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"The Economic Shift of 2005"

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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y of you are tired and dispirited, your lives limited by financial necessity.

The energy of economic flow on the planet is out of balance. The laws of universal energy flow no longer are able to work as they used to. But, we wish you to understand that in 2005 this situation will be corrected. It will be one of the miracles you will perceive as you look back on this time.

The flow of energy called money was shifted out of balance when the developed world of the North began to consume more and more of the energy of the Planet. This set up a vortex that pulled energy towards the north, creating affluent lifestyles for wealthier nations, but creating poverty for the poorer Southern nations. This imbalance has intensified over the past couple of years, to the point where the economic system is about to collapse because it is totally out of balance and there is very little flow or exchange ocurring within the system as a whole.

Some of you have spoken of immanent economic collapse, but we ask you to consider a quiet miracle that is happening to correct the situation. In the wake of the Tsunami disaster, money and energy are pouring out of the developed world and finding its way to those undeveloped and struggling countries worst hit by the Tsunami. This creates a flow of money and energy that is helping to correct the imbalance.

This money is not coming from governments or banks primarily. It is not impersonal tax money or "aid" money that can be manipulated by banks. It is coming from ordinary people and it is going to ordinary people to help to rebuild their shattered lives. The motivation is compassion, and the energy is coming from the open hearts of those who understand that their money can make a diffference.

Many of you asked why the Tsunami hit such impoverished areas. Maybe this is an answer. The lines of energy represented by money are flowing towards these countries, creating a miraculous flow in the reverse direction to what has been in past years. The balance is being restored and corrected by you as ordinary people as you open your hearts and use your personal power to heal and balance.

The more you, as lightworkers, give of your time and energy to creating this bridge of love and compassion, the more you are helping to create the planetary balance that will return abaundance to the earth and create stable economic conditions for all. Once these channels have been established, they will continue to be used to build energetic lines of compassion and healing between north and south.

So, dearest ones, you see that in spite of the high cost in suffering that the Tsunami has exacted, it is assisting the people of the planet to wake up to the nature of the imbalances that exist. As more lightworkers awaken and begin to lend their energies to the balancing effort, traumatic earth changes will become unnecessary. It is your work now to keep the energy flowing so that the future may be more balanced and more peaceful.