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Archangel Michael: Doorways of Possibilities

Through Carolyn Evers

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e to add that even though the vibrational recording on instruments that showed the strength of the movement was very similar to the one on December 26th, there was not the loss of life yesterday as in the earlier one.

This is an example of what can be possible when many think in unison. We gave the alarm in a short notice before the event so that the thoughts could be unified, but given at a time that you might consider a window of possibility. It was during that window that the thoughts were unified and met the event at the doorway of possibility.

This is a metaphor, yes, but I use that thought picture so you can understand that events move upon a string. These strings are elements of possibilities and probabilities. After the first earthquake on December 26th, there was the possibility of a future earthquake. That could happen any time in your future string of time.

As there was an additional structural collapse of more plate settlement lower in the layers of rock next to the mantle, this event became more of a probability. It was at the point of probability that your thoughts collectively met the event. So you might consider this a method of timing, and you would be close to the actual truth.

In addition to the event and your thoughts, also consider the belief system. You mighty warriors of light, you, who consciously believed that you could mold protection with your thoughts, intensified the outcome of your effectiveness a thousand-fold. Thoughts, actions, and belief systems are very powerful.

I bring these thoughts to your conscious mind so that you can use these events in your daily living patterns. When you send out a thought, what you might consider positive or negative, it gathers impetus in the unseen world. If the thought and desire is strong enough, it can overcome or at least mitigate thoughts at the doorway of possibilities. Use this process wisely. For every gift there is a responsibility. Remember to always play fair and hold each one in your palm of love. If you can use these tools with the power of love, all of you my friends will accelerate your growth.

I send this message not for myself and my own edification, but for you. Yet in your heart you know these things. There is nothing new that I tell you, but rather what I tell you reinforces your own light as the reasoning mind delivers truth to you. I honor you for a job well done, my warriors in the light. These words are in gratitude, not only for the help you extended to your brothers in Indonesia, but for your own strengthening of power and light-force.

Re-read my words and as you do, consciously think of the sword I carry. It is your protection also. I knighted each and every one of you with its power as you came into the bubbles of biology that you are. The sword of light and truth is yours, and you can reactivate its power again.

My friends, this is the real reason that I speak to you again this day. I wish you to reactivate your power rod of truth and light. It is within you and it is part of your thoughts and your intention. It is part of your destiny if you dare to use it wisely. I will not speak of those who did not use it wisely, because I speak to my warriors of light.

Your brothers and sisters in Indonesia would give you thanks if they understood the process that they were saved. I certainly thank you for following my request. But the real victors were those who participated in this group pattern which activated your own power.

Namaste, in the true meaning of the word, Archangel Michael

Note: In reading information given on this earthquake, the U.S. Geological Survey said that Monday's quake was measured at a magnitude of 8.2, later revised to 8.7. The earthquake on December 26th measured 9.0. Meteorologists in Sidney, Australia, reported that within four hours there was a tiny tsunami at the Cocos Islands, 1400 miles west of Australia, and it was less than 4 inches.

Carolyn Evers