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Archangel Michael speaks of the Mission, June 17, 2003

From: Undisclosed Recipient

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nd its people rolling around in circles in never-ending rebirth through the law of karma.

The sword of truth can also be viewed to be negative and positive but the sword also has a point that a coin does not. You are coming to a cycle in your time, in your reality when you are coming to important realizations in respect of the whole point of creation and re- creation. I use the word re-creation to replace re-incarnation because you are re-creating yourselves during this existence. There can and is a rebirth happening right now before your very eyes. Your vision is changing globally and individually many of you can now see the colour of the energy and many more things besides. You will look back at this time in history and recognize that it was the most important transition that humanity completed in the history of time.

The purpose of the sword of truth is to vanquish negativity, to protect the harmless from pain and suffering and to give courage to you brave souls that are changing your reality for the good of humankind. The point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping or may have their eyes closed. Hold my sword in your hand use it to focus and pin point the most important aspects of that which you feel are in need of change. Each one of you as a reason for being, each one of you is coming home to your GOD self and in so doing the specks of light are building bigger and brighter as it illuminates the universe. It is time for change, time to move up another level of consciousness and increase your connection with us in the angelic realms.

Look into your hearts what would you like to change?

This is your soul purpose of being here at this time, it is not enough to preach and teach it is time to take action and walk your talk. I am addressing you as you read this, I am talking to you my friend, your divine mission awaits you.

This year it is scheduled to begin.

This next decade will be remembered as the one when the light of spirituality swept the planet with its forgiveness, love, and compassion. A time when people from all faiths unite and accept that there is one GOD, one source, one creator and one way to honor your sacred planet. God is love and love is GOD in every blade of grass, every drop of rain, every flower that blooms you can see and feel this love. Some of you are rushing to gain knowledge like it is the last day of your life and others are sitting back on their laurels but it is those that move gracefully and walk gently towards the goal, will attain it and achieve all that you set out to do.

No longer will you allow love to be consumed by darkness it is the end time, the end of polarity, judgment and karma as you have known it. It is the beginning of re-creating paradise on earth. With each step you take we walk by your side, we surround you with our love, take each stride with joy in your hearts and many blessings will be bestowed upon you.

What you have been waiting for has indeed arrived. Rejoice and celebrate.

Please share with all other light workers.

Archangel Michael