come, all that has happened, all that is truth, all that is false, all that is light, and all that is dark. When you are given the gift of seeing all outcomes it is up to you to hold the vision of peace in a way that can only be accomplished by you personally.

God made a promise that the earth shall not be destroyed again by man or by universe. That promise will be held to! It is subjected to the input of mankind, but it is created by the light from above. The rainbow of peace that you seek lives amongst you lives within you. For your chakras – when unified, become rainbow in origin and creation. Each of you holds the end of the rainbow within your physicalness. You are where the rainbow touches earth. You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You are the hope for peace as was the rainbow that was seen after the deluge.

I, Michael, come on this day to ask you not to give up, to not falter in this storm of life, to not allow an ant consciousness within the anthill of earth to direct its will upon you. Stand firm in who you are and in what you believe, do not become a victim of circumstance, of planetary polarities and personal plights. Are you a pawn for the light or a pawn for chaos and darkness? Your life each day is a chessboard that is cleared anew and placed appropriately. Your moves determine whom and what you support. When you are angry, when you are in upheaval, when you are in rage, when you are in confusion, you are worshipping what is dark and chaotic. You are paying homage to an energy that is destructive. When you are in a point of peace and you know that you shall align with the highest truth beyond all that is seen with the human eye, then you are honoring the light. It shifts throughout your day hundreds of times. When you are angry and yelling at anything or anyone including yourself, you are allowing yourself to be used by an energy that does not honor you. You must have a conviction each and every moment of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what it truly means.

As the darkness and the confusion are cleared from your cellular content, it is enacted in your world. The more you clear from your physical body, the more your world seems to be in an upheaval in direct disproportion to what is initially transpiring. You are full and you are made a fool of when you believe that all the chaos that you are walking through is created by you. For often you have cleared your energy field enough to attract discordant energies to you that want to place the illusion of chaos around you. It is up to you to discern what and who is playing through you.

You awaken each morning praying and aligning with that, which is positive and holy. You leave your home and walk into your world with a good heart and good intentions. Situation after situation confronts you when you know that there is peace and love in your heart, you know that you are walking in light. At this point of reference, understand that it is not your doing that confronts you. It is your undoing. Your light is brighter then most of the dullness that is apparent upon the planetary body. When you radiate great amounts of light, you can actually be detected by radar and other such monitoring devices. Your light appears as a distortion upon a screen, an unknown factor.

There are many that want the holy light to dim. There are many that deliberately cause chaos and friction/infraction among the masses. When you come into contact with such energies on your path of light---- you must command them back to from whence they have come. Discernment is needed at this point of your pilgrimage into remembrance. That is why so many of you give up. You have good hearts, good words, good intentions, good energies, good prayers, and good hopes– but you see it not in the world reflected back to you. You think it is your doing – "I have not been good enough, great enough, light enough, and prayerful enough to receive God’s blessing "– but you are God’s blessing, my children!!

There is a deliberate distortion of your reflection in the world. If you understand this with clarity, then your day will become easier as you command the elements that appear to be sabotaging your light. You do not need to know who, what, why, or where – only that you need command them back to their point of origin and stand stronger in your light. Call upon me and the legions of light that I lead -- to walk with you. Years ago I told you, I was your apex and you were my heart. Let me stand before you, to the right of you, to the left of you, behind you, above you, and below you, and let me shield you from the illusion that presents itself as truth. By your leave. I am Michael.


These wonderful words are from the Dali Lama:

Never Give up

No matter what is going on

Never Give up

Develop the heart

Too much energy in your country

is spent developing the mind

instead of the heart

Be compassionate

Work for peace

and I say again

Never Give up

No matter what is happening

No matter what is going on around you

Never Give up


Have your buried your Light behind the Bush??

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

There is a great push- me pull- me effect that is happening. For even though great emanations come forth from many places of much higher light and love than Earth. Humanity ultimately has free choice and free will to receive them. Oft times for every three droplets of divine light that comes into your being, four droplets of human negativity and doubt, cloud the very field of possibilities. Thus putting all things into a format of impossibilities. Humanity has a choice to make and that choice is made through their thoughts, through their actions, through their decrees, and through their beliefs.

Many of you have already announced to yourself your path of light and service. You have announced to yourself that your heart will open. You have announced to yourself that you are now ready to receive the higher energies. You will be the pathfinders in a snowstorm of doubt, in a whiteout of illusion on a planet of great polarities. You will walk forward propelled only by the knowings inside of you.

You will be known by your light. Many of you have buried your light behind the Bush/Shrub for far too long. You have been afraid to be seen by your world, by your society, by your friends, your parents, your family—you have stunted your growth purposefully and you have dwarfed your light. But as with any flame, you have the ability to breathe more life and light into it.

The days of old are past and you will not be persecuted for wearing your light on the outside. That is what Ascension is –wearing your light in every cell of your body and wearing your light in your energy field. Broadcasting it as a living walking breathing Emissary-Ambassador of Light. Your Soul will be the one that escorts you into every higher choice. Each of you is brilliant in whom you are. Yet you still have not seen it and you have not fully partaken of this Light.

You are given a full loaf of bread by the Creator, and yet you still choose to eat the crumbs. This year a great slice of the very Loaf of Light will be buttered and partaken by you. Then you will feed the masses with this light. It matters not what your position is, but it matters what your intent is. Open your heart up. Do not be afraid to love. Do not be afraid to walk into your life. Stop making excuses why you stay where you are not happy. Your light does not need to be in a field of lesser light at this time.


Bullet Hole Angel

A bullet hole on life’s window

With an Angel’s face

A man descends on knees

Begging for grace…

An angel moves toward

A lonely widow’s side

In the hours of lament

Eases her heart’s cry

A child that longs

A home absent of despair

Feels the loving presence

Of an angel well aware

Mending life’s fabric

With serenity and love

The grace of an Angel

Is God’s bullet from above…

Written by my daughter of Light, Aleishae

Separately we are each a beautiful light,

together we are a candelabra!!

Hold your Light high above

the chaos & confusion & illusion!

Blessings Gillian/Quantum