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ArchAngel Michael - Myths, Miracles And Momentous Happenings, Oct. 2003

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

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ecreed that it would become the Zero Point or the center of a new creative endeavor whereby the Angelic Realm, the Co-creator Gods, the Great Beings of Light, and the Star Seed from throughout the Omniverse would send emissaries to Earth bringing their Light, their wisdom and their desire to fulfill the Creator's Grand Plan.

Humanity and the Earth's soul are reaching up and out to connect with our Father/Mother God, and the Supreme Creator is opening the pathway from the core of Its Being down through the multi-universes, the Great Central Suns, dimensions, and realms beyond measure in order to incorporate and harvest the beauty and magnificence of what has been wrought by all of us in the name of our Omnipotent Creator. We wish to instill in your mind that you are living in unique and unprecedented times. Great Beings who had never before left their home in the Great Central Sun of their universe agreed to do so and to fragment themselves into lesser Sparks of God Light in order to bring their radiance, their love and their wisdom to planet Earth. The Beloved One called Jesus, the Great Kumara's including the one called the Buddha, Lords Melchizedek, Rama, and Krishna, to name only a few, came from universes created long before this young universe came into being. We of the archangelic realm come from the far reaches of the omniverse, as did many of the Ascended Masters and Avatars you are familiar with, and we assure you that many of you were birthed into your individualized consciousness in other universes as well.

The Divine Plan was perfected and the ground work was laid long ago for what is taking place on Earth at this time. Just as these Great Beings came to prepare humanity for the multiple cycles of mass awakening and ascension back into the realms of en-LIGHTEN-ment, within the core of Its Being the Earth was encoded with the vibrational frequencies, keys and codes that would activate Its own awakening and also accelerate the awakening process within humanity as well.

We do not like to focus attention on ourselves, for our greatest joy and mission is to serve the Creator and those under our guardianship, and no credit is needed or desired. However, it is necessary so that you can fully understand our mission on Earth and how closely we have always been connected with you.

The beloved Jesus came to Earth some 2,000 years ago, and along with Archangel Uriel anchored the virtues, aspect and qualities of the Sixth Ray of devotion, forgiveness, mercy, grace, spiritual nourishment and faith in God. The lovely Lady Mary, the feminine Archangel of the Fifth Ray, who, along with Archangel Raphael, radiate forth the qualities of surrender, selflessness, dedication and healing, was given the honor of bringing forth unto the world the Christed Being called Jesus. However, Mary was chosen for an even greater task and opportunity to serve the Creator and humanity. She brought to Earth and anchored the virtues of the Goddess in the greatest measure possible so the process of balancing the masculine and feminine qualities of the Creator on Earth could once more take place.

Many of you are familiar with what are called the Michael/Mary lines in England. There are "Ley Lines" that pass through the British Isles, Germany, France and many other lesser known areas in Europe and around the world. We wish to give you a greater understanding of the "Grand Plan" and what have become some of the myths and miracles of your history.

Thousands of years ago in Earth time, Lady Mary, representing the negative or feminine crystalline electromagnetic currents and I, Michael, radiating the positive or masculine crystalline electromagnetic currents, set about infusing the Earth's ley lines with the currents necessary to rebuild the balanced and harmonious golden etheric grid system of the Earth. Rods of Power or vortices were installed at integral points around the Earth. The sacred sites, natural formations which became places of worship, as well as great churches and temples, have all been constructed along these ley lines and power points. Down through your many lifetimes on Earth, you have been drawn to these places over and over again to receive spiritual sustenance, but much more has transpired than you realize. Each of you, either by your physical presence or in your nightly sojourns in the etheric, have received harmonious energy and encodings from these spiritually magnetized locations, but you have also helped to activate them and spread these currents of Light around the Earth. You have become both a sender and receiver of God Light from the Earth below and from the heavens above. The Earth's soul and the oversoul consciousness of humanity are once again becoming attuned, one with another.

I have been called the guardian overseer of humanity, and it is time for you to understand that the beloved Lady Mary is the feminine aspect of the Goddess assigned to oversee humanity's sojourn and descent throughout this universe as well. It has been our greatest honor and privilege to be with you, guiding, guarding and directing you every step along the way throughout the aeons of time as you journeyed forth on your assigned task of cocreating worlds and wondrous things without end.

Along with the Essence of the Creator, the memory of us coming together and overlighting you with our individualized Essence and love was buried deep within your soul and your memory so that even though you may have forgotten consciously, you could never forget within the memory of your soul-self. King Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, Joan of Arc and many mythical historical characters each bought forth an extraordinary amount of Lady Mary's and my Essence in order to infuse it within the Earth's consciousness and within the hearts of humanity. This is why these myths never grow old, and why they have stayed near and dear to your hearts. They conjure up memories of the time we were together in the higher realms, before your mission into the worlds of density began. You are remembering our close and Divine connection, and as we are reunited in mind and heart it is a most joyous and gratifying time for us all.

In order to give you a greater understanding of what has taken place on Earth and how perfect the Creator's plan was and is, we will go back in your history to approximately 5,000 BC according to your timekeeping, to the time the Avatar Rama came to Earth. The Christed Being in human form called Rama, who brought forth to Earth the attributes, virtues and qualities of the Creator for that era, was overlighted with my Essence bearing the First Ray of Divine Will. Many of you are of my lineage and bear the Essence of angels within your DNA and soul. The difference is that Rama bore the greatest infusion of my Essence ever brought forth to Earth in order to lay the foundation for the future, this time we are in the midst of. The love of the Creator has always been the major overlighting focus with every Avatar, however, they bring forth different teachings, those which are best suited for the time and the level of humanity's awareness.

Following Rama, was Krishna, then Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, and numerous other Avatars. Archangel Mary, as the bearer of the Goddess energy or the feminine aspect of the Creator, played an important part in the lives of these great avatars. In Rama's life, his wife was overlighted with the Essence of Mary. In Krishna's life, it was a spiritual friend and companion, devoid of physical desire. Of course, Mary's best known role was the mother and mentor of Jesus. She has stayed in the background all these thousands of years, but her great love and devotion for the Creator and humanity has always been a major force on Earth and in the higher realms.

Many other great Beings of Light have visited the Earth over the ages, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Abraham, Moses and Mohammed to name only a few. The Beloved Kwan Yin was overlighted with the Essence of Lady Mary and brought the qualities of compassion, justice and healing to Earth. You are or should be familiar with these great ones, for they all portrayed particular facets, aspects and virtues of the Creator, and have played important roles on Earth as representatives of the Creator.

What is not widely understood is that the archangelic realm has also played an integral part in this Divine drama of descent into the worlds of material form. Throughout the ages, each archangel has played a predominant part in anchoring and radiating specific aspects, attributes, qualities and virtues of the Creator. They have been attuned to and in communication with the great Avatars and have overlighted their great Essence with their own radiance and virtues. The Avatars were the physical, human representation of the Creator for a particular period of time, and the archangelic Beings were their spiritual overlighting connection with our Father/Mother God.

This unique time has never before been experienced on Earth, and even though there are presently many beautiful Avatars and ascended masters on Earth, there will not be just one great Avatar sent to the Earth to overlight, guide and inspire humanity. Each of you has the potential of becoming an Avatar for these glorious times ahead. We gave you a golden promise, and that promise states that no matter how much or how little Christed Light or Essence of your Divine Self you brought forth with you at birth, you have the potential to draw forth all the magnificence of your God Ray and I AM Presence. That is what ascension is all about, returning to balance and harmony within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies so that Spirit can descend and take dominion. However, you must remember, all that you draw forth you must use for the greatest good of all and then, beloved ones, even more will be given to you.

Beloveds, my flaming Sword of Light was fashioned by thought and energy from my innermost being, and infused with the dynamic energies of the Creator's First Ray of Divine Will. It is a sword of redemption, a sword of hope, a sword of freedom, a gift I offer you to sever the shackles of your own mis-creations, and to release you from the illusional bonds of the third/fourth dimension. It is using the awesome power of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power and the unmanifested primal life force substance to create anew in harmony with the Divine Will of the Creator. It is claiming, once more, your Divine right as a cocreator with our Father/Mother God. The chalice we offer you in these times of great change is filled with the Elixir of Love/Light, the twelve-fold flame from our Father/Mother God. It contains the Cosmic Fire of new creation that will be used to mold the new Golden Galaxy and to expand this universe out into the void. Drink deeply my beloved and faithful ones, for you are the Star Seed of the future. We surround and enfold you in our auric field of love and protection.

I AM Archangel Michael

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