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Source Of Light Message - Wisdom Movement

Kara McKincannon

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urself to withdraw from all outer activity for a few now moments. Please to listen from your heart, connected to your Divine Mind within you.

This is a Divine message of service from us to you as we are here to assist you with the "Wisdom Movement" at hand now.

Be open and attached to nothing.

Now to all sword carrying warriors of light that have had their swords activated we ask you now to be available full time to unite in your unique ways of expression to be ready to be assisting others with sword activations. For all the beings of light on this earth plane to have their swords ready to be activated now. There are many now you know of and many you do not or will not ever know in the physical and some on the other sides of the veil that also will be needing your assistance to help with this activation.

Just ask within for your wisdom to be advanced in this operation and do the service work at hand. It is coded within your stellar DNA. You are knowing conscious being. Be true to this knowing and be as bold and as outrageous as you wish to be. Some humor here.

For this is for you to delight in your service work here and Now. Many are screaming in prayer for this help now as we speak. This is a Cosmos 911 call to you. All that is required of each of you is to be willing to join the "Wisdom Movement" within you , to receive this message and your personal directions of how to serve the Divine Spirit that is embodied in you now.

You are and have been called to active full time service for the expansion of this light message to activate, at this most powerful and critical ground zero moment for you all.

We thank each and everyone of you for your gifts of Wisdom you have so willing sought and died a million deaths to the old world of separation. You have arrived at that point NOW. Now to serve in this capacity as well trained masters of light. The Destiny of the Creator is and will be full filled on this earth Now. So you could be here now to serve in this capacity. Hold your unified fields of rainbow lights and build, unite and merge now as one collective. You are, we are in one harmony and peace and power of the Truth of Love made manifested on and in earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven returns thru you. We are ONE!!!!!!!! Rejoice and Celebrate in all your new found freedoms from within your divine wisdom of within.

We salute you in honor of our collective on going advancement in raising our consciousness in Oneness again together on Mother Earth.

You All are the Special forces of Light from the Source of all Light. The best is yet to advance in the expansion of light on Mother Earth. All Creation stands ready with all in line, with the best trained Masters there are. That is you.

Listen to your Heavenly Headquarters and follow your directions without any hesitation. Put nothing before serving the " Wisdom Movement" you signed on for. We tell you you will never need to suffer or be in pain again. It is over. The old/world is over.

The in-coming amo you will need is there for you to Receive Now! Your missions at hand NOW!!!

Remember whom you serve and who your employer is and Where you Source from.

This you signed up to do. The waiting is over. The Source is awaiting on you.

We are not in shock, but we are in awe of the Power of the Creator Source of all Love and Light within each and everyone of you.

Dear Ones,

We bid you to be in Centered Peace. From:AA Michael

Sourcing from the Brotherhood of Light " Belong to the order of Melchizedek". Received thru: Ka'ra

PS: Anyone that wishes to give their e-mail or phone numbers out to be reached to do any sword activations with others , please to email me, for we have many that can do just that for you.

To all my comrades of Michael's please to send to me your email and i will send out to others as a light worker server list, or you can post them also on: Let the Power of Love and Light Flow.

Peace Ka'ra

Building the Now Age! Rev. Ka'ra Kincannon: 203 E. North Ave# 8, Trinidad, Co. 81082 719-846-7064 Donations Welcomed